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Woojin paid off the remainder of the negative balance account on his way back and then rented a hotel room for a long stay. After that, he stored the bag full of weapons into a safe and finally ranted.

“A hundred million for introducing me to the doctor? That damn old man…”

Hwang would have made it free if Woojin honestly answered his curiosity, so Woojin just decided to pay the cost of hiding the truth. He then checked the money bag. Viktor sure had a lot more money than Dukgoo. There was two billion worth of gold as well as two billion in cash. He then placed the bag into the safe and took a shower.

He didn’t tell his family that he had quit his job yet, so he needed to come here as a cover every day. There were still a lot more things to be done. Woojin returned home after taking a shower.

“You’re back.”

Woojin hugged his mother. He now realized how precious each and every moment was.

“What, were you fired today?”

Woojin smiled and quipped, “You want me to be fired? You shouldn’t keep saying that.”

“Of course not. Did you eat dinner?”

“Yeah, I did.”

“I smell alcohol. Did you drink?”


“Okay. Go wash up.”

Woojin then asked on the way to his room, “Where’s Eunseo?”

“She’s in her room.”

Woojin knocked on Eunseo’s door. It opened and Eunseo popped her head out.

“Oh, it’s you.”


Woojin pushed open his sister’s door and walked in. It had been a long time since he came into her room. There was a book that she was studying on the table.

“Studying hard?”

Eunseo looked silently at Woojin for a second and asked, “What’s going on? You’re starting to scare me you know?”

Woojin then grinned and took out some money from his wallet.

“Here. Use it however you like.”

It was five hundred thousand won. Eunseo was shocked.

“What!? Did you win the lottery or something?”

“Oh, sure I did. Like billions?”

There was some truth to it, but his sister obviously did not believe it.

“Great! Thanks anyway!”

“Sure, sure.”

Woojin then returned to his room and laid on his bed. Tomorrow was waiting for him.

The next day, Woojin went back to the hotel and checked his belongings. Everything in the safe was fine. He first took out his weapons and began cleaning them. There wasn’t a lot of time until the appointment with Doctor Ahn, and he still needed to meet another person before that. He quickly finished cleaning his weapons and called someone.

A rough voice answered the phone.

[Who is it?]


[What the-? Who are you?]

“I will tell you after we meet.”

The phone went silent for a second.

[Sure. I’ll see who you are myself. Do you know my place too?]

“I’ll go there right now.”

[I’ll give you an hour.]

Woojin then took a cab to Gangnam. He soon arrived at a forty-two story building in the middle of Gangnam. It felt different to stand beneath the building again. As he walked into the first floor, guards blocked him.

“Can I help you, sir?”

Woojin took off his mask and spoke.

“I made an appointment over the phone. I came here to see the CEO.”

“Hold on for a second please.”

A guard exchanged a few messages over the radio and then informed him.

“Someone is coming down to get you.”

Woojin nodded and soon, a large well-built man came out.

“Are you the one looking for the CEO?”

Woojin reminisced his past as he looked at the man. He was one of the comrades who was the first to die on their way to the Avatar of Amon. It was his death that made Bihyung join the fight wholeheartedly.

“Yeah. Let’s go.”

“Hah. Sure.”

The man scoffed at Woojin’s arrogance and placed his hand on Woojin’s shoulder.

“We would’ve had a long talk if it wasn’t for the CEO. Follow me.”

Woojin followed him into the elevator. The man stood in front of him as they rose up to the CEO’s penthouse. His large back was what kept Woojin alive when he was still a newbie hunter. Woojin stared silently at the back that he saw perish in front of him before.

“We’re here,” the man declared and got off the elevator. Soon, they arrived at the CEO’s large office. There was a tall man standing there by a large window.

“He’s here, Boss.”

The tall man turned around and grinned. It was as Woojin remembered. Bihyung the Dokkebi. One of the highest ranking Avatars that originated in Korea. Bihyung’s grin disappeared as he looked at Woojin.

“Huh? Why are you looking at me like that? Do you know me?”

Woojin walked up and stood beside Bihyung facing the window. He had seen Gangnam from this window multiple times in the past. How many times did they stand here, drinking away into the night?

Bihyung wanted to know who Woojin was to have called him by a direct number that only a few special people knew. He couldn’t hold back his curiosity as the Dokkebi so he allowed the guy to come up, but his shock wasn’t over yet. The man looked at him as if he had known him for a long time and stood beside him without any hesitation.

Bihyung’s curiosity only grew stronger.

“Answer me.”

“Ko Woojin.”


Woojin turned to Bihyung and boldly declared, “I am the hunter who killed both Vampire Dukgoo and Viktor.”


It shocked him even more. Woojin continued, “The massacres that happened in Seoul. Dukgoo’s ghouls were behind it.”

“I know. And I also heard that the missing people were found in Dukgoo’s place. So, that’s your doing?”

Woojin nodded and Bihyung scanned him from top to bottom. Woojin did look like a hunter but if he was, it still didn’t make any sense. Even if he was a hunter, there was no way Woojin would kill vampires.


“Because they wanted my sister too.”

Bihyung scoffed.

“So you just killed them? Don’t you know how much they value their families?”

“They tried to attack my family first. It’s them who crossed the line.”

Bihyung glanced back to the man standing behind Woojin.

“Hey, Beom. Did you hear that?”

“He’s a mad one.”

Woojin did not respond and asked what he had come here to ask.

“By the way, what were you doing all this time while the vampires were running rampant?”