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Chapter 109: Reinforcement (2)

Miho frowned after checking out the place.

“I don’t know what he did, but I can’t read any memories after the explosion.”

Woojin sighed.

“Do you know where the explosion came from?”

“It was from the basement. I think I can find out where.”

“Then can you get me any remainings? I’ll need to take a look. Yeohong, can you help her?”


If they needed force, Yeohong was the better choice. Woojin then turned to Brunhilde.

“We’ll look for spiritual stones.”


Woojin grabbed some of the debris and threw it outside. After digging up through the large debris, Woojin quickly made his way down to the basement. Fortunately, the watch was able to indicate where the spiritual stones were. As they dug down, Miho found the remnants of explosives with Yeohong’s.

Woojin also found twenty spiritual stones while Miho searched for the remnants. He wanted to strengthen the Starfish Fang by using them all, but he figured it was better to research them first.

If an Avatar sided with Amon, that was their choice and Woojin would not hesitate to fight them. But in this case, Avatars were forced to follow Amon and Woojin wasn’t sure if he was going to fight them without any hesitation next time. He wanted to find a way to stop it.

Woojin returned to the jet along with what he found. Bihyung was standing outside of the jet to protect it. He sighed, “You’re here.”

“Were you guarding it alone?”

“Yeah, Haemosu had to stand guard in case they woke up.”

“Okay. Did we finish refueling?”


“Let’s hop in.”

Woojin saw all twelve Avatars all tied up and Haemosu standing guard in front of them. He knocked them out the moment any one of them woke up. Woojin walked in and found Doctor Ahn and Smith studying them.

“How is it?”

“We’ll have to bring them to a well-equipped hospital. We don’t have an MRI in our lab.”

Woojin nodded. Studying these Avatars would solidify the foundation of their future plans on what to do with them.

“We’ll try everything we can here and ask for help from the nearest lab. And can you check these too?”

Woojin handed over twenty spiritual stones and Doctor Ahn nodded.

“Are these from the Avatars that got killed in the explosion?”


“These spiritual stones were made through the Avatar project, right?”

Doctor Ahn created Avatars but none of the Avatars he created died. So these were going to help his study.

“You’ve brought valuable samples.”

“Yeah, unwillingly.”

“I’ll study them. I guess we’ll be busy. We’ll need assistance at this rate!”

Woojin then gave the remnant of the explosives to Smith.

“Can you check how these explosives were made?”

Smith looked over the parts and answered, “Yes, probably. But I’ll need some time.”

“Of course.”

Doctor Ahn then got out and while Woojin was on his way to Ryota’s office, he saw Marco and Savina sitting on a bench. He had forgotten about them.

Marco got up and greeted him, “You’re here.”

“You can go rest. I’ll be with you soon after I’m done with my work.”

“You can take your time.”

These people didn’t pay much attention to them but they gave them food and they also saved their lives, so Marco wanted to pay them back. Woojin walked into Ryota’s office. Ryota glanced over at Woojin and turned back into his computer screen.

“There are no security cameras near the factory.”

“Did you get anything?”

“There was a British satellite that flew over at the time, so I checked it but I can’t make out the destination they were heading.”

“Where did they move to?”

“They were moving toward Sudan, but they can always change direction.”

“Was there any other satellite nearby?”

Ryota shook his head.

“I’m not sure if they knew it, but they were in a dead spot which rarely happens.”

“They were lucky.”

Woojin frowned and told Ryota to check places near Sudan. Ryota replied, “I am already on it. I’m trying to track down their choppers but it’s not easy.”

Woojin asked, “Can we check all the airports in Sudan?”

“Yeah, but it’ll take time.”

“We’ll need to check military bases too.”

“I’m on it.”

Woojin then left. Bihyung was walking toward the jet and saw Woojin so he approached him.

“What’s the plan now?”

“Ryota says they started moving Sudan. How’s Sudan?”

“That place is a mess too. The only place that’s okay right now is Egypt.”


“Yeah. Ra is too powerful. He easily overpowers any opposition.”

