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Chen Ge was weirded out by the single painted wall in the sixth cubicle. He returned to the fourth cubicle, and he was right; there were no doodles in the fourth cubicle. Could it be a mere prank from the students? But why did they pick the fifth cubicle? It’s not the first one or the last one.

To get to the truth, Chen Ge returned to the sixth cubicle. He hesitated before walking into it. The water pipes all ran through the sixth cubicle, so the space was much smaller compared to the other cubicles.

There’s nothing worth noting here. Do I need to enter the fifth cubicle for the mission to progress? Chen Ge looked at the eyes on the wall before raising his finger to lightly touch them.

They look scary, but they’re just drawings. He was locked in a staring match with the eyes on the wall for a long time. The fourth cubicle is normal; the drawings are only in the fifth and sixth cubicle. This partition is unique because it’s covered with drawing of the eyes on both sides…

Something slowly clicked in Chen Ge’s mind. He used his finger to slowly move through every drawing on the wall. When his finger touched one of the eyes that was next to his knees, Chen Ge’s expression shifted.

It is as I predicted! He squatted down and flashed some light on the partition. Underneath his finger was a peephole the size of a human pupil. A small hole had been gauged into the wall. Since its size was similar to an actual pupil and it was hiding in the corner, it was difficult to discover.

All the other eyes are to hide this single peephole. As Chen Ge looked at the peephole in the wall, he felt weirdly unsettled. The peephole connects the fifth and sixth cubicles, meaning someone once used this peephole to spy on the person inside the fifth cubicle from the sixth cubicle!

Who would have thought of the many eyes that surrounded the walls, one of them would be real?

Since the pipes are gathered in the sixth cubicle, as long as the Peeping Tom climbed on top of the pipes, he wouldn’t be discovered even if someone peeked in from underneath the door. The man had it all thought out.

Being looked at in the dark made Chen Ge feel very uncomfortable.

Thinking about the mission description, the person that hid in the fifth cubicle was the victim of the Peeping Tom, which could be the red shadow.

Now that the secret of the fifth cubicle has been solved, how do I complete the mission? Do I have to stay inside the fifth cubicle for the red shadow to spy on me?Chen Ge waved the mallet in the air. If that was supposed to happen, he would not mind smashing the red shadow’s eye blind.

Just as Chen Ge was trying to figure out how to complete the mission, the set of footsteps started again in the corridor, and they were speeding toward the third floor!

What’s happening? The footsteps are more urgent than before. Is it because I opened the fifth cubicle? But that does not sound right. I opened the cubicle much earlier, so why are they rushing over now?

Before he could come up with an answer, the footsteps had already arrived at the third floor. Chen Ge was standing inside the sixth cubicle, so his only choice was to step into the cubicle and close the door. The moment he did, the footsteps entered the third-floor bathroom.

Finally, the time has come.

Chen Ge switched off his flashlight and raised his mallet. However, what happened next completely surprised him. After the footsteps entered the toilet, the being did not check the cubicle one after another but headed for the fifth cubicle directly. After the door of the cubicle next to him was closed, the toilet suddenly became very quiet.

They’re just beside me, but isn’t the order a bit messed up? According to the mission requirement, it should be me inside the fifth cubicle, right?

The silence persisted. After the owners of the footsteps entered the fifth cubicle, there were no more sounds. After waiting for another ten minutes, Chen Ge’s interest in the ‘person’ next door was slowly piqued. He glanced at the peephole on the wall before squatting down and leaned toward it.

The black peephole seemed to have a magical attraction, drawing Chen Ge closer to it.

On the other end of the peephole was not a bloodshot eye or a red shadow but two kids about the age of three or four. The boy and the girl hid themselves beside the toilet, holding each other’s hands. They looked intensely worried.

Shouldn’t it be a red shadow? Where did these two kids come from? Chen Ge pulled his gaze back. The two children next door could not be described with the word scary.

Another side mission related to the well mentions a brother and sister. Since the deep well is related to Fan Yu, could these two be the aunt’s son and daughter? But why would they appear here? And they look like they are being chased by something.

A series of questions appeared in his mind. Chen Ge gripped the mallet tightly. If his opponent was these two children, he had confidence he could win.

I should wait a little longer. I have a feeling that things aren’t that simple.

The night darkened, and suddenly, the silence in the third floor toilet was shattered by a new set of footsteps that came from the corridor. Chen Ge pulled the cubicle door open a sliver and looked out. When the footsteps stopped at the toilet entrance, a faded red shadow was reflected on the tiles on the toilet wall.

It’s finally here!

Chen Ge’s mission target had finally arrived. He did not dare to breathe as his eyes were staring at the door. The sound of footsteps became clearer, signifying that the red shadow had entered the third-floor toilet.


The first cubicle’s door was pulled open, and Chen Ge saw a blurry red shadow poke its head into the cubicle. It stopped for a long time before moving to the second cubicle.

This was the first time in his life that Chen Ge felt the sound of door opening was so grating. Very soon, the doors to the second, third, and fourth cubicles were pulled open, and the red shadow stopped before the fifth cubicle.

Watching this unfold, Chen Ge tensed up. His body was like a pressed spring, about to explode at any moment.

If he had followed the mission’s instructions, he would have been the one inside the fifth cubicle, and what the red shadow was about to do inside the fifth cubicle would be the thing that should have happened to him.

In the silent and dark toilet, the red shadow gripped the door of the fifth cubicle and slowly pulled it open.

The room felt like it had turned darker. Children’s cries and laughter appeared from the cubicle next door. The red shadow stood at the door but did not go in. It looked left and right before moving to the last cubicle.