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The writing was carved onto the table with the end of a pen. Each marking went deep into the surface and spoke of the writer’s pain and desperation. The writings were all collected at the center of the table. Chen Ge bent down toward the table to get a closer look.

“The eyes on the toilet wall came alive! I saw it, the eyes were moving!”

“I don’t know why I would imagine that, but from that day onwards, I feel like a pair of eye has been following me.”

“They could be hiding anywhere, inside the drawer, under the bed, behind the pillow.”

“I’ve lost the courage to even look inside my bag, afraid that a pair of eyes will look back at me.”

“I’m afraid of being left alone. I don’t dare enter tight spaces. I’m scared of the dark. The moment the lights are switched off, I scream, waking up from a nightmare! I believe I’ve lost my mind, and the pair of eyes is watching me slip down the spiral of insanity.”

“What should I do? A pair of eyes is following me.”

“They must be hiding somewhere, and they look familiar, but I cannot place them.”

“I have told my parents and the class teacher about this, but they brushed me off, saying that I probably need to lay off the heavy studying.”

“They are probably right. I’m probably too tired, or else why would I think the pair of eyes look so similar to the class teacher’s eyes?”

“My parents told the teacher to keep a tab on me, and I know they meant well, but whenever I’m close to the respected class teacher, I just want to grab a pen and jab his eyes blind.”

“Have I finally gone off the deep end? I don’t dare tell more people about this. I’m afraid, afraid of the eyes, and afraid that people might call me crazy.”

“I pretend to laugh and smile like I used to, but the appearance of the eyes has gotten far more frequent. I don’t know who I can trust.”

“I feel like I’m breaking down. Horrible thoughts appear in my mind when I see needles or fruit knives. I find myself wailing for no reason. I want the tears to stop, but I can’t control them. I know they are watching.”

“This cannot go on any longer. I only seek release.”

“I hope the rumors about this classroom are real. I am willing to give up everything just to destroy that pair of eyes.”

After reading everything, Chen Ge did not hurry to leave. He diligently recorded all the handwriting on his livestream. In a way, he was keeping evidence. The writing on the table was seemingly carved by the girl who had been hurt by Teacher Fan.

The eyes inside the toilet had traumatized her deeply. That, combined with Teacher Fan’s other actions, pushed her to seek help from this cursed classroom. After she paid her dues, Fan Yu’s parents really disappeared. In a way, those eyes that haunted her were indeed dealt with.

Chen Ge realized this sealed classroom played a key role in the whole process. In other words, Teacher Fan’s real killer might have been the things that resided in this classroom.

The paper notes with three different sets of handwriting belonged to three people who didn’t exist among the existing student roster and had the capability to kill. If the ghosts inside this classroom were the killers, they did fulfil the three criteria perfectly.

Chen Ge looked around him, and his heart started to waver. He was reminded of the group photo that Fan Yu’s aunt had shown him. He might be dealing with more than one or two ghosts. Perhaps a whole classroom of ghosts was trapped there.

Chen Ge turned to inspect other tables, and he realized that something was written on each table.

Every table is carved with words, but the handwriting are all different.

When Chen Ge moved toward the next table, he accidentally knocked into the table on which the textbook, paper, and pen sat. The pen rolled off the edge and fell to the floor.

When Chen Ge bent down to pick it up, an arm from beside the table reached out to pick up the pen and hand it to Chen Ge.

“Thank you.” Chen Ge accepted it and replied on reflex. However, as he straightened up to replace the pen on the table, he froze. A surge of chills climbed up his spine.

Where did the arm come from?

He aimed his mallet at where the arm had been, but it only made contact with air. He looked around, and the sealed classroom was the same as he remembered. The tables and chairs around him remained unchanged, but Chen Ge’s gaze did change.

There’s a classroom at the end of the corridor that’s always sealed. No one ever enters it, but every night, the classroom will come alive with activity, and it’s almost midnight.

The mission description crossed his mind. Just the thought of it made him shiver. Surrendering the mission, Chen Ge just wanted to get out of the classroom as fast as he could.

The closer he was to the door, the more anxious he became. He anticipated that the door would close at the final moment and he would turn to see the whole classroom filled with ‘people’. Chen Ge picked up pace and rushed through the door. Thankfully, what he feared did not happen.

Looks like this side mission is not accomplishable. Chen Ge looked at the classroom and realized the rumors were probably real. The whole class had turned into ghosts and stayed to haunt the place.

After closing the classroom door, before he could catch a break, Chen Ge lowered his head and saw something that gave him the shock of his life. There was another set of footprints outside the classroom beside him. The person seemed to have stopped in front of the classroom for a long time before leaving.

These look like the prints of rubber shoes; this person came prepared.

When he was inside the sealed classroom investigating, there was another individual watching him from outside the window. Chen Ge felt scared. If something had happened to him inside the classroom and he had run toward the door, said person could have easily locked him in from outside.

Gripping the mallet in his hand, Chen Ge soon calmed down. Footprints can’t be hidden that easily. I’ll need to find this person first before I decide what to do.

He followed the footprints, and the other person did not seem like they were planning to hide. The trail of footprints was clear, like they were waiting for Chen Ge to come find them. Chen Ge followed the trail up to the third floor, and he realized that the prints entered the toilet. He put away his phone and slowly pushed the toilet door open.

There was a woman in raincoat standing before the fifth cubicle. She looked slender and weak, like she could crumble at any moment.

“Whether you’re a human or a ghost, you’re not leaving here until you give me an explanation,” Chen Ge warned while maintaining a three-meter distance from the person.

After a long time, the woman removed the hood of the raincoat to reveal her face. “I really didn’t think you would come here. I’m here to save you.”

The woman who appeared at Mu Yang High School at midnight was Fan Yu’s aunt.

“Save me?” Chen Ge did not believe her fully. Fan Yu’s aunt was still a suspect. He had not forgotten about the woman’s insistence on giving him that glass of water.

“Yes, I saw Fan Yu’s drawing.” The woman peeled out a wrinkled piece of paper from inside her raincoat. “You are inside the drawing.”

“Place it on the floor and take a few steps back.”

Fan Yu’s aunt dropped the drawing and retreated to stand beside the sixth cubicle.

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