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Chen Ge’s features twisted as Zhang Peng’s vicious and obstinate glare appeared in his mind. Two demons fighting each other?

The sawing sound from the Murder by Midnight scenario did not stop due to Zhang Peng’s entrance—the mirror monster probably did not anticipate that someone would rush in so blindly and rashly.

I can’t play it safe any longer. I have to see the mirror monster enter Zhang Peng’s body with my own eyes before I can sleep easy at night.

With a glance at the surveillance to pinpoint Zhang Peng’s location, Chen Ge yanked out the chains from the Doctor Skull-cracker outfit and dropped them to the floor before putting both the outfit and the skin mask on. He waved the iron hammer twice to get a feel for it, and a wicked energy radiated from Chen Ge.

How come it feels like I’m the bad guy here?

After grabbing his keys and phone, he shoved the dolls into his pocket, grabbed hold of the weirdly-designed hammer, and headed out of the control room.

Trapped inside the Murder by Midnight scenario, Zhang Peng felt the weight of the knife in his hand getting heavier. He had prepared for this day for a long time, but one could never prepare enough because accidents had already happened.

It was already 1 am, and a normal person would be asleep already. Even if they were not, they would be resting in their bedroom. He was all sorts of excited when he saw the sign that pointed to the staff breakroom. It had taken him a long time before he managed to calm down.

He had given himself plenty of pep talk, to arouse the hatred and resentment within himself before he gathered enough courage to blast through the door. As he did so, he had waved the knife fiendishly at the bed. He had been so caught in the motion that he did not notice he had slashed himself.

The blade was tipped with blood, but there was no one inside the bed. The only blood stain on the ruined bedspread came from his arm. Other than resentment, there was now an additional stain of grievance; it fueled his murderous intent, eclipsing his rationality completely.

Ruining Ping An Apartments, sending Juan Er into jail. You despicable bastard, I swear I’ll kill you if it’s the last thing I do!

The more Zhang Peng thought about it, the angrier he became. The sawing sound from upstairs was like flies, causing his emotions to rile up even more.

He gripped his knife tightly as he wandered close to the source. To prevent being found out, he was extremely careful along the way.

I’m close; the source is from this floor!

Zhang Peng poked his head out from the stairs. He did not carry any light source with him. He kept his back to the wall as he entered the third-floor corridor.

I say, this Haunted House sure is creepy; the corridors are as complicated as a maze. After I kill him, even if I just drop his body inside a random room, it’ll take at least half a month before he’s discovered.

His lips curled up into a cruel smirk.

The sound is coming from in front! But what is the man up to, not sleeping so late at night but sawing stuff? Fixing some emergency props?

Zhang Peng bent down. He used the long sleeves to cover his wound as he crawled forward with the point of the knife leading the way forward.

At the end of the third-floor corridor, the entrance to the scenario, Zhang Peng saw a blurry black shadow. The shadow was standing in the middle of the door, holding something in his hand, scratching on the door.

Weird, why didn’t he turn on the lights?

It was not until he was so close that Zhang Peng realized this incongruity. However, he did not dwell on it because his mind was soon swallowed up by the desire for revenge. The air seemed to have frozen around him. He slowly raised the knife above his shoulder. His body was as tense as a strung bow, and he charged forward to stab at the shadow.

“Go to hell!”

The full speed sprint sent Zhang Peng and the knife crashing into the shadow!

An excited smile had begun to appear on his face, but it only lasted for 0.2 seconds before it disappeared. The knife shot through the shadow directly!

The inertia caused Zhang Peng to slam into the door headfirst, and he almost broke his waist from the impact.

“What the f*ck‽” Zhang Peng was unable to accept this result. He climbed up from the floor in a hurry and waved the knife frantically around him. “Where is he? Where is he‽”

After his anger left him, a sensation that he had not experienced before started to grow within Zhang Peng’s heart.

I swear I saw a black shadow standing here! My eyes weren’t mistaken!

Zhang Peng no longer cared about hiding his tracks. He pulled out his phone to light up his surroundings. The door was crisscrossed with scratch marks, and several sharp mirror pieces littered the ground.

This was all left behind by the dark shadow, so I was right, there was someone standing here earlier!

So, where in the world did he go‽

Zhang Peng shivered from head to toe. His anger had been completely drenched as he looked fearfully down the darkened corridor that suddenly felt so eerie.

A man can’t just disappear from thin air, unless… that wasn’t a normal man.

His Adam’s Apple wiggled, and the weak light from the phone could no longer bring him a sense of security. If anything, the weak light only heightened his fear, like there were monsters hiding in the corners where the light could not reach.

The Haunted House’s owner isn’t a living person! This Haunted House is really haunted!

Zhang Peng’s forehead was covered in cold sweat. Even his hand that gripped the knife was soaked with sweat. Any thought of revenge and murder had completely left his mind. He dashed down the corridor hurriedly; all he had on his mind then was to escape this blasted place.

In his hurry to escape, he did not notice the angle of the staircase door was different from how he had left it before.

Revenge can be re-planned after I leave this place.

Holding his wounded arm, Zhang Peng jumped into the staircase, when a shadow flitted out from behind the door and assaulted him.

The sound of bone cracking was crisp to the ear. Zhang Peng held his right arm that seemed to be dying, and his brain went into shutdown.

“Sorry, I missed.” Chen Ge wandered out from behind the door. The creepy skin mask twisted with a display of myriad expressions as Chen Ge’s lips moved. “I was aiming for your shoulder blade.”

Chen Ge’s tone was indifferent, like he was talking about the weather. Looking at Chen Ge, Zhang Peng felt like he was about to suffocate. Jesus, Buddha, Allah, someone please help me!

Zhang Peng did try to resist, but when he saw the forty-centimeter-long hammer in Chen Ge’s hands, his limbs refused to listen to his commands. The hammer is covered with blood, and the handle has the shape of a human spine! Are you that afraid people won’t know that you’re a mad murderer‽

Without giving his opponent much time to recover, Chen Ge picked up the hammer and swung it at Zhang Peng’s leg. He needed someone who was completely defenseless to be the vessel for the mirror monster.


The bars on the stairs curved from impact. Zhang Peng evaded the attack at the last minute. With one arm bleeding and another incapacitated, Zhang Peng had given up on resistance. He even dropped his knife as he ran down the stairs.

“You dare visit my Haunted House with such lack of courage‽”

Grabbing the iron hammer, Chen Ge gave chase after his prey as the two of them returned to the first floor.

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