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There were various divine objects. Some were legendary while some allowed Avatars to gain power equal to their own. But those divine objects were rare and some divine objects were not so great. Those that only required spiritual power were easy to get as it was unpopular among Avatars.

Brunhilde and Yeohong were equipped with those weapons as they stood in front of Woojin.

Brunhilde held a shield and a sword while Yeohong had an Oni Club with spikes all over it. Woojin had his Kusanagi no ken.

His fighting skill increased tremendously while training against Brunhilde and Yeohong. He also trained using his spears. He was unmatched while using his modern weapons and hunter skills, but Brunhilde was the expert on using weapons like these. Woojin learned a lot from her.

He knew that his strength and agility outpowered both of theirs so they were training with a 2 on 1 battle. Woojin always fought in his best condition as he had to be experienced in fighting strong Avatars. While training, Tsukuyomi’s spiritual stone melted away little by little. He had to be almost on verge of death when for the stone to melt, so Woojin had to go all out in training. Therefore, he always received many injuries, but he recovered fast.

Woojin swung his sword at the Oni Club while Brunhilde’s shield struck Woojin. He was thrown back and he slumped down.


“Do you want more?”

“We’ll stop here.”

Woojin breathed heavily as he spoke. Six of his ribs were broken right now. He focused on his regeneration to recover and Miho came over. She placed her hand over Woojin and the wound healed faster.

“Can you keep healing like this?”

“I’ve gotten used to using the ring. I can heal without using my orb now.”

“That’s amazing.”

“Yeah. I didn’t imagine I would get something like this from her.”

Woojin looked at her and she smiled.

“It’s my mom’s ring. I didn’t realize she’d actually give it to me before I earned my nine tails.”

Miho smiled bitterly. She first started out by sucking energy from men. However, when she accidentally sucked up a boy’s energy who cared for her when she got hurt and made him become infertile, she decided to stop doing that to focus on using nature’s energy only. This made her distant from her family. Her mother kept telling her to move on and get back to absorbing energy from men so she had to move out.

She never called or visited home after that but her mother suddenly appeared and gave her the ring. Woojin grabbed her hand and got up. Miho’s help recovered him fast.

“Do you want to train together?”

“No. I want to focus working on my orb.”

She was faster than most vampires but she worked hard on her orb. Woojin smiled and turned to Brunhilde and Yeohong. Yeohong was shaping her left arm like a blade and was practicing swings with it. She turned to Woojin and smiled.

“Shall we continue?”


Advanced equipment was put on the jet and Smith asked Doctor Ahn who was standing beside him, “Let me know if you need anything else. I’ll get you anything.”


After becoming teammates, Smith realized that Doctor Ahn was a few years older than him. Smith also respected Doctor Ahn for his findings and they were getting along just fine.

“Can I become an Avatar too?” Smith asked and Doctor Ahn realized why Smith was so friendly.

“If we have enough ingredients, yes. But I don’t want to recommend it.”

“Why is that?”

“We need the blood of spiritual beings, which is hard to get. It will take a long time to check which blood might be a match for you. And even if it all works out, you need to take the medicine in…”

Doctor Ahn became pale. Just remembering the moment gave him chills.

“I died that day.”


Doctor Ahn felt like it was better to show him than just explaining. He showed him the video where he screaming in pain and then fainting. His veins popped and changed even when he was knocked out and Smith flinched.

“Every bone and vein in your body will be ripped and recreated. If you ask me if I would do it again, I might refuse.”

Doctor Ahn said that, but he knew he would do it again for Brunhilde. Smith then looked at the screen and asked, “If I still want to try it, can you help me?”

Doctor Ahn tapped on his shoulder.

“Of course. But you won’t be able to get the ingredients.”

“What do we need?”

“We need the dragon blood that is free of curses. We can get the blood of Avatars in our fights ahead, but it won’t be easy to get the uncursed dragon blood.”

“Uncursed dragon blood?”

That was impossible to get unless dragon gave it out willingly.

“We’ll see. If we get our hands on it again, I’ll help you for sure.”

Doctor Ahn then moved to check on his lab and Smith turned off the video. He was interested but he wasn’t sure if he could handle such pain. However, the scientist in him made him wonder how he could get his hands on the dragon blood.

While getting ready, a batch of basilisk bodies arrived. Woojin took the Starfish Fang and began opening up the basilisks. There were a few things that were useful from the body, but what he needed most were the eyes. Woojin took the eyes out. They were bigger than human fists individually and Woojin turned to Doctor Ahn.

“We need to coat the bullet with this.”

“It doesn’t look hard.”

Woojin nodded and cut open the eyeball. He then collected the liquid dripping from it into a bottle and then placed the bullet into the bottle before taking it out. Soon, the Bakegani shell was coated by the basilisk liquid. Woojin loaded into his gun and asked, “Bihyung, you want to try getting shot at?”

“You’re an Avatar too. How about you try it on yourself first?”

Woojin smiled.

“My skin is too hard even without spiritual power.”

“You sound like a douche.”

“And it’s better for you, a representative of Korea, to try it out on yourself to feel how powerful this weapon is. You can use your own experience.”

Bihyung hesitated and asked, “Can I defend against it?”

“Just don’t burn it. A lot of bullets are required to overcome spiritual power.”

“Then do you want me to just take it? You can’t call that defending.”

“I won’t aim for vital parts. You can just let it heal fast. ”

“That doesn’t sound reassuring at all when you’re trying to fire a gun at me.”

Woojin aimed at Bihyung and Beom asked, “Can I try firing it?”

“It doesn’t matter who does it. You just have to be careful not to aim the heart or the head.”

Beom nodded and received the gun from Woojin. Bihyung spoke up while watching Beom hold the gun.

“Hey, Brother. You know I love you right?”

“Yeah, of course. I’m so busy these days it makes me shudder in anger. But I know you love me.”

“I think there’s a hint of anger in your voice.”

“Get ready.”

Beom then aimed at Bihyung’s arm. Bihyung wielded his spiritual power into his arm and Beom grinned. That much of power usually deflected bullets. Beom thought this was what going to happen again and pulled the trigger.


The bullet lodged itself into Bihyung’s arm. As the bullet got into contact with the spiritual power, it froze the power like pudding and penetrated the skin. Bihyung screamed, “That f*cking hurts!”

“Of course, you were shot by a gun. But do you see how powerful it is now?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“If we make those bullets for a sniper rifle, we can shoot down enemies from the distance.”

Woojin then gave the Starfish Fang to Bihyung.

“So, make sure you wear armor now.”

Bihyung got the Starfish Fang from Woojin and felt his arm recovering.

He laughed, “This thing surprises me every time.”

Miho then placed her hand over Bihyung’s wound and the bullet was pulled out as it recovered. Bihyung then threw the Fang back to Woojin.

“Are we done with preparations?”

Woojin nodded, “We just need to coat all of our bullets.”

Woojin then turned to Ryota.

“Are you done?”

“With all this support, I was able to make it so that I can track him in twenty seconds.”

“Then get ready. The coating itself won’t take too long.”

Woojin quickly worked on the basilisk bodies to take out the eyeballs and they were able to coat two hundred bullets. Twenty of them were for the sniper rifle. When it was all ready, all of them got into the jet. They were now ready to make the call.

After a few rings, the call went through.

[Who is this?]

Woojin clenched his fist as he heard the voice.

“I am Ko Woojin.”