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Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir. Haemosu wielded his spiritual power to defend himself from the lightning and Bihyung threw Dokkebi Fire at the ground as he saw the lighting coming in his direction. The explosion canceled out the lightning and Bihyung charged toward the Giant to grapple him.

“I’ll take this one!”

Woojin nodded and turned. Brunhilde was already fighting against Dmitri and the two 2nd generation vampires. Brunhilde with a weapon was much stronger than a Brunhilde with zero weapons. Habaek was handling two Werebears. He was firing water arrows with ease. Yeohong was fighting the other two Werebears by using the Club of Oni and her left arm with the Cloak of Vampire Bat. She shifted the shape into various things like a shield or a spear which pushed the Werebears back.

And there was a Giant trying to grab Miho. Woojin stood in front of her and blocked him. If Haemosu tied Loki down, they could get rid of the Giants and victory would be in their hands. The Giants wouldn’t last too long without Loki. Woojin knew this and lunged forward against the Giant who hurled his giant battle axe. Woojin deflected the axe with his sword and the axe dropped to the ground. Miho pulled her trigger and the Giant twisted after it got shot by the bullet. Woojin then pulled out Gáe Bulg and targeted the chest. The Giant brought up his left arm to block it but Gáe Bulg spread inside the Giant’s arm, rendering it useless. Giant then swung his axe at Woojin and after Woojin jumped back, the Giant chopped off his limp arm. Woojin then dashed toward him and slashed his right foot. The Giant then began to fall and Miho fired her gun at his eyes. The bullets pierced through his eyes into the brain and the Giant fell.

And after the Giant fell down, victory was almost theirs.

Woojin summoned the bamboo spear and threw it at the Werebear that Yeohong was fighting. The Werebear couldn’t dodge it and was hit by the spear on the shoulder. Blood gushed out and Woojin ran toward the Werebear. Bihyung shouted, “Go after Amon with Miho!”

Woojin shook his head. The battle had shifted in their favor and he couldn’t allow the fight to be overturned. The battle between Loki and Haemosu wasn’t going to end easily. Woojin charged at the Werebear while Miho fired another set of rounds to help Brunhilde. Woojin recalled his Gae Bulg and lunged in with it while Yeohong jumped back. He then thrust his Gae Bulg into the Werebear and cut out his left body. He then chopped his head and as Werebear dropped he saw Yeohong attacking the remaining Werebear.

Only Brunhilde was left as she was fighting against the vampires and while Miho was firing at them, one of the 2nd generation vampires attacked her. Woojin knew Miho had the speed of the 1st generation vampire so he ran to help Brunhilde instead. Brunhilde was defending well but she had received many wounds. Nonetheless, it wasn’t too bad. She would have held for ten more minutes at least. Woojin charged at Dmitri who quickly began to retreat. Brunhilde tried to go after him but the 2nd generation vampire ran at her to stop her. Dmitri then began running away and Woojin chased after him. He threw the spear but Dmitri’s body turned into blood colored smoke and the spear shot past him. Woojin frowned and took out the Desert Eagle and fired. Dmitri turned into smoke again to dodge the bullet. Woojin scoffed. That skill was powerful but it wasn’t invincible. He couldn’t use spiritual power while using that. And if a vampire had to run without spiritual power, Woojin could catch up to him.

As he got closer, Woojin took the mirror out and flashed the light. Dmitri turned into smoke again, trying to dodge it.


However, the light stopped Dmitri and Woojin stabbed Gae Bulg in his leg.


If he lost Amon here, he needed Dmitri at least. That’s why Woojin was trying to capture him alive. Woojin hacked both his arms off. The leg was already with Gae Bulg. Woojin fed the arms to his cloak and kicked Dmitri’s chin to knock him out and hurled him over his shoulder. He told the cloak not to suck the blood and shouted at Bihyung.

“I’m moving on!”

“I’ll come for you soon!”

Bihyung was easily handling a Giant, but the Giant was somewhat strong thus it took him a bit of time. Haemosu was getting the hang of handling Loki. Woojin knew his allies were fine and ran over to Miho. She took care of the 2nd generation vampire while Woojin was coming and Gungnir was thrown at him. Woojin struck it down and grabbed Miho’s hand.

“Let’s go.”

The castle was almost destroyed. Miho nodded and read Dmitri’s memory while they were moving. She frowned.

“It’s below.”

Woojin then smashed the ground and it crumbled. As they jumped down, Woojin saw a giant iron door. Woojin slashed it with his sword and the space began sucking air into it. Woojin reached out to Miho so she wouldn’t get sucked in.

“What is this?”

“I think it’s some kind of vacuum tunnel.”

“Vacuum tunnel?”

Woojin walked in to see what was inside, but he couldn’t see the other end. Woojin began running and Miho spoke as she followed.

“Gosh. It was a magnetic train for two people. It’s faster than a plane if you ride in a vacuum.”

“Do you know where it’s headed?”

“It’s connected to Oslo.”

Woojin gritted his teeth.

“Tell me if you can’t take it.”

Woojin then began to run. He gritted his teeth as he realized Amon had prepared this much. He called in that many allies to fight and defend but he still decided to run away. That’s when Miho’s breathing began to turn rough and Woojin hoisted her up on his back and ran. That’s when a train appeared from the other side. It filled the entire tunnel and Woojin wielded his sword.

And with a large explosion, the tunnel was destroyed.