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The entire tunnel had been destroyed. Woojin tried to get out of it but the speed of the ground falling down was faster than the speed at which he could run out. He spread the cloak thinly to make it cover him like a ball and protected Miho. He was still much stronger than Miho and he sent spiritual power into his cloak. The tremendous weight began pushing down on him and the cloak couldn’t endure it either; it began getting crushed down and Woojin tried to hold it up. Dmitri, who was pinned by the cloak, was crushed by the rock.


There was no getting out of it even it was Dmitri. He couldn’t even turn into a fog because of the Mirror of Heaven. He was almost going to be buried alive. Woojin tried his best to protect Miho but he couldn’t hold the weight any longer. That was when rocks caught up with each other and they reached a small pocket. Woojin saw Miho in the darkness. They were so close that they could even feel each other’s breaths.

“Can you touch Dmitri?”

“Hold on.”

Miho moved her hand and reached out behind Woojin for Dmitri’s hand. He was on the brink of death.

“Read his memory.”

“I can’t flash it in this state.”

“Yeah. Just read it. Don’t do too much.”

Dmitri was almost dying so Woojin thought Miho could read it. Miho began to reading and Woojin looked around. He didn’t find any openings after he walked into the tunnel. It seemed this tunnel connected Oslo to the castle. There was no need for an exit. Therefore, it meant that there was no way to get out. Miho finished reading the memory and looked at Woojin with a dazed look.

“Wait a second…”

Woojin then saw Miho falling asleep — they definitely couldn’t stay here for too long. There wasn’t much air and they had no food. However, he couldn’t move either. Woojin sent the cloak over to Dmitri and the cloak began sucking Dmitri’s blood. Woojin then turned around.

Other than the place where Woojin and Miho were lying down, there was no room to move around. Dmitri disappeared and only his bloodstone was left. Woojin sighed and checked himself. It was hard to breathe but the Tsukuyomi’s spiritual stone was reacting as his own spiritual power had fun out. He increased his senses by using the stone’s spiritual power. He glanced everywhere as they really needed to get out of the place.

Woojin tried pushing the rocks but they were too heavy. He thought about digging out to a place where the tunnel might be intact, but that wasn’t easy either. The entire ground had been destroyed and he couldn’t sense where the exit was. Woojin then decided to focus on his senses anyway because that was the only thing he could rely on. He heard a faint sound coming from the distance. It was a sound of the ground trembling. It seemed the battle was still ongoing. Woojin then focused in another direction. He focused on what was above but he couldn’t feel anything. His Fist of Giant wasn’t going to reach the surface, so he then placed his ear against the ground. There was the sound of water flowing somewhere below. However, it was a bit far, probably hundreds of meters. Woojin smacked it in the shortest direction to leave a clue. He then looked at Miho and waited. He hoped for her to wake up soon so that he wouldn’t have to take the risk without her help.

Haemosu took Gungnir out from the arm that fell on the ground. He turned and the only enemy alive was Loki who had run away. All the Giants were dead but Haemosu wasn’t happy that he had missed Loki.


Loki lost an arm but he got away, meaning he was quite powerful. Haemosu did take his divine object but it was annoying that he couldn’t finish him. Bihyung tried to reason with him, “We could’ve gotten him if we had more time.”


Bihyung had just killed a Giant while ago. They all finished at about the same time, so they couldn’t help Haemosu.

Haemosu then asked, “Is Woojin okay?”

Bihyung turned to the direction and shook his head.

“I don’t know what happened, but if he was involved in the underground explosion, he’s probably not okay. But I’m sure he’s alive.”

“Can you track his location?”

Bihyung called his phone and shook his head.

“He must be out of range.”

Bihyung sparked a small Dokkebi Fire from his finger and made it fly out.

“Let’s hope we find him.”

Bihyung and others moved and arrived at the long, ruptured ground.

“What did they do?”

“I think something ran across underground and was destroyed. We can’t save him with this mess.”

Bihyung then sent Dokkebi Fire down into the rupture.

Before Miho woke up, Woojin saw the Dokkebi Fire came down and it changed shape to form words.

-Are you okay?

Woojin read it and answered, “I’m okay.”

-We can’t come down into the ground. We might squish you if we try to do so.”

Woojin nodded.

“I can’t get out through going above. I hear the water flowing somewhere deeper so I’m thinking to go down so I can get out from there.”

-Hold on.

The fire then stayed the same for a long time and changed its shape again.

-There’s a cave below that has running water. But you can’t breathe in there. If you follow the stream for twenty minutes, there will be a way out.

“Who says that?”

-Habaek says so.

“I can’t breathe for twenty minutes?”

He couldn’t breathe well right now and if he couldn’t breathe for twenty minutes, that meant death. Woojin frowned and a water bubble appeared this time. It seemed like it was from Habaek. The bubble grew as big as a human head and covered his head. It had fresh air in it.

-That will do.


Woojin now realized it was time to move. He looked at Miho and placed the bubble over her head. That’s when her eyes opened. She spread her spiritual power and looked at Woojin.

“I got another tail.”

“Good, but that won’t help us get out of here.”

“How are we going to get out?”

“We’ll punch down. There’s a cave that has running water below.”

“How deep is it?”

“At least 200 meters below.”

Miho then turned to look back. They didn’t even have room to move. Woojin said to Miho, “Get on my back.”

She then hugged him and Woojin placed his fist on the ground.

“Here we go.”

He focused all of his spiritual power into his fist and rammed it against the ground. The Fist of Giant destroyed everything around it. The rocks from above began to tumble down and Woojin fell down through the large hole. He focused and realized he couldn’t make a hole down to the cave. He felt Tsukuyomi’s spiritual power recharging his spiritual power but it was too slow. He focused the power again and attacked. It wasn’t as powerful, so there was a smaller hole this time. Still, there was no water. Woojin kept smashing down while his spiritual power charged back up. As he continued pummeling the ground, they got closer to the cave. Using the Fist of Giant made it become weaker and the hole also became smaller. It was now so small that a person could barely fit inside. Woojin smacked the ground and the water seeped out from it. And then he dropped.

As soon as Woojin dropped in, he was caught in a water torrent. Woojin turned to Miho. If it wasn’t for the air bubble, he would not have survived in such water for twenty minutes. Woojin turned Miho to his front and grabbed her so she would not be taken away. She also tightly held onto him.