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It was Amon’s voice. Woojin only heard his voice once before he returned to the past. He only saw him once after ten years of tracking him down. Amon became silent after hearing Woojin’s name for a second and burst into laughter.

[Hahahahaha! You found my number?]

“Yeah. I figured I would want to hear your voice.”

[How did you know it was me?]

It was a question that had many meanings behind it. Woojin answered it simply.

“You are not the only one who sees the future.”

There was a long silence this time. The map locator on the screen was getting smaller in radius. Woojin continued as he kept his eyes on the screen, “We’ll see each other again real soon.”

[Do we meet in the future that you saw?]


Ryota then found the location and turned to Woojin. He nodded and voiced his final threat to Amon.

“And you will die by my hands.”

Amon laughed.

[I will look forward to that.]

Woojin hung up the phone and asked Ryota, “Do you have the location?”

“It’s here.”

Ryota showed him the screen of an old castle in Norway. Woojin turned to the team. “Let’s go to Norway.”

Bihyung frowned, “The representative there died already. We won’t get help if we go there.”

“What about the countries around Norway?”

“Sweden, Finland… they all fell. I wondered why they lost so easily. Now I know why.”

Amon wasn’t the leader of all demons but he was the most influential one. There was no way he would allow his plan to fail when he was so close. Japan would’ve also lost if it wasn’t for Woojin. As for China, it was their fault for underestimating Sun Wukong. That place was safe even in the past.

The jet took off and Bihyung added, “Even if we erase our trace with the mirror, there might be enemies lurking in that place. Are you sure we can do it on our own?”

“We’ll make the ambush. If we ask for help, there’s a chance that they might realize we’re coming.”

Bihyung sighed.

“They might have full control over Norway. We can’t hide in the country without letting them know.”

“Let’s get a chopper ready at the airport so they won’t be prepared for our attack when we come.”


Bihyung then made a call and Woojin checked his weapons. They needed help from the weapons now. They were attacking Amon’s home base. But the only ones who could use these weapons were Woojin and Miho. Woojin then checked on his teammates. Brunhilde was going to join the fight this time also. When they got to Norway, Woojin was going to have the jet off the ground right after refueling it. He’d then take the helicopter to attack Amon.

Woojin asked Brunhilde, “Do you know anything about the representative of Norway?”

“It is hard to believe that Thor was killed, but the situation in Norway proves it. He was strong, but he was foolish.”

Woojin didn’t remember seeing Thor either. He didn’t pay much attention to him as so many powerful Avatars were killed in the past. It was long after when the surviving Avatars joined forces.

“Then we might be facing the ones who killed Thor while working with Amon.”

“If Amon worked with an Avatar to fight against Thor, it must be Loki or an Avatar from the Giants.”

He didn’t remember Thor, but he knew Loki and the Avatars of the Giants. Loki was a terrifying enemy. He then remembered the Giants Union that reigned over Northern Europe.

“Wait. Are Loki and the Giants in Norway?”

“I assume so.”

Woojin frowned and called Bihyung who answered calmly.

“You think we wouldn’t face such an enemy? I thought you were ready for it.”

“I only thought about Dmitri and his vampires and a few other Avatars. If it is Loki and the Avatars of Giants, then we are lacking in number.”

Loki was a smart Avatar, but he had a terrible weapon. When he appeared in the past along with the Giants, he had Gungnir as his weapon. Gungnir struck any target the attacker wished to hit, allowing him to kill many people. Woojin turned to his people. If Loki was with Amon, it was dangerous.

“Can we track Loki?”

Bihyung shook his head, “Without Thor, we have no way of finding what’s going on in Norway.”

Woojin frowned, “Can we go on ourselves?”

“Are you that scared of Loki? He’s just an Avatar in that region.”

As far as Woojin remembered, Loki was terror itself. Bihyung placed his hand on Woojin’s shoulder.

“Don’t be too scared. Me, Brunhilde, and Yeohong… we are all much stronger than you imagine.”

Woojin then glanced at Bihyung. Was he overly exaggerated in his memory of Loki? No. He was with top tier hunters and powerful Avatars. Yet most of them died in that battle. How strong were they compared to the Avatars in the past? Bihyung was stronger than any of the other Avatars at the time and Brunhilde was strong too with her weapons. Miho also was stronger than any hunter team.

