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Chapter 108: Reinforcement (1)

Haemosu asked, “Should we kill them all?”

“Let’s keep them alive. We know what they reacted to, so maybe we can somehow revert it.”


Haemosu jumped and Bihyung turned to Habaek.

“We need to get that machine that makes the sound.”


Habaek walked out and Bihyung grabbed an Avatar that came up to him and pinned him down onto the ground. These new Avatars were powerful but they weren’t experienced yet. However, what Bihyung didn’t expect was for the Avatar that was pinned down to twist itself weirdly and throw a punch. Bihyung grabbed it and threw his head at the Avatar.

The sound went off but it seemed like it had turned on the switch inside these Avatars. Bihyung then saw Haemosu easily overpowering them. Haemosu destroyed their arms and legs and placed his spiritual power inside the broken bones, which would take a long time to recover. Bihyung then tapped on his transmitter in the ear to connect to Woojin.

“Woojin. We’ve got a problem.”

The building looked like an abandoned factory from outside. Woojin frowned as he checked his watch.

“I don’t know how many they killed, but there are twenty Avatars inside.”

“That’s a lot.”

Woojin nodded at Brunhilde’s answer.

“I think they left them there to attack us. Bihyung told me that a certain sound makes them become aggressive.”

“Will you keep them alive?”

“If we succeed, we will have twenty Avatars on our side. We have to give it a try.”

“We’re not sure if we can reverse their conditions.”

“We’ll have to trust Doctor Ahn with that.”

Brunhilde then nodded, “So, we keep them alive then.”



Woojin glanced at the factory, “Let me set down some things before we go in. Hold on.”

Woojin and Miho quickly moved around the factory to set down a few pieces of equipment. The items were placed around the building to cut out any electronic interferences coming from the outside. This would also allow them to hide from any surveillance cameras. After they finished, both Woojin and Miho returned before they all then moved into the factory.

It was apparent that they had quickly removed reagents. Woojin then saw Avatars rushing in.

“They were already prepared.”

Woojin took out his bamboo spear. The bamboo spear was strong enough to simply smack these Avatars down rather than stabbing them with it. When he saw Avatars running down the stairs, he shouted, “They don’t feel any pain!”

Woojin then swung the spear at the man’s head. If they didn’t feel pain, then they probably didn’t care about defending themselves. However, Woojin still needed to check how hard their bodies were. His spear struck the head of snake and it was thrown to the side before it was crushed in. Then he swung it against other Avatars. A large muscular man that seemed to have some mixed Minotaur blood blocked the spear and Woojin grinned. He took out the electrical net and threw it over the man. He then brought his spear down on the head again. As he took five out, Brunhilde put down three. Brunhilde with Gungnir was terrifying. She didn’t allow any of them to get near and if they did get near, she graciously took them down with her shield.

Yeohong also used her left arm to fight. She realized these Avatars didn’t feel pain so she pinned them down constantly. Miho focused on cutting their muscles so they couldn’t move.

They outnumbered Woojin’s team but they didn’t have the experience. The twenty Avatars were overpowered in less than ten minutes. Woojin said, “I don’t think there’s any more inside. Brunhilde, can you check around with Miho? I’ll stand guard here with Yeohong.”


Brunhilde and Miho went to check the other rooms and Woojin stood by the twenty Avatars. Yeohong asked, “How are we going to take them back?”

“Put them in the back of the truck and I’ll watch them. If they don’t wake up all at once, it won’t be hard to knock them back out.”


Miho and Brunhilde read the memory of the factory and Woojin looked at the Avatars lying on the ground. There were twenty Avatars here. They were strong, but why did Amon leave them here? Was he trying to show Woojin his creation? He should know that these weren’t enough to kill Woojin.

Woojin then realized something and shouted, “Miho! Come back now!”

However, before he could listen to the answer, the basement exploded. Yeohong created Dokkebi Fire to block the explosion’s energy, but there were too many explosives coming from below that threw Woojin back. He flew up into the air and went through the ceiling before he had a chance to turn back. His strengthened body and cloak protected him from most of the damage. He jumped in the air and saw Brunhilde flying out with Miho. She seemed to have protected Miho by grabbing her and blocked the explosion with the shield, but she couldn’t defend against all of it. Woojin grabbed them and ran over the flames. He then got down and looked at them. Brunhilde had severe burns over her body, but she could recover from it. Miho didn’t have that many injuries and answered, “I covered myself with a shadow clone. It’s okay.”


Woojin then turned to Yeohong. She was also okay since she used Dokkebi Fire to protect her. But all Avatars they overpowered were killed. Woojin sighed, “Can we read memories if they’re in that state?”

“It’s hard.”

“But it’s still possible?”


“Let’s try again when the fire goes out.”


Woojin then gave his Starfish Fang to Brunhilde. Her wound began to heal quickly and Miho asked, “Do you think Avatars made by the Avatar Project have spiritual stones too?”

Woojin nodded and mumbled, “Yeah. But it won’t be easy to find.”

“Right. But don’t you think there are a lot of Avatars already?” Yeohong asked.

Woojin nodded. It seemed the rate of success was a bit high. It was probably one out of thousands but it was still a lot since Amon didn’t care about how many humans he needed to kill.

“We have no way but to trust Doctor Ahn.”

Woojin then walked out away from the group and since the electrical interference was not working, he called Bihyung.

“Where are you?”

[We’re on our way back to the jet. How did it go?]

“We got to the factory, but they’ve run away already. We captured twenty Avatars, but the explosion killed them all.”

[What? How’s Hong?]

“I’m fine.”

[I didn’t ask about you. How’s Hong?]

“Your sister is okay.”


“Anyway, from what I can see, the success rate of creating Avatars is too high.”

[If you saw twenty, then we’ve seen thirty-two in total? Dammit. That really is too much.]

Even if they were weak, an Avatar army was going to be troublesome.

“They are strong as 3rd generation vampires even when they are not trained.”

[Yeah. We’ll have to make a plan soon.]

“Anyway, make sure Doctor Ahn and Smith find a way to make those twelve Avatars be on our side.”

[Okay. When are you coming back?]

“I’ll see if we can read any memories when the fire goes out. Ask Ryota to check the area around my location.”

[Sure. And make sure Hong doesn’t get hurt. I won’t forgive you if she gets hurt again.]

Woojin glanced at Yeohong. She had already lost her arm. He didn’t plan on letting her get injured again.