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Woojin was shocked to find that there were too many places and that Amon may have made it in Central African Republic. He couldn’t attack every location at once. Even if there were Amon and Shango, Shango was one of the strongest gods in Africa. They needed Haemosu to fight him if Woojin didn’t want to risk it. That’s why he couldn’t split the team up. However, just attacking anywhere didn’t seem like a good idea as Amon might hear about what was going on and flee.

Bihyung suggested to him, “Let’s hit the place with the most people. That will be the place with the biggest possibility.”


With the decision made, they quickly found a place close to a refugee camp. The organizations that worked to help refugees were ordered by the government to move out. It seemed like the Avatars made them leave and when these organizations left, the refugees were taken out of the camps.

Woojin’s team used two Humvees that they carried inside their jet and moved. There were many tents that had been set up. After watching the people gather up and be put to the test, Woojin realized how Amon considered people. Woojin divided the team into three groups and surrounded the area to attack from three directions.

Woojin saved Marco who was in his way and he got his hands on the syringe they were testing it with. Of course Woojin wasn’t sure how they had made it, but Doctor Ahn could check to see how. He wished Amon was here, but Miho told him that Amon wasn’t. However, there were Avatars inside.

Woojin ran in and dialed up his spiritual senses. When Tsukuyomi’s stone melted, he earned the ability to sense spiritual power. But it wasn’t as good as the watch. Woojin frowned. There were more enemies than he thought and they were all in one place.

As Woojin stepped on the top of the tent and ran, a blue spiritual power wave sprung up from below his feet. Five tents were destroyed at once and Woojin jumped. When he landed, one Avatar was cut in half and there were many people shaking. Haemosu said, “I think these are newly-made Avatars.”

Woojin looked at them. There were twelve people. Haemosu didn’t kill them and they couldn’t even dare to speak as they were terrified by Haemosu’s powerful spiritual power.

Woojin took a step closer to the people and said, “You people should come with us.”

A woman raised her hand and asked, “Are we being rescued?”

“Yes, we have rescued you from those who kidnapped and brought you here, but we have to check on you all so you don’t suffer from any side effects after becoming Avatars.”

“You will run tests on us?”

“We just need your blood samples. And once everything is clear, we’ll let you make a choice.”

“A choice?”

“We’ll give you a chance to avenge those who made you what you are now, or you can run away and hide from them.”

“Run away? From who?”

“I’m sure most of you didn’t even realize that you were taken, but there must be some who resisted. You all are made with thousands of lives and money. There will be ones that will come for you.”

Woojin then turned to the dead body that Haemosu killed, and some people nodded. Some of them already had resisted but they were overpowered by the one that Haemosu killed. Not to mention, Haemosu killed the man with one move. They couldn’t even think to resist against Haemosu. However, Haemosu and Woojin didn’t seem to be bad men.

“Can we check if our family is alive?”

Woojin nodded, “Yes. Go ahead. But we’ll have to send them back to the refugee camp. This place is dangerous.”

If Amon found out that Woojin attacked this place, Amon himself would not dare to come but Woojin had to make sure. He had to read the memories of this place with Miho after everyone returned. Woojin told Bihyung to help the new Avatars. Woojin asked Haemosu and Bihyung to protect Doctor Ahn, Smith and Ryota to move with Brunhilde, and finally Yeohong and Miho were to trace the route where these test subjects were transferred from.

“Ask Doctor Ahn to get the blood samples and look after them. And the syringe too.”

“But will you be okay with just you four?”

Woojin turned to his people. He needed Haemosu to be safe, but he had to learn about the new Avatars too. He couldn’t just let Bihyung stay behind and since Amon was busy running away, it didn’t seem like it would be that dangerous.

“We’ve got a lot of time, so it won’t be that dangerous.”

Brunhilde had a powerful weapon and Woojin had also increased his power with Tsukuyomi’s stone.

“We’ll gather up once I find the factory. Just make sure we keep them safe for now.”


Bihyung then took care of the twelve new Avatars and Woojin told Miho to start tracking down the memories.

“I got the location of the factory.”

“Where is it?”

“It’s about a hundred kilometers away from here.”

They began to move with the truck that was used to transfer those test reagents. Woojin thought about the current situation as he moved. The Avatar Project was not available in the future he was familiar with. The power was given to him but Amon also got hands on the power. He had to turn this situation around.

Fortunately, Miho now had eight tails. Maybe she’d get her last tail in this fight. Woojin then clenched his fist. Spiritual power increased multiple times. He curiously wondered what would it be like to use Fist of Giant with his current power.

Amon shook his head as he looked at the screen.

“Have all the other locations stop the testing. Take the ones that have become Avatars and retreat.”


Shango nodded and looked to the side. The man who got the order ran out. Shango then turned to Amon.

“What are we going to do now?”

“We’ll export the reagents out of the country. But we have to get rid of the Avatar that reads memories on their side.”

“Can we do that?”

Shango also heard of the enemy from Amon. He learned that Dmitri, Loki, and Loki’s Giants attacked and lost, so Shango did not offer to fight back.

“Are we going to run?”

“We need time right now. But we’ll slow them down… and I’ll teach them what’ll happen if they take our Avatars.”

“Are you going to use that already?”

“They are divided in teams. I’ll show them what they are facing.”

Amon smiled as he turned and Shango followed him. Amon went out of the tent and boarded the chopper.

“We’ll give them a taste.”

He then took out a phone and pressed a button. Then he turned to see the sunrise in the distance.

“How annoying.”

Reading memories was a far weaker power than his own far sight, but it was still annoying. He had to show what would be waiting for them if they decided to follow.

Habaek woke people up and the twelve Avatars checked to find their families. However, they were all dead. They even went through the pile of dead people and Bihyung waited. They soon found their families in the pile and they came back with tears in their eyes.

The woman asked Bihyung, “You know who did this to us?”

Bihyung nodded and she gritted her teeth, “I will avenge them. Tell us who they are.”

“We are tracking them down. I’ll let you know once we find them.”

“Thank you.”

When the woman bowed, a sound came from where the tent was. Bihyung turned at the sound but Haemosu took out his sword.

“Huh? What’s that for?”

Haemosu did not answer and jumped. He struck the woman charging at Bihyung and threw her back. She turned over in the air and landed but her face had turned into that of a snake. Haemosu said, “They didn’t make Avatars. They made weapons.”

Bihyung clutched his face as he saw all the Avatars turning hideously.

“Dammit, Amon…”