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Blood ran down his chin and to the ground. Woojin, who was dragging his ragged self, gritted his teeth as he saw the bloody water rise up from the altar.

The bloody water began drawing a magical rune in the air.


Woojin tried to run with all his might. But soon, he fell to the floor and began crawling toward it. It was only then that the man incanting magic words toward the rune turned to him.

“You’re finally here.”

“Stop it, you bastard!”

The man scoffed as he snatched the naked woman from the altar and threw her at Woojin. The woman fell to the ground helplessly and Woojin quickly picked her up with shaking hands.


It had been ten years since he had seen his sister. However, his sister was already an empty shell after her soul had been ripped out. Woojin shouted as he embraced his sister’s slowly cooling body but his shouts were drowned out by the roar of a tidal wave that appeared above the magical rune.

Woojin looked up and faced the giant being.

“HAHAHAHA! God is upon us!”

The man laughed like a maniac. He was the one behind everything. Woojin felt like he needed to avenge her to at least release some of his anger. He pulled out a small syringe and injected it into his thigh.

Cocktail-X. He remembered Doctor Ahn’s explanation that a human body could not endure it, but he didn’t care. The stimulant made from the blood of many avatars pumped energy into Woojin’s body. He jumped up and ran toward the altar.

The crazed man didn’t even care about Woojin as he looked up at the arising of a god. Woojin plunged his dagger into the man’s back.

However, the man was now an avatar of the highest-ranked demon named Amon, who had brought a god onto this Earth. He turned and threw a fist at Woojin. When Woojin dodged the fist, the man kicked him.

That’s when he realized what the man’s power was. Foresight.

When Woojin was kicked to the back, the god was finally upon them. The god who appeared after countless offerings of souls and blood looked grotesque.

Could that even be called a god? It was hard to describe its weird form. The dark matter seemed to divide into two as dark tentacles shot out from it and wrapped around Amon’s avatar.

It seemed that his foresight didn’t foresee his death.

Woojin looked at the god. There was only one reason for that being.

The fall of the world.

It didn’t matter to Woojin since he had lost everything. However, there was one thing that did matter.

“It’s because of you.”

If not for the summoning, his family and his sister would not have been sacrificed as offerings.

Woojin charged at that god in a blind rage.

“I’ll rip you apart!”

He couldn’t even fight Amon’s avatar, but that didn’t matter. He was only filled with thoughts to rip that being apart. As Woojin ran towards it, the god’s bloodshot eyes appeared from above. Woojin stopped. But the eyes soon lost interest, and tentacles came out from its mouth toward Woojin’s head.