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The shoutcasters were right. If they lost the middle lane, it would be difficult to continue the game. The Japanese were a team with sophisticated calculation and excellent combat strategy. Once they detect a loophole, they wouldn’t let go and that was the hardest to deal with. If Supreme Alliance didn’t concentrate, they could easily crumble and be defeated.

“The method Supreme Alliance takes on to deal with the current crisis is crucial.”

“They might send someone to the middle lane.”

“If that’s the case, the Japanese will be the one carrying the tempo.”

“But if they don’t head over, the middle lane would be lost and that would be a more serious consequence.”

“You Sixin and Hoshino’s cooperation was crucial in the attack. If Supreme Alliance doesn’t find a way to break their cooperation, it wouldn’t be an easy fight.”

“Supreme Alliance has started to make adjustments… Wait a minute, they didn’t make adjustments?”

The shoutcasters glanced at the screens, watching Yun Hu with narrowed eyes. “They probably wanted to head over but were called back to their original position.”

“What about the middle lane?” the other shoutcaster asked, his brows knitted.

If Supreme Alliance didn’t make adjustments after that hiccup, they would continue being suppressed.

“Supreme Alliance probably hasn’t thought of a good plan.” The shoutcaster glanced over at Qin Mo. “The captain of the team is in charge of the commanding. Till this moment, the Japanese don’t require any commanding. On the other hand, Supreme Alliance has been filled with issues.”

“Indeed. I’m not too sure how Qin Mo is feeling at the moment. Will he be able to make accurate predictions just like before his memory loss? One thing is for sure; what we are seeing now is just a third of the Japanese’s abilities. I’m sure the later stage of the competition will be exciting. Will Qin Mo be able to withstand them?”

The fans were worrying about the same thing. Big Spade and Almighty Qin’s long-distance cooperation was outstanding but the Japanese didn’t take long to return the favor. Besides, the same tactic couldn’t be used twice and both You Sixin and Hoshino had guessed their ruse.

The Japanese were indeed a formidable rival. They were so strong that until this moment, Lin Feng and Yun Hu still hadn’t left their attack range.

That was also a reflection of their suppressed state. Under such circumstances, they still hadn’t changed their combat strategy. The shoutcaster was starting to doubt the commanding. “It seems like Qin Mo isn’t suitable for such large-scale competitions.”

Until this moment, he was still going by the books, completely unlike his past self…

The shoutcasters turned towards the large screen while the director was focusing on the white figure that was currently fighting beasts in the jungle. That was Qin Mo, with his flowy white robe and long sword. He fought swiftly, which had caught the shoutcasters off guard since he still managed to move so swiftly despite his amnesia. However, this battle wasn’t about speed. It was a test of accurate prediction and the team’s precision!

“I have never seen Supreme Alliance use such a strategy,” a fan commented. “It feels as though they are being suppressed.”

Indeed, it wasn’t just Coco. Lin Feng, Yun Hu, and even Qin Mo and Bo Jiu gave off such a feeling. Qin Mo was constantly being harassed and was not able to grow. Moreover, the Japanese caught whoever they could.

Zhao Sanpang frowned. “Why haven’t I thought of using this strategy on Qin Mo?”

Xiao Jing remained silent, watching with deep concentration.

Mei Lin used the spare time to turn the microphone towards her. “We are about ten minutes into the competition and the Japanese still carry the upper hand but they haven’t been complacent and have maintained their past traits, approaching forcefully with each step. The jungle assassin from Supreme Alliance seems to be suppressed and this is… Wait a minute!”

Mei Lin paused when she caught a move and continued as though she had expected it, “Seems like Supreme Alliance is about to be killed a second time.”

The next second, the tank from the Japanese approached Qin Mo and signaled for the scorer hidden in the bushes. Then the signature big move was smashing onto Qin Mo, who was already retreating. But their moves were accurate and focused and Qin Mo was severely injured!

The sorcerer from the Japanese went forward with a freezing spell! They wanted to trap Qin Mo using the time difference. All assassins were afraid of being controlled because it was over once they were paralyzed.

