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The water at the end of the current was deep. They had been swept away for twenty minutes and luckily Woojin and Miho didn’t lose consciousness while doing so. Miho was still holding on to Woojin and Woojin kicked his feet in the water to reach the surface.

They burst out and Woojin saw the night sky. He saw the Milky Way above the sky and floated on the water. Miho also let go of him and floated on the surface. There had been many instances where they could have been killed along the way. Some parts were so small that Woojin had to smash their way out. If it wasn’t for Woojin’s strengthened body, they would have died already. Miho had also gotten bruises all over her body. However, they were finally outside.

As they looked into the sky while floating on the water, a boat was coming over to them. It was more like a giant tree than a boat but his friends were on top of it.

“So, you were here as Habaek said.”

Haemosu was standing above it and Bihyung sat at the front of the tree, waving at Woojin. When Habaek waved, Woojin and Miho were pushed upward so that they could stand. Woojin walked on the water toward the tree. Miho also reached the tree and it began to move.

“How did it go?”

“We killed everyone except Loki.”

Bihyung turned to Haemosu and Woojin saw Gungnir on his back. Haemosu replied coldly, “He left an arm, but I couldn’t get him.”

“It’s good that we’re all safe.”

Haemosu nodded and the tree floated toward land. Woojin sat down and looked at his friends. They all seemed to be exhausted and injured, but none were badly wounded.

“And Amon?”

Woojin shook his head, “He was too quick.”

If Amon joined the fight, it might have been a fiercer battle but Woojin’s team still had the upper hand.

“But we killed his arms and a leg here. This will set him back. Besides, we got most of his plans from Dmitri’s memory.”

Miho nodded.

“I don’t have everything, but I got a lot information. The biggest problem here is the Avatar Project.”

“Avatar Project?”

Woojin was shocked and Miho frowned, “They learned about Doctor Ahn’s project and started it with Shango.”

Bihyung scoffed, “It’s impossible. Only two people have succeeded on our end. Can they do it without Doctor Ahn?”

Woojin also nodded, “They will need blood from spiritual beings. I think the reason for our success was because of the dragon blood.”

“Yeah. They can’t get that.”

Woojin also agreed but he still felt like something was off. It felt like Amon was going to do something to get his hands on the materials.

“Who’s Shango?”

“The Thunder God of Africa.”

Woojin then turned to Bihyung, “Where are we headed?”

“We have a chopper waiting. Our jet will take us back to Oslo.”

“Let’s go to Shango then. We have to put a stop to the project.”

They had to stop the Avatar Project from happening. If Amon increased the number of Avatars, that was going to be dangerous.

“Let’s trace Shango. But the representatives of Africa have also died so we don’t have much.”

“We’ll have to look around.”

Woojin then turned to Haemosu, “Can you join us?”

Haemosu thought for a second and nodded, “I guess you need my help for a while longer. I’ll stay around.”

Haemosu was stronger than Woojin and Bihyung. He was a powerful ally. The tree soon reached land and they boarded the helicopter that was waiting for them. Woojin asked as he placed his back against the chair, “Do you think what we did here can be covered up?”

Bihyung shrugged.

“Loki is in charge here and Norway is now controlled by monsters and Avatars after the Day of Chaos. They like to reveal themselves and their powers. Loki survived so I think he might claim that all of this was his doing.”

Woojin frowned. What had happened was almost like a natural disaster. This would make Avatars look bad.

“We have no control over it. We have to go to Shango. Amon might be on his way there too.”

“Yeah. Do you think they already have a prototype to test it out?”

Woojin didn’t think it was possible but he couldn’t be sure.

“Let’s ask the doctor too.”

The jet returned and everyone then moved to board the plane. Woojin gave his explanation and Doctor Ahn wasn’t convinced.

“It’s not an easy task. It took a long time to make one for you and myself, and we went through many trials and errors. You know it yourself.”

Woojin shook his head.

“We needed to create ones that fit us but Amon will not care. He’ll find a human who will fit it instead.”

“Do you know how many will have to die by using that method?”

“Amon won’t care.”

“Even if he knows how, he can’t get all those materials. How about the dragon blood?”

Woojin had to agree with this. However, he still didn’t feel relieved. As Woojin thought, Haemosu walked over to Brunhilde. He then took Gungnir from his back and gave it to Brunhilde. She looked back with a confused face and Haemosu said, “I saw that you are good with your weapon. I have my sword, so it’s better for you to use this.”

Brunhilde was shocked. Gungnir was one of the most powerful divine objects in the world. For Brunhilde who was a master at all weapons, this was the best weapon she could get.

“This… it’s not meant for anyone.”

Haemosu nodded, “Yes. It requires a large amount of spiritual power to chase after one’s enemy. But even without that, it’s still a good weapon.”

Brunhilde then got up and bowed. This kind of divine weapon was unattainable, even with all the money they had. Haemosu replied, “I can’t help you guys forever. I hope this will help you.”

Brunhilde looked down at Gungnir and Woojin smiled. Gungnir was equal to the Kusanagi no ken that Woojin had but it had a similar effect like Gáe Bulg.

Bihyung was busy calling here and there to track down Shango. Woojin then looked at Ryota.

“Ryota. Can you find out if people have disappeared recently?”

Ryota nodded and tapped on his computer.

“But if they kidnapped them from a place where the Internet is not available, I can’t track them.”


Ryota started searching and Woojin walked over to Miho. She was working on her orb with her eyes closed but she opened her eyes slowly when Woojin approached her. She smiled.

“I have eight tails now.”


She was now strong enough to handle a 2nd generation vampire alone. But since the Dmitri Family had fallen, they wouldn’t be meeting vampires anymore.

“Have you found Shango yet?”

“No. Dmitri only heard of the plan. It was Shango who took care of the project.”

Woojin sighed, “And do you know where offerings went?”

“They’ve all been sacrificed.”

Woojin was confused and Miho placed her hand over her face as she spoke with a terrified voice.

“They sacrificed all of them to that horrible altar already.”


This was faster than he expected. What was Amon thinking? Could the sacrifices be made that fast? His sister, who seemed to be the most important person in that ritual, was in Granny Mago’s hands.

“Maybe it’s not going to take ten years this time.”

Amon was rushing his plan. That’s when Bihyung hung up and said, “The Central African Republic seems most likely.”

“Let’s go then.”

“We’ll search for him there.”

Woojin then decided to find a person who could help Ryota make the program. If he had the program, they wouldn’t have a hard time finding Shango.

“Let’s hunt down some of their bases while we’re at it. We’ll ask hunters for help.”

“Hunters alone cannot handle them.”

“They need to hire Avatars to fight.”

Many Avatars worked for the Hunters Guild. Some helped them for money and while they weren’t all that great, some were quite powerful.

Bihyung nodded.

“It’s better for Smith to ask the guild to do that.”

The Hunters Guild could ignore Bihyung but they couldn’t ignore Smith.

Smith nodded, “If you give me their location, I’ll call Alfonso right away.”

Miho then got up and told them a few things she learned after reading Dmitri. Woojin then returned to his spot and took out Dmitri’s bloodstone. Feeding lower-ranked vampire bloodstones didn’t mean much so he only fed Dmitri’s stone to his Starfish Fang. He clenched Fang and closed his eyes. He needed training to adjust his body to the increased speed but he couldn’t do it on the plane.

He was going to adjust it when he found Shango.