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Chen Ge accepted the document, and the first line read—New Century Park’s Underground Parking Lot Usage Agreement.

After flipping through it, Chen Ge did not find any clauses related to rental. “Director Luo, is the document missing something?”

“Have you not seen a free rental agreement before? I’ve stamped the document, so it’ll be effective after you sign it. The document is effective until the park closes, so make good use of it and don’t let me down.” Director Luo’s mood seemed to have improved greatly. He poured himself another cup of tea and said, “You should be quite busy from now on, so I won’t hold you any longer.”

When Chen Ge exited the office holding the contract, he still could not believe that he had managed to get the park’s underground parking lot without paying a single dime!

According to the contract, he was allowed free use of the parking lot as long as the park did not go under. Chen Ge assumed that Director Luo was being so generous because the park would close in another two- or three-months’ time when the new park at Eastern Jiujiang opened.

The underground parking lot is a third of the size of the park. Even though it has been abandoned, to be able to rent it for free is still a wonderful surprise!

Chen Ge felt his luck had gotten much better after taking care of the mirror monster. He had received a medal of honor, the reward money was coming soon, and he had solved the issue of expansion; everything was looking up.

Could it be that removing dirty things can improve my luck? Chen Ge did not think that things would be so coincidental; the thought was merely to humor himself.

After returning to the Haunted House, Chen Ge started his work for the day. He had Xiao Wan put on the park uniform and stand outside the Haunted House to sell tickets while he roamed through the Murder by Midnight scenario, chasing the visitors about in his Doctor Skull-cracker uniform.

Chen Ge exited the Haunted House at 5 pm. He let Xiao Wan leave early before going to get his money.

This will be the first time in my life there have been four digits in my bank account. I deserve some celebration tonight.  Chen Ge changed into a clean outfit in the staff breakroom and was about to leave, when he saw a small ragdoll lying beside his bed. The small fella had most of her body hidden underneath the bed like she was playing hide-and-seek.

The day is still bright, but you’re out here already. Chen Ge was suddenly reminded of the thing Captain Yan had told him that morning. The grandpa’s situation seems to be deteriorating, and he has no family around him. I should go pay him a visit.

Chen Ge poked Xiaoxiao on her stomach before putting her in his pocket and leaving the Haunted House.

At 6:15 pm, Chen Ge exited the bureau with the reward money of 36,000, which was less than he had expected.

After purchasing a fruit basket and some milk, Chen Ge departed for Jiujiang People’s Hospital. With the nurse leading the way, he entered a sickbay on the third floor. He was there only to visit the elderly grandfather, but to his surprise, he ran into a familiar face there.

“Inspector Lee, why are you here?”

Sitting beside the bed, Inspector Lee was feeding the elder some porridge. He was as careful as a little girl when he took care of the old man.

“This is weird, how come I keep on running into you everywhere I go?” Inspector Lee placed a towel on the elder’s chest. “After a good night’s sleep, the station manager saw how tired I was, so he assigned me a lighter job for the day.”

“Law enforcement even cares about things like this?”

“The elder came into the mishap under our watch, so before we can find him a personal care-taker, it’s only fair that we look after him.”

Inspector Lee tried feeding him twice, but the elder man seemed to have no appetite. He did not force it but put the spoon down to point at Chen Ge, who stood at the door. “Sir, this is the young man who provided us with the crucial evidence to solve the case and the young man who called us that night to save you.”

When he saw Chen Ge, the old man’s arm that was still movable twitched, but it was unclear what he was trying to communicate.

“Thinking back, I should be thanking the old sir. If not for the fact you broke the bowl at Ping An Apartment to warn me, I wouldn’t have realized how weird things were.” Chen Ge placed the fruit basket and milk on the counter. Looking at the old man who looked like he could depart at any moment, Chen Ge’s heart shook. “Inspector Lee, do you mind leaving the room for a minute? I have something personal to talk to the old sir.”

Inspector Lee did not know what Chen Ge was up to, but due to trust, he walked out without asking any questions. After closing the door, Chen Ge pulled the doll out from his pocket. “Old sir, I brought Xiaoxiao to come see you.”

When Chen Ge took out Xiaoxiao, the old man in the bed did not show any response, but when his murky eyes fell on the ragdoll, the man’s pupils shook greatly, and a voice that sounded like it came from a broken bellow escaped from the old man’s lips. The arm that could still move reached out as if to grab something.

“You can see her?”

Chen Ge did not expect this. He had brought Xiaoxiao there to see her family, but he did not expect that the senior would be able to see Xiaoxiao, who possessed the ragdoll!

He hurried to the bedside and placed the doll lightly in the old man’s arm. The senior’s arm hugged the doll tightly before he settled down again.

According to legends, people are able to see to the other world at the end of their life.

The black phone in Chen Ge’s pocket vibrated. He exited the room to give the grandfather and the granddaughter their privacy.

“I heard some noises coming from inside the room earlier, what did you tell him? Listen to me, the senior’s situation is very fragile, and he won’t be able to survive too much of a shock.” Inspector Lee stood outside the door. Should things turn awry, he would rush in immediately.

“I only brought the old sir the person he wished to see the most.” Chen Ge sat on the bench provided in the corridor and pulled out the black phone. He realized the reason of the vibration was because on the affection page, Yin Xiaoxiao’s affection level had increased from ‘Slightly Favorable Opinion’ to ‘Can be Trusted’.

The little fella is the most unique Baleful Specter I’ve ever met. I wonder what will happen when I raise her affection level to the maximum. Chen Ge returned the phone to his pocket and leaned against the wall. “Uncle San Bao, don’t worry, the old sir will recover.”

“You sure are optimistic.”

Chen Ge and Inspector Lee chatted for a long time. When they entered the room, the senior’s condition had stabilized. He waved at Chen Ge, but nobody understood what he meant.

After nodding at the nurse, Chen Ge left with Xiaoxiao. The little fella hid inside the doll, apparently asleep.

After getting a quick dinner at the roadside stall, Chen Ge rushed back to the Haunted House.

I still haven’t accepted today’s daily mission yet, I wonder if there’s still time.

Among the three Daily Missions, the most suitable was definitely the expansion. All he needed to do was choose the direction of expansion and a general location.