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“What happened?” Bo Yin turned to look at her when he noticed Lou Luo’s pause.

Lou Luo regained her senses and replied, “It was nothing.”

This was what she said, but she couldn’t lie to herself.

Why did that image appear in her mind?

Lou Luo was a businesswoman so she was always calm and composed. She was still able to maintain her composure now.

This wasn’t a suitable time to say some things.

The dinner didn’t last long.

After the members of the team went back, they still needed to get a good rest. After all, this wasn’t China. Jet lag could be really uncomfortable sometimes.

When they were about to leave, Bo Jiu stood under the road lamp and held Lou Luo back in a clever way. “The first match is tomorrow. I’m a little nervous.”

When he heard his Lord Jiu saying that she was nervous, a cold smile could be seen faintly on the corners of Mr. Bo’s lips as he stood at the side with the black umbrella in one hand.

Bo Jiu disregarded him. Her eyes were black and clear and she purposely acted obediently. “I want someone to watch me when I’m fighting.”

Lou Luo remembered the scene just now. Her gaze landed on the mole under Bo Jiu’s eye and she wondered if she should put her work aside temporarily.

The person started speaking again, “I’m afraid of losing. If I lose. many people will laugh at me.”

This was probably the funniest joke Mr. Bo had heard in the past few years.

She was afraid of losing?

Their Lord Jiu played the same tricks ever since she was young. She would always pretend to be weak in front of other people.

Lou Luo had seen the past competition videos of this youngster. She remembered the match she lost. This youngster stood in front of the screen while staring at the ground. Lou Luo felt her heart aching a little when she recalled her silent expression.

Lou Luo lifted her hand and touched Bo Jiu’s head. “Don’t worry. There will be many people accompanying you tomorrow. I will be there too.”

“I will wait for you.” Bo Jiu smiled. She looked exceptionally obedient.

Bo Jiu finally stopped hovering around Lou Luo.

She stared at the two back views as they walked into the streets.

After some time, she turned around and hugged Qin Mo’s waist. “I know that they’re fine.”

“I knew it.” She started hugging Qin Mo with more force and her voice turned a little hoarse. It was hard for other people to understand her emotions currently.

The scene that she didn’t dare to dream of actually appeared right in front of her eyes.

Bo Jiu was smiling. She was extremely happy, so happy that it felt a little unreal.

Qin Mo allowed Bo Jiu to hug him. His elegant and handsome face looked gentle under the night sky.

He stretched his hand and placed it on the back of Bo Jiu’s head. He kept caressing her.

Just like how he coaxed her to sleep when they were young.

He didn’t mention the fact that Bo Yin and Lou Luo hadn’t aged at all.

This wasn’t important. The most important thing was, they were still alive.

The two people walked on the streets. Diamond-shaped snowflakes fell from the sky.

Bo Yin opened the umbrella in his hand and moved closer to Lou Luo.

Lou Luo glanced sideways at him. Her gaze landed on the mole under his eye. “Does our daughter have a mole under her eye too?”

Bo Yin asked her back, “You remember everything?”

Lou Luo didn’t reply to him directly. She continued asking, “When are you bringing me to see her?”

“It looks like you haven’t remembered everything.” Bo Yin smiled. “There’s no need to hurry. Take it slow. She does have a mole under her eye.”

Lou Luo paused for a second. Then, she said, “Tell me more.”

“What?” Bo Yin looked at her.

Lou Luo looked up and replied, “Tell me more about our daughter.”