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Little Bo Jiu ignored her father. She really wasn’t in the mood for food, especially when she heard that her mother was not coming back.
In the end, the man stood up, and went to the floor-to-ceiling window. He glanced at the building outside the window, saw that the light over there was on, and laughed again. “Master Jiu, I found our dinner.”

“Even the noodles you cook taste terrible. I don’t want to eat it,” Bo Jiu expressed her disinterest.

The man stretched out his long legs and blocked his daughter’s path. “I’m not the one cooking. Bring the fruit plate on the table, we will head next door and have some of their food.”

Next door? Her eyes lit up when she heard the two words.She quickly placed the fruits into a box.

It was too unreasonable to give a fruit plate as a gift – even though her dad smiled and emphasized, “That’s an old friend of mine from China.”

Bo Jiu couldn’t bring herself to do it. That was her little princess’s house; how could they just go over for a free meal?

“Why are you going by yourself?” The man had quit smoking ever since he had a daughter. He was wearing a mask and a black down jacket, his young and handsome appearance causing him to constantly be misunderstood as an older brother. “Come here, I’ll carry you.”

Bo Jiu held the piggy bank in one hand and the fruit box in the other. She glanced at him up and down and replied seriously, “I want to walk by myself and give the new neighbor a good impression. They will think I’m sensible and well-behaved.”

“Our Master Jiu has grown up.” The man laughed again and retracted his hand, stuffing it into his pocket. He walked behind the little tiger, looking casual and effortless.

The tall and short pairing seemed like a duo out of an English comic and completely unlike people seen in real life. Their voices could be heard very faintly.

“Later when your mom comes back, don’t tell her we went next door for free food.”

“Why not? Mom would be happy to know someone from our hometown is here.”

“Why don’t you think so? I can’t even cook noodles properly; can’t you save me from shame? Mmh?”

“Mr. Bo, living off your wife is shameless enough.”

“Do you think I wouldn’t beat you just because you are a young girl?”

“Yes.” Bo Jiu’s little tiger tail shook.

Mr. Bo looked down and lifted one hand up. With a lazy voice and a face that was handsome amidst the snow, he said, “Geez, little kid, you’re a little shameless.”

“It’s hereditary.” Bo Jiu held something in her hand and turned her head seriously. “Inherited from you.”

Mr. Bo wasn’t the least bit affected. “That’s why you are doing so well. Alright, I’m going to ring the doorbell, remember your character well.”

They hadn’t expected to be heard. The conversation was overheard by the little boy who was holding a sled at the side door. It was cold outside but he didn’t wear a jacket. He probably hadn’t planned to be out.

The little boy didn’t like to eavesdrop on others. Rather than dislike, it was better to say he didn’t care what others said. But even so, he still paused while holding the sled. After all, the conversation between the father and daughter was different from ordinary people.

The little boy never came across a father and daughter pair that got along in such a manner. He couldn’t help raising his eyes to take a look. But right in that moment, very quickly, he shut the door.

He glanced at his grandfather not far from him instructing the butler to prepare today’s dinner.

He asked how cooked he wanted his steak to be. The little boy was still considering if he should tell his grandfather about the two that wanted a free meal outside. However, the next second, the doorbell rang.

It was still snowing outside. Old Master An was puzzled. Who would come at this hour?

The butler had already walked over. “Sir, do we open the door?”

When Old Master An nodded, the butler walked over, his long slender fingers opening the silver door handle.

Large snowflakes poured in with the howling north wind and two people, one big and one small, appeared at their door.

The pajama the little one wore was probably too striking because Grandpa An saw the little tiger at first glance. Her big black eyes were full of life and vitality as she looked at them, the pair of ears at her side hanging down like a curly cat, cute and handsome.

Not to mention the slender man standing behind her, with a smile at the corners of his mouth, against the moonlight, without a hint of age, vibrant like a star but with evil spirits. “Mr. Andre, long time no see.”

Old Master An’s eyes lit up. “Brother Bo, come in, come in!”

Listening to the adult’s greeting, Little Bo Jiu’s eyes began to turn again. Where was her little princess? Where was she?

Just as she was wondering, Grandpa An called out, “Mo, come over and see your little friend.”

Mo? This was the second misunderstanding. The intelligent Little Bo Jiu thought that the little princess must be very shy to be called a name like Mo. She was even more certain the person she saw by the window was a little girl.

Little Bo Jiu confidently determined the gender of her little princess. There was no doubt. When she saw the figure walking towards her, she became even more confident.

The other part was wearing little panda slippers but the pants were tight against the slender and straight legs, which were very nourishing to the eyes. Moreover, he had taken off his coat and the bright red sweater inside was the same shade as a maple leaf. His skin was like the white snow that had fallen outside and his eyes were as bright as stars. His eyelashes were so long that even at this distance, she could clearly see the length of the pure darkness. He stood there in front of her eyes again with hair as black as splashed ink and an ensuing elegance.

The north wind blew again, seemingly in response to the bonfire inside the house and the Christmas tree outside. A snowflake was landing on the boy’s shoulders. He turned his head and blew at it softly before turning over politely.

Unknowingly, Little Bo Jiu found his eyes too cold. But the coldness didn’t dispel Little Bo Jiu’s enthusiasm. There were many different types of princesses in fairytales. The princess she was meeting today must be one that was easily shy but had a cold appearance.

She would have to control herself, not to be too frivolous, just like how she had beat up William previously. She needed to treat the little princess with patience and had to speak softly. Basically, she couldn’t scare the Little Princess away.

She had confidence though since she had brought her piggy bank with her. She had never thought anyone to be this good looking.

The person in front of her, she wanted to raise her as a pet. But her father had told her that if she saw something she liked, she had to buy it home and couldn’t just take it for free.

It was the same for the internet. Hence, Little Bo Jiu’s first reaction when she had seen the little princess was to find her piggy bank. Now, her chance was here…

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