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