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Teetering bodies, dirtied school uniforms, pale faces, and moving mouths like they were trying to say something. The three girls’ faces were frozen in fear and terror, and their bodies seemed to have grown out of the wooden chairs.

As his gaze alternated between the mirrors and the entrance of the girl’s dressing room, a chill crept over Chen Ge’s heart. Just not too long ago, he had tipped the chair over and observed them closely.

Could that be considered my first intimate contact with a female?

He shivered involuntarily, and his footsteps that headed toward the door hastened. As he wandered closer to the exit, the three chairs shuffled incrementally forward, and the lockers in the dressing room rattled slightly.

After he mentioned Zhang Ya’s name, things seemed to have changed inside the dance studio. The name appeared to be a taboo here.

The mirrors can only reflect what is in the dance studio. Perhaps there’s something even worse in the dressing room—I need to leave, pronto!

As if confirming his thought, the steel doors of the lockers started to creak like something was trying to escape from them. Holding the mallet in his hand, Chen Ge raced toward the door. With a running start, Chen Ge used his legs to kick the chairs that blocked his way. As he tried to rush out, he felt something pull on his shoulders.

He turned to look at the mirror, and in the reflection, two slender and pale arms could be seen hanging off his shoulders. Without a second thought, Chen Ge turned and started his assault!


The mallet landed on the back of the chair, causing a crack to appear on the chair. The scream of a woman reverberated in his ears. In the mirror, he could see the female student on the chair glare fiendishly at his back while her arms encircled themselves tightly around his shoulders like she was trying to press him onto the seat of the chair.

What is the purpose of her doing this? Could this be some kind of evil musical chairs game where my soul will be eternally trapped inside the chair if I sit on it?

The force on his shoulders gradually increased as pairs of pale arms latched themselves onto him, trying to pull him back into the girl’s dressing room. To make matters worse, Chen Ge could hear shuffling from the outside corridor, and several seconds later, another wooden chair appeared at the entrance of the dance studio.

My luck is always used at the worst possible moment. It chooses a time like this to make me popular with the girls!

Chen Ge was at his limit. Instead of running away, he shifted to attack mode. With one hand on the chair’s back, he used his other hand to swing the mallet around, laying waste to the chairs that surrounded him!

When his mallet formed the first crack on the chair, Chen Ge had noticed that the expression of the female student shifted from pleading to venomous resentment. Through the shift in expression, Chen Ge came up with the conclusion that the chairs should be their items of possession, similar to how Xiaoxiao’s family attached themselves to the ragdolls.

Demolishing the items of attachment won’t destroy them, but at least it’ll be able to injure them.

The force on him intensified. A newbie who had not experienced this before would probably have ended up as a willing lamb for this group of girls by now. Unfortunately, their opponent was Chen Ge. This proprietor of a Haunted House had just spent a night at a haunted apartment with a serial killer. Chen Ge still knew fear, but after multiple incidents, his resistance to fear had been trained. Even when he was in fear or shock, he could still manage to make the correct decision, and his grip on the mallet didn’t waver.


Chen Ge smashed the chair and gripped the ends of the chair to swing at another chair. The image reflected in the mirror was a bit hard to describe in words, but Chen Ge did not have time to deal with that anymore.

He used about ten seconds to destroy one of the chairs. Just as he turned to aim his wrath at the second chair, he felt something grip his neck. Turning his head to the mirror, he saw a pale hand choking his throat. His opponent seemed to have given up the thought of pressing him onto the chair and decided to kill him instead.

This shift in situation did not slow Chen Ge down; instead, it only made him more vicious as he gripped the chairs and smashed them at the wall. As the chairs cracked, the force around his neck lightened. When all three chairs were nothing but splinters, the chokehold around his neck finally disappeared.

“Leaving these things behind benefits no one. Later, I’ll burn all of you to help you seek closure.” Chen Ge leaned against the mirror and tried to catch his breath. There were visible strangle marks around his neck.

The fighting must have created tons of commotion. This will definitely attract the attention of the person who is following me. I’ll need to leave as soon as possible. Anyway, the red dancing shoes don’t seem to be here.

This place was definitely haunted, so Chen Ge didn’t want to stay at the dance studio anymore. The sound of the rattling of the lockers inside the girl’s dressing room intensified, and that was not something that could be caused by a draft. Other than that, there were many other curious happenings like the sudden deepening in the colors of the walls and floor as well as the weird ‘ping, ping’ noises from the corridor that had gotten far more frequent.

Just as Chen Ge prepared to leave, he almost tripped from someone pulling on his lower calf.

Chen Ge turned to look at the mirror and saw the three female students were pulling on his leg, their fingernails almost pushing into Chen Ge’s skin.

Seeing this, Chen Ge also grew desperate. He smacked his mallet down on the wooden splinters, but no matter how hard he smashed, the girls did not release their grips on his calf.

The weird noise in the corridor was getting closer, and the vengeful faces that were pulling on Chen Ge started to laugh maniacally. A heavy cloth seemed to fall over the dance studio because the light from his phone started to twist as the heavy stench that Chen Ge had caught a hint of earlier started to suffuse the air.

There’s a scarier presence hiding at this school?

Chen Ge was spooked by the thought in his mind. He dared to come to this school so late at night mainly because he assumed Zhang Ya was the scariest presence this school had to offer. He was there to do a favor for Zhang Ya, so she had no reason to harm him.

This is bad.

Something seemed to have reached the door of the dance studio, and the stink in the air intensified.

The three girls on the floor were glaring at Chen Ge with fierce and sinister expressions. Chen Ge’s back was leaning against the mirror. He reached into his pocket, and his fingertip had just touched the doll when the weird noise at the door retreated with a speed that was faster than it was when it arrived. Then, the stink in the air slowly vanished.

What happened? It feels like the thing outside the door was scared.

All the weird noises disappeared instantly, and Chen Ge could only hear his heartbeat then. The light twisted at a greater degree than before, and the temperature in the room seemed to have dropped further.

What is happening?

The pulling on his calf had also disappeared. Chen Ge lowered his head and saw the three female students were hiding as far away as they could and looking at the space behind him with desperation in their eyes.

Behind me?

Chen Ge turned his head awkwardly around to face the tall mirror. The image reflected back at him was not his own but a woman in a blood-red school uniform looking down at him.