Japan had powerful enemies coming for their representatives, but other places weren’t attacked with such powerful forces. It seems they tried but failed at Egypt as Ra was prepared for incoming attacks after hearing Bihyung’s warning. And because of that, Ra would not ignore Bihyung’s request.

“How about we ask Egypt to help us? We can’t operate by ourselves in that area.”

“Yeah. How about we ask Egypt to block it from the north and we move up?”

“That’s a good idea. Let’s go up to Sudan.”


Bihyung then walked out to make a call to Egypt and Woojin stayed by Ryota to check but they couldn’t find any more hints. Ryota then began busily hacking into the satellite that flew over Sudan and Woojin left the room. Bihyung had already finished his call.

“I spoke with him. Egypt will put a blockade on the border between them and Sudan. Not even a plane will pass through.”

“Is that possible?”

“Yeah. They know the situation in the Central African Republic and the situation in Sudan isn’t going too well.”

Woojin nodded.

“And Ra told me he’ll send an Avatar to help us.”


“I explained what’s going on and he wants to hear more. He said the Avatar will help us in Sudan.”

“Do you know who it is?”

“He told me it’s Horus.”


Horus was a powerful Avatar. He wasn’t as powerful as the strongest Avatar, Ra the Sun God, but Horus was still very powerful. Additionally, with his ability to fly and the Eye of Horus, he was a good ally for scouting purposes.

“Good. He’ll be a great help to us.”

Woojin then told Bihyung to start the plane to move over to Sudan before he went over to see Marco. The man seemed to be nervous as Woojin walked up and looked at him and Savina.

“Do you have anywhere to go?”

“No, sir.”

Woojin then asked, “Then can I ask you a favor?”

“What is it?”

“Doctor Ahn needs assistance. Can you help him out?”

“Can I be of any help?”

“You sure can.”

“Then I’ll do my best.”

That’s when Miho came to him and Woojin spoke to her.

“Can you look after this girl? Just until we come back.”


Miho smiled and sat down next to Savina while Woojin took Marco to Doctor Ahn. Smith had nothing much to do right now, so he was helping the doctor also.

Doctor Ahn saw Woojin coming and so he asked, “What is it?”

“This is Marco.”

“Nice to meet you, Doctor.”

Doctor Ahn nodded and turned to Woojin.

“Didn’t you need assistance?”

“Yes, but I can’t use anyone. I need someone who knows about our side.”

“You can ask him to run errands.”


Woojin smiled and added, “And can you check one more thing?”

“About what?”

“Marco resisted the sound of the flute.”

Doctor Ahn also heard about the Avatar who used the flute to lure thousands of refugees.

“Can I test a few things then?”

Woojin turned to Marco.

“Marco, you resisted against the sound of the flute. If we find out how you did it, it’ll greatly help our cause.”

Marco seemed to be happy to know that he could help.

“I will do anything to pay my debt for saving me and my daughter’s life.”

Woojin smiled.

“We’ll be going to Sudan. You can learn to work and help with his research.”

“My daughter and I don’t have passports.”

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

They could ask Horus to make an Egyptian passport or ask Old Hwang to get a fake passport. That’s when an announcement was made.

-We will be taking off soon. Please take your seats.

Woojin tapped on Marco’s shoulder and got out. When he returned, Savina was laughing while talking to Miho. Woojin looked at Miho who turned and tapped a spot next to her.

“Come and take a seat.”

Woojin sat down and Savina bowed.

“Thank you.”

Woojin touched her head. Soon after the plane took off, Savina fell asleep and Woojin turned to Miho.

“How is she?”

“Clean. She doesn’t have any memory that seems suspicious.”

Woojin knew Miho read others people’s memories out of habit, and so she had read Savina’s memory as he expected.

“That’s good.”

“And Marco? He was clean too.”

Woojin looked at Miho.

“When did you read his?”

“When he walked by a while ago. He’s been clean for at least ten years. I’ll take a closer look next time.”

Woojin tapped on Miho’s shoulder.

“You have to be careful with using that on Avatars.”

“I know.”

She had become better after getting her eight tail, but she still didn’t read the memories of Avatars as it could cause big trouble. Woojin looked out the window. Horus. It would be great if he joined their team with this chance.