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Amon hung up the phone and checked the time. The call lasted twenty-two seconds. It was too short to be tracked but he wasn’t certain.

“I can’t read him.”

No matter what they did, he couldn’t read anyone that was related to Woojin. He was sure that they were prepared for something.



“Call Loki. Have him bring the Giants and increase our defenses in the castle.”

“Are enemies coming?”

“Just in case.”

Dmitri called Loki and he came with the Giants. He smiled mischievously and greeted Amon.

“We promised to help each other once, right?”

“Yes. That help, I need it now.”

Loki then walked up to Dmitri’s bar and took out a bottle of whiskey. Dmitri couldn’t object. Loki was powerful himself but the problem was his Giants. There were four Avatars of Giants right now. Loki then tossed the whiskey to Amon after pouring his own glass.

“So, who are we up against?”

“If they come, it’ll be the Avatars of Korea. And Ko Woojin. He’ll come.”

“Korea? Dokkebi?”


Loki looked unimpressed, “You know our deal still stands even if the enemy is too weak.”

“Of course.”

Loki then turned to Dmitri, “Can you get us some food?”

Dmitri walked out without answering and Loki scoffed, “Why is he so moody?”

“I’ll borrow your time for three days.”

“Yeah. I’ve got nothing much to do lately. I’ll stay for three days.”

And he didn’t even have to wait a day. Vampires fired anti-air missiles at a helicopter flying in but the missiles exploded in the air. Amon grinned.

“Loki. It’s all you know.”

Loki got up and asked, “Can I kill all of them?”

“It won’t be easy. Dmitri and Anthony will help you.”

“Anthony? Who’s that?”

“Mercenary. He’s a Werebear.”

“Hmm. So, they have seven and we have eight plus weaklings?”

Loki grinned and walked up to the window.

“Let’s thin out their numbers first.”

Loki then threw Gungnir and it shot out like lightning.

“That’s the one.”

As they ran across, vampires fired their machine guns but the Avatars were much faster, easily passing through all of it. Woojin saw Haemosu running at a terrifying speed and Habaek following him while looking relaxed. That’s when Woojin saw something flying out from the castle. He shouted, “It’s Gungnir!”

Woojin leaped but Haemosu instantly got up and swung his sword. Gungnir wasn’t cut but it returned to its master. Haemosu’s sword could defend against Gungnir but the others didn’t have such power. Woojin gathered his teammates and the Avatars behind him. They ran in a straight line and Woojin began pulling Gáe Bulg out from his hand.

“We should return the gift with a gift.”

He then threw Gáe Bulg at the place where the guns were being fired. Gáe Bulg broke through and the gunfire decreased. Woojin recalled Gáe Bulg and then threw it again, making the gunfire stop completely. Woojin then looked at Haemosu.

“I think they now realize that guns are useless.”

When they reached the bottom of the wall, their enemies were looking down at them from above. There was Loki with a mischievous smile on his face and four large men. Woojin knew those guys were the Avatars of Giants. And behind them were Dmitri, two 2nd generation vampires, and other lower generation vampires. In addition to that, there were four Werebears in bear form.

Woojin asked Loki, “Where’s Amon?”

“Amon? I think he went somewhere to tend to some important business.”

Woojin frowned. They were up against powerful enemies. They were outnumbered and their enemies were much stronger. The most annoying thing, however, was that Amon wasn’t here. Even if they killed all of them, it would be a failure if they didn’t kill Amon. Woojin thought about retreating when Haemosu said, “We’ll get them quick and chase after him.”

Haemosu brandished his sword and spoke to Loki.

“Come down.”

“Why? Come up.”

Haemosu then lowered his stance and swung his sword. Woojin knew how strong Susanoo’s spiritual power was, and while Susanoo unleashed infinite spiritual power uncontrollably, Haemosu was different. He pulled out exactly what he needed and destroyed the castle wall.

The wall crumbled and Loki threw Gungnir from the sky. And against the bolt of the spear, Woojin swung his sword. Gungnir returned and the enemies jumped at Woojin’s team.

The four Giants transformed into their big Giant form immediately. They turned themselves into a five-meter-tall Giants and the vampires scattered around. Haemosu then slashed his sword again and Loki threw his Gungnir.

Gungnir clashed against Haemosu’s sword energy and destroyed it. Meanwhile, the Giants swung their weapons from behind. As the weapons rushed down, Woojin, Brunhilde, Haemosu and Yeohong clashed against it and Miho dashed backward to pull her trigger.

Giants trusted their body and believed that those mere bullets wouldn’t matter. However, the result was unexpected.

Bullets pierced through their muscles and Miho aimed their weak points. They quickly used their weapon to defend against the bullets but it was a great loss. Haemosu quickly swung his sword to slice the giant’s head and Woojin also swung his sword to cut another Giant into two. It was easy to kill one that had lost its eyes.

As two Giants were killed, the vampires began attacking but Woojin smiled. He was ready to fight against a large number of vampires. Woojin had a Claymore Mine installed on his chest. The silver bullets were coated with the blood of thousand-year firefish. Woojin fired it and the silver bullets hit all sides. Most vampires below the 3rd generation were killed immediately. The explosion also hit Woojin but his strengthened chest and muscles allowed him to stay unscathed. Through the middle of the vampires, Gungnir was thrown at Miho.


Miho ran toward Woojin like lightning and Gungnir turned to chase after Miho, but Woojin swung his sword to strike it down. Yet a Giant’s spear was also coming at him. Woojin had to make a choice between the two attacks and Woojin chose to deflect Gungnir.

And Brunhilde was there to defend Woojin. Giants gained enormous power after changing their size, but Brunhilde was able to deflect the spear. And as she did that, Dokkebi Fire blazed from all sides and burned the area. The vampires backed off and two Giants were now away from the pack of enemies. Haemosu jumped in and brought his sword down.

And Loki got up to block him with Gungnir.

“You know, people are mistaken.”

Loki struck Haemosu’s sword and shouted, “They think that I’m just smart and not strong!”

Loki’s Gungnir attacked Haemosu. Haemosu blocked the fearsome attack and he was pushed back. He scowled, “I’ll take him.”

Loki smirked and threw Gungnir. Haemosu hit it back but Loki was pulling out a hammer. He brought it down and lightning shot out from it.