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One minute after the video was posted, Chen Ge’s comment section exploded again!

“The shadow leaning against the tub 56 seconds in is a special effect, right‽ It seems to crawl up from underneath the tub!”

“The person waving the cleavers in the video is the host himself? Someone get him an Oscar!”

“If the black shadow had held on any longer, host wouldn’t be with us anymore!”

“F*ck this sh*t! I was trying to hold my breath as I started the video, but this thing popped up halfway!”

“Run while you still can! The host only shares ghost videos! Run and don’t look back!”

“After staring at my phone for a full minute, I realized I am not going to sleep tonight.”

“After your last video, I didn’t dare look at the mirror anymore, and after this video, I won’t dare take a bath alone anymore! Heartless host, taste this piledriver from me!”

Chen Ge was glad that his video had such a good reception even though it was 4 am. Feeling the ‘love’ his fans had for him, he realized everything was worth it. Before closing the video app, Chen Ge did not forget to put up an advertisement for his Haunted House. The fans were quick to respond, leaving messages saying they would visit him with some local delicacies.

Buying tickets to visit the Haunted House and, on top of that, wanting to gift me local delicacies, the visitors today sure are nice.

After Chen Ge exited the app, he felt much better. He stretched lazily once more and left the Murder by Midnight scenario, hugging the five dolls to his chest.

The night soon passed, and dawn arrived. The sky outside the Haunted House started to brighten. Chen Ge found several wooden planks from the Props Room. He nailed them entrance and the trap door that was connected to the Murder by Midnight scenario. Before he dealt with the mirror monster, he did not plan to use that scenario.

Twenty a ticket, and Murder by Midnight can fit seven visitors at one time. If one run is counted as fifteen minutes, I’ll be able to gain a profit of 560 RMB per hour. One day’s work is eight hours, so that translates to more than 4,000 RMB.

The thought squeezed Chen Ge’s heart with pain, but he was not blinded by greed. Safety’s first. There’ll be more to earn after future scenarios are unlocked.

After sealing up the scenario, Chen Ge returned to the staff breakroom. He placed the dolls beside his bed and changed into his running attire. The Trial Mission reminded Chen Ge of the fact that if not for his occasional training, he would have been buried under the ground then.

Xu Wan arrived for work at around 8.40 am. She was surprised to see Chen Ge around the corner with his head full of sweat. In her mind, her boss was not someone who was into exercising.

The gate of the Haunted House swung open, signifying the arrival of a new work day. The two workers stood at their assigned posts, ready to start the operation. At 9 am, the visitors started to enter the park, but the entrance of the Haunted House was still quite empty; it was the most vacant spot of all the attractions inside New Century Park.

“Boss, what did you do inside the Haunted House last night? Why are there water puddles all over the place?”

“I was moping the floor.” Chen Ge gave a random excuse before adding, “When you are acting as a ghost, remember to stay far away from any mirrors.”


Chen Ge was about to explain it to her when he saw Uncle Xu, the park manager, walking toward them.

“Uncle Xu, is there a problem?” Chen Ge removed the ear-mic. He realized Uncle Xu did not have a very pleased expression.

“You are just getting weirder by the days.” Uncle Xu studied Chen Ge up and down. “Just now, the people from the canteen came to me to report that they are missing their cleavers. I was just wondering which thief would be so odd to only steal two cleavers. After looking at the surveillance, I have just one question to ask. Why weren’t you asleep at night but snuck into the canteen to steal their cleavers? Is it that fun running around waving two cleavers?”

Uncle Xu reminded Chen Ge that the cleavers he had taken from the canteen were still left inside the bathtub.

“I just helped the police solve an open case, right? But one of the killers is still missing, so the cleavers are for self-protection. Don’t worry, I’ll buy the canteen new cleavers tomorrow.”

Chen Ge had no clue whether blades that had touched a ghost before could still be used for culinary purposes, so he didn’t think it was wise to return the cleavers to Uncle Xu.

“It’s getting harder and harder to understand you. Kid, tell me honestly. Are you involved in some illegal dealings behind my back?”

“What kind of illegal dealings can I get into with two cleavers? I’m not doing anything criminal, Uncle Xu, don’t worry.”

Uncle Xu was only half-convinced. However, since the park had just opened for the day, he had too many things to deal with to get into it with Chen Ge. He took a step closer to Chen Ge and pulled out a tightly wrapped plastic case from his pocket, “Here is 5,000, if you have any trouble, please come to me.”

“Uncle Xu, thank you so much. I’ll return you the money this weekend.”

“Just stop making trouble for me, that’ll be more than enough repayment.”

After Uncle Xu left, Chen Ge shoved the money inside his shirt. He leaned against the gate, thinking about how to utilize this money.

5,000 should be just enough to install some cameras. However, the interior space of the Haunted House is now all occupied. I’ll need to expand before I can unlock new scenarios. Renting the underground parking lot is not a bad idea, but I wonder how much the management will charge me.

Chen Ge had a mounting headache from the many problems he realized he was facing. The biggest problem I have is a lack of money! The reward money is still nowhere to be seen. Should I try to hurry them?

He turned to look in the direction of the police station. When his gaze scanned a certain corner, his pupils narrowed, and his gaze centered on a curious visitor. The man was wearing a cap low on his head and a long-sleeved top with two hands stuck inside his pockets. He wandered between several attractions as if deciding which one he should try.

That person looks so familiar.

Due to Yin Yang Vision, Chen Ge’s vision was better than most. The person probably did not know he had been exposed.

Shall I go stop him?

Just as Chen Ge was contemplating that, he had a group of visitors who wanted to visit the Haunted House. He threw himself into work, and the suspicious visitor was thus tossed out of his mind. When Xu Wan and Chen Ge were about to go for their lunch break, he once again spotted the suspicious man loitering near the Haunted House.

The man hasn’t come near the Haunted House the whole morning, but he came over just as me and Xu Wan are planning to go for lunch. What is he up to?

Chen Ge had Xu Wan leave first. He returned to the Haunted House. When the visitor noticed his return, he turned around and left the park without even turning back.

Have I seen him somewhere before?

Chen Ge’s eyelid twitched, a sign of a bad omen. Chen Ge decided to skip lunch and headed for the park security center. After getting the guard’s permission, he went to search for this suspicious visitor’s footage.

It was quite obvious that the man was purposely avoiding the cameras. From his arrival to his departure, the man had kept his hands inside his pockets. Even when he stopped for a smoke break, he had only used one hand to light the cigarette that he kept dangled on his lips. However, the most suspicious part was that after paying for entry, he only rode one attraction. That was the Ferris Wheel, and he rode it three times in a row.

This person is definitely suspicious!