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Westerners had naturally a larger bone structure than Chinese. When they were young, they would definitely have an advantage in terms of height. When he realized this issue, Young Master Qin couldn’t help narrowing his pretty peach blossom eyes.

Little William noticed it as well. Hence, he became arrogant when he glanced at the little Chinese vixen. Honestly, at his current level, Little William really wasn’t Young Master Qin’s match. There weren’t many children of the same age who were smarter than Young Master Qin.

Qin Mo swept him a glance. He didn’t say anything as if he hadn’t seen him, even if the other person was taller than him. It didn’t affect the nobleness on Young Master Qin’s face.

Young Master Qin’s actions made Little William very jealous. That action wasn’t much, he just turned to smile at the little tiger. But then his waist was very naturally hugged by Little Tiger Bo.

“Momo, you must be hungry, let’s hurry in to have some food.” After that, Bo Jiu introduced Little William politely. “This is Little William. Little William, this is Momo, my little prince.”

She didn’t just hug him; she had even used the endearment ‘little prince’! Little William was so upset he wanted to cry!

This wasn’t the date he had imagined. But he couldn’t be defeated just like that. Jiu was just bewitched by his beauty! Soon, she would realize that he was manlier! The other party is so much shorter after all. He didn’t have to be so passive.

After making up his mind, Little William blew his red hair and planned to teach the little Chinese vixen a lesson. He stretched his hand out in a very local manner. “Hey, Brother, welcome.”

Qin Mo saw his intentions, he smiled and was just about to stretch his hand out to give Little William a ‘return gift’. However, the Little Tiger Bo beside him was a step ahead, stepping in front of him. She narrowed her eyes. “William, what are you doing?”

Little William felt his heart tremble, worried that Jiu would beat him up again. “Ah, I wanted to shake Momo’s hand.”

“He knows you welcome him but forget about the handshake, your strength might hurt Momo,” Little Tiger Bo replied very seriously.

Little William, who was dismissed for being strong, tried hard to shrink himself a little. He had never expected Jiu to like someone weak! What was the use of practicing with the punching bag every day! He couldn’t even compete with Qin Mo’s face! Was he a doll? Why else could he get injured with just a handshake?

Even though he intended to give him a lesson, such a reasoning was a stab to his heart. They were both little kids, how could she treat them so differently! All the emotions splashed across Little William’s face.

Qin Mo looked at the little tiger in front of him and his smile thickened. Little William almost took action when he saw that smile. After all, he was hot blooded – oh no, it was more accurate to say he had the vigor of a hero.

Just now when the little Chinese vixen was smiling, he had even turned to raise his brows at him. It was clearly a taunt!

However, Jiu didn’t allow them to shake hands and he didn’t dare to either! It seemed like he would have to find another time to deal with this little Chinese vixen. After all, the little vixen would have to attend school and he wasn’t in a rush. Once they arrived on campus, it was his territory! Heh!

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