“I’m afraid Almighty Qin is going to end up being slaughtered in his own home.”

“He’s too negligent. Doesn’t he know they were on to him?”

“We can only blame it on their poor team coordination. But Almighty Qin didn’t even signal for the others. Did he forget how to command?”

Zhao Sanpang bit down on his teeth, looking anxious! Right at this moment, Xiao Jing spoke, “The Japanese made a mistake.”

“What?” Zhao Sanpang asked.

Right at this moment, they glanced up at the screens. The freezing spell didn’t paralyze Qin Mo at all. It wasn’t because of the sorcerer’s technique though. At that moment, Qin Mo leapt back to his original position and that was where the scorer was standing!

Beneath the camera, the Japanese sorcerer opened his eyes wide! He had used up the lighting technique during the attack before and now, there was nowhere to hide! With a strike, his speed reduced.

The next second, there were three sharp swiping movements. Silver light rays flashed across the skies and he was left severely injured!

The audience watched with bright eyes, a hint of surprise flashing in their eyes for the first time since the team battle had started!

Qin Mo held the mouse with one hand and struck with his index finger, his attack sharp and crisp. He maintained a calm expression, not a hint of the malice from his chase. His long slender fingers landed on the keyboards gracefully.

Xiao Jing finished his sentence, “Qin Mo may have amnesia but the Japanese shouldn’t have just sent two members to kill him. It’ll backfire very easily.”

“You mean the sorcerer from the Japanese is going to die? Probably not, the tank is already controlling Qin Mo. He can’t chase any further and the sorcerer is out of Qin Mo’s attacking range. Next, he…”

Zhao Sanpang couldn’t even finish the sentence! Just then, a figure appeared on the screen. She moved extremely quickly. It seemed as though no obstacle could stop her. With two leaps, she landed beside the sorcerer.

Before anyone could process the situation, the long rifle was lifted and two letters appeared on the screen: K.O!

There was a moment of silence before shock flooded through them! No one knew how Spade Z had appeared but they knew that this was Supreme Alliance’s first kill! The score was pulled to a balance!

The sorcerer and the tank ran to the base of the defense tower. He took another look at his captain’s previous instructions. “Harass only, don’t attack.”

He immediately acknowledged his mistake. “My fault.” A second after, he added, “I thought he didn’t notice me.”

You Sixin cleared half of Supreme Alliance’s jungle and smiled. “Did you think Qin Mo’s amnesia would make him an easy target? I’ve mentioned it before, don’t harbor such thoughts. Their jungle has almost been entirely cleared out by me and Hoshino.”

The jungle beasts represent gold. That wasn’t all, the red beasts could help to reduce speed.

Playing assassins would consume a lot of mana. Now that Supreme Alliance no longer had such resources, it would definitely cause an impact.

However, facts proved that it wasn’t that simple – because the Japanese’s jungle was also emptied?!

“What’s going on?”

The doll-faced person from the Japanese team was slightly confused. The audience was confused as well.

AS the director knew what they wanted to see, he immediately zoomed in on the other half of the map during the time Hoshino and You Sixin were clearing the jungles.

After killing the Japanese’s sorcerer, Spade Z didn’t head back. Instead, she headed towards the Japanese’s jungle.

But there was someone faster than her: Qin Mo. They seemed to know their own red jungle couldn’t be saved. Moreover, chasing the tank was both a waste of time and useless.

The tank from the Japanese had assumed he had escaped based on his merits, which was the reason he only had a brief glance at the two figures.

He should really watch this playback. After watching the playback footage, he would know Qin Mo and Bo Jiu hadn’t been after him at all but rather the large jungle on his right.

Their cooperation was extraordinary, leaving no bushes unturned. Even the troops were broken by the two figures flying across the screens.

Mei Lin stiffened since it was so fast.

No, that wasn’t right! It wasn’t just fast. It was the orb walk, judgement, and also the speed they were jungling. Those two silhouettes were tall and firm, flying through their jungles recklessly without any fear. Weren’t they afraid?

They were facing the Japanese. Besides, even if they managed to balance the score, they had been suppressed since the start. Why were they behaving so fearlessly?