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The scenery that unfolded before him surprised even Chen Ge, the Haunted House’s owner. The size of Mu Yang High School’s scenario was so much larger than Murder by Midnight. As he took a step into it, a cold draft caressed the back of Chen Ge’s neck. It made him feel unsettled, like something might jump out at him from the dark at any moment.

Four classrooms, corridors, toilets, and offices…

Everything that Mu Yang High School had was perfectly replicated inside Chen Ge’s Haunted House, but the layout was rearranged so that it was all closer together.

Walking down the dim corridor, Chen Ge could not help himself from turning to look into the classrooms on both sides. The walls beyond the windows were cement wall, and there could not be drafts underground, but the windows kept on creaking like they were touched by the wind.

The first few classrooms were creepy but still acceptable; however, when Chen Ge reached the sealed classroom at the end of the corridor, the hairs on his body stood up. This was the first time he had felt such intense fear inside his own Haunted House.

This classroom reminded him of the sealed classroom at Mu Yang High School, but it was not completely the same. Every table had writing scrawled all over it with red paint, but more scarily, there was a set of school uniform sitting on each chair.

The uniform was a perfect match to the uniforms Chen Ge had seen in the group photo taken with Fan Yu’s father. The only difference was that, in the picture, all the students were facing away from the camera, but in this classroom, all the uniforms were turned toward Chen Ge, who stood at the door.

After taking a deep breath, Chen Ge forced himself to walk into the room. Standing at the lectern, looking down at the room, the rows of chairs felt like they were seated with students.

Why did only this classroom come with school uniforms? Could these uniforms represent the lingering spirits that remained here? Chen Ge counted the school uniform silently; there were twenty-four uniforms in total.

After completing the Murder by Midnight Trial Mission, the Haunted House’s scenario became the new home for Xiaoxiao’s family. If I follow this similar train of thought… Chen Ge’s face twitched with discomfort. It meant that there were twenty-four lingering spirits who had moved into his Haunted House.

Then again, I might be wrong. Chen Ge exited the classroom, closed the door, and continued to move forward.

At the end of the corridor was the toilet, and a few steps past that brought Chen Ge to the first junction. The left turn led to the office area while right led to the female dormitory.

Chen Ge took the right turn. He only took several steps when the corridor turned narrow. The rooms on both sides felt like they were closing in on him, and at the end of the corridor was another junction.

Just a two-star scenario is already so complicated. If I unlock a few more scenarios, this underground parking lot will definitely become a Maze of Terror.

He pushed open a random door, and the interior was designed like a crime scene.

It was worth noting that Chen Ge discovered a row of chairs placed side by side in the second last bedroom, and several pieces of paper and a greatly damaged ballpoint pen were placed on top of one of them.

This is the hidden item for unlocking Mu Yang High School’s scenario? Chen Ge picked up the ballpoint pen gingerly. It was so fragile that it looked like it could crack at any moment. Hidden items seem to have their own purpose. Wang Qi’s Hidden Person Notice helped me befriend Xiaoxiao’s family, and they now help me maintain the Murder by Midnight scenario. Could it be possible that this ballpoint pen will help me win the favour of the students in the sealed classroom?

Chen Ge could not figure out how. Eventually, he exited the scenario with the ballpoint pen in hand. He returned to the staff breakroom to fix the pen with tape.

“Pen Spirit, Pen Spirit, I know you hold a grudge against me, but I’ve fixed your pen. If you have forgiven me, please draw a circle on the paper.”

“Pen Spirit, Pen Spirit, you are my spirit from my previous life, and I am your spirit in this life. If you are with us, please draw a circle on the paper…”

To solve the mystery related to the sealed classroom, asking the Pen Spirit would be the most direct solution. However, no matter how hard Chen Ge chanted its invocation, the Pen Spirit refused to answer.

“Why so silent? I’m also a victim in this case, okay?”

Chen Ge had no choice but to return the pen to the female dormitory. He took a tour around the place before returning to the first floor.

The twenty-four uniforms in the sealed classroom were scary, but the impact was not enough. When I have time, I should update the models in the Night of the Living Room, put the uniforms on them, and placed them in the classroom. That should up the fear factor quite a bit. Chen Ge closed the wooden boards and was about to return to bed when his phone rang.

He turned to take a look and was surprised to see that it was from Inspector Lee.

“Uncle San Bao? How can I help you?” When Chen Ge returned from Mu Yang High School, Inspector Lee had stayed. He seemed to have been talking with the officers from the main city’s investigation team.

“If you’re not too busy, do you mind coming to the district police station? The killer wants to talk to you.”

“Me?” Chen Ge was confused, but he still agreed so as to give face to Inspector Lee. “Okay, I’ll be there in a minute.”

When he arrived, a familiar officer led Chen Ge to the interrogation room. Fan Yu’s aunt was sitting in the chair, her hands in cuffs.

“The autopsy for the bodies is still going on. The suspect’s emotions are very unstable, and she refuses to say anything. Her only demand is to talk to you in person, and that was why I called you.” The middle-aged officer in the interrogation room stood up and shook Chen Ge’s hand. “Then, I shall leave you to you.”

“I’ll try my best.” Chen Ge walked to Fan Yu’s aunt. In just one night, she seemed to have gotten even wearier than usual. Her head was lowered, and her hair covered her face.

When she felt someone approach, the woman’s eyes, which had been distracted earlier, started to focus on Chen Ge. They spoke of complicated emotions.

“You asked for me?” As Chen Ge tried to get near, he was stopped by the officer, who wished for him to maintain a safe distance.

Fan Yu’s aunt nodded slightly. She was silent for a long time, and the first sentence out of her mouth surprised Chen Ge. “Do you have the drawing I gave you in the third-floor toilets?”

If she did not bring this up, Chen Ge would have forgotten all about it already. He retrieved the drawing from his pocket and placed it before Fan Yu’s aunt. Looking at the weird drawing, Fan Yu’s aunt did not feel afraid. In fact, it felt like she treated it like some kind of treasure. Then again, that was too be expected; after all, when her husband and children passed away, it was with these drawings that she slowly walked out from her despair.

Eventually Fan Yu’s aunt’s spoke. “I’ve done everything I could for Fan Yu for three years, but the first living person who showed up in his drawing is you, how is that fair?”

“Things might not be as simple as you think. Fan Yu probably thinks I’m similar him.” Chen Ge pointed at his eyes. “We can see the same thing.”

“Is that so?” Fan Yu’s aunt lowered her head again, and the interrogation room became quiet.

“Is this why you called me here?” Chen Ge folded the drawing up neatly.

After ten minutes, Fan Yu’s aunt collected herself; it was as if she had come to a decision. She told Chen Ge in a soft voice, “I am Fan Yu’s only remaining family, and I will have to leave him soon. The boy has a weird personality and is unable to make any friends. I do not ask that you take him on, but I plead that you go visit him when you have time. Talk to him and make sure he isn’t bullied by the other kids.”