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The crowd around them were confused when they saw what had happened.

What did the two of them say?

Finally, someone said that the teaching assistant was having a fever and that Yaoyao was probably worried about her brother, ignoring the School Hunk’s confession.

The hug could be explained easily as well. After all, the teaching assistant has always cared deeply for his ‘sister’.

Only Lin Yang knew what had happened.

Yaoyao refused him because it was obvious.

He also knew that even without Jiang Zuo, Yaoyao wouldn’t have accepted him. He just couldn’t accept it, but so what if he couldn’t accept it? Matters of the heart couldn’t be forced.

This was probably the difference between Lin Yang and Jiang Zuo.

Jiang Zuo had forced Xue Yaoyao since the start.

Perhaps using force wouldn’t be suited on someone else, but it was just right on Yaoyao.

This relationship could continue because of Jiang Zuo’s demands.

In a relationship, the person who makes demands is sometimes the person with the purest and deepest affection.

After Jiang Zuo got an injection, Xue Yaoyao returned to her dormitory.

The new couple wasn’t as intimate as people thought.

Even though Jiang Zuo wasn’t willing, he could only let her go.

The moment Xue Yaoyao entered the dormitory, Li Tao walked over. She was sincerely confused, “Yaoyao, why didn’t you accept Senior?”

“Because we aren’t compatible.” Xue Yaoyao laughed lightly and continued forward.

Li Tao scratched her head. “You seem quite compatible with him. Moreover, the department beauty came to you because of him, it is really unexpected for you to have rejected him.”

“Why is it unexpected?” The person on the top bunk turned over. “Yaoyao said she wasn’t interested since the start.”

“Why? Senior is so good.” Li Tao’s eyes were dim and even her voice seemed sombre.

Xue Yaoyao glanced up towards her. “There is someone else in my heart, we used to have a misunderstanding but now, we should be considered back together.”

“You have someone? Who?” Li Tao and the other roommates glanced at each other, they were all puzzled. They haven’t seen Yaoyao sending text messages, how did she suddenly have someone?

Xue Yaoyao grabbed her toiletries. “You’ll know next time, I’ll go shower now or there won’t be any more hot water.”

The hot water in the dormitory was restricted to certain times, Xue Yaoyao didn’t lie.

Someone was still waiting for Li Tao’s news.

“How is it? Any clue? Why did Junior Yaoyao reject Four?”

Li Tao replied. “Yaoyao said she likes someone else.”

“F*ck! That’s impossible. I always thought Junior Yaoyao used that as an excuse, I never knew there really is someone. Who else in C university can attract girls more than or Four? I really can’t think of anyone else.”

Li Tao replied. “Teaching Assistant Jiang is more attractive.”

“Yea right, I know that you are Brother Jiang’s fan. Oh right, Brother Jiang must know who that person is since they are siblings.”

With that, he glanced over towards Four who was drinking alcohol, and dialled a string of numbers.

“Hello.” Jiang Zuo just finished handling the transferred work, his lips still pale.

“Brother Jiang, if you and Junior Yaoyao are siblings, you should know everything about her.”

Jiang Zuo probably guessed what he was asking, and he put his pen down emotionlessly.