However, the problem was Loki and the number of Avatars he might be with. Not to mention, there were vampires and Amon to deal with. Woojin thought for a second and spoke.

“Bihyung. We have to ask for help.”

“Didn’t you say that we might leak our information?”

“Yeah, but we need reinforcements.”

“Who are you going to call?”

Woojin then remembered a certain person who said he would help.



“Yeah. He’ll be a powerful ally. And he promised he’d help.”

“Then tell him to meet us at the Norway airport.”

Woojin got the satellite phone and called Haemosu.

[Who is this?]

“I’m Ko Woojin. I called to ask for your help.”

[Help? Who are you up against?]

“We’re facing Loki and the Giants.”

[Loki? Are you going into Norway?]

“Yes. A demon named Amon is in Norway but there’s a chance that Loki might be there too.”

[I told you I will help when you come to Manchuria, and you’re now calling me up to go to Norway?]

“I’ll pay for your travel expenses if you need me to.”

Haemosu laughed.

[You think I’m worried about money? I’ll see you at the Oslo Airport.]

“Thank you.”

Woojin hung up and turned to Bihyung who was laughing, “I’ve never seen Haemosu move his heavy butt off away from home.”

“He keeps his promises.”

Haemosue was a great help. Woojin then turned to his team.

“Even if Haemosu helps us, this won’t be an easy fight. Loki and the Giants were terrifying in the future that I saw.”

Bihyung frowned, “Are they really that strong?”

“I don’t know about other things, but Gungnir was terrifying. And the Giants were also powerful. It won’t be easy.”

“How many Giants are we facing?”

“At the time, all the Giants followed Loki. I’m not sure about now.”

“I don’t know much about the Avatars of Giants. Are they strong?”

Woojin nodded. The reason why they weren’t known was because Thor was the representative there. He was Anti-Giant who didn’t even give them the chance to show up. But Loki was different. Maybe Loki used the Giants to kill Thor.

“Don’t worry. You know Haemosu is strongest Avatar in Manchuria, right?”

“Is he not the strongest in Korea?”

“Yeah, we have Granny Mago for that. But Manchuria is larger than Korea.”

“So, he’s stronger than you then?”

Bihyung frowned and admitted, “A bit.”

Woojin smiled.

“Yeah, that really is reassuring.”

He wasn’t sure if he’d get a chance like this anymore. He knew how hard it was to track down Amon. If they failed this time, Amon might go into hiding again. Woojin looked at his teammate. Loki was a concern but Haemosu seemed like he was enough to handle him. Woojin could deal with Gungnir himself.

“Let’s think of this as our last chance.”

As they were refueling their jet, Woojin met with the person who got there first. It was Haemosu in a black coat and an old man in a white suit. Bihyung asked as he walked up to them, “Why did that old man come here?”

“Who is he?”


They now had the Avatar of Habaek, the God of River which gave them a better chance. Haemosu introduced Habaek to Woojin.

“This is Habaek.”

“I am Ko Woojin.”

“I’ve heard a lot about you. So Granny Mago is looking after you?”

“Yeah, that’s why I was able to get help from you two.”

“I’m here since I was just fishing on my boat. I am not sure if I can be of help.”

Haemosu looked at Habaek and then turned to Woojin.

“I brought him since he seemed bored. Where are we going?”

“We have a chopper ready. Let’s move with it.”

They got up and Woojin showed them the tablet.

“We have to prepare for Amon, Dmitri, Loki, and the Avatars of Giants.”

Haemosu glanced at firearms in the chopper and asked, “Are you going to use those?”

“Yes. If we’re lucky, we can get rid of the weaklings with these.”

Haemosu placed his leaned back on his seat without much interest.

“Well, I guess it’s better than dirtying our own hands.”

Then they saw a castle from far away in the distance. There was nothing else around other than wilderness. Woojin signaled and the helicopter turned. Woojin then took out a launcher and Bihyung shouted, “Look out!”

Woojin saw two anti-air missiles flying at them. He then took out the Desert Eagle and fired. The bullets penetrated the misslies and exploded in the air. The helicopter swung heavily and Bihyung grabbed Woojin so he would not fall. Woojin turned and said, “We can’t get any closer. We’ll have to charge in from here.”

Haemosu grinned, “I like that idea. I’ll take the lead.”

He took out the Dragon Flame Sword and jumped, followed by Habaek. Woojin turned to his teammates.

“Let’s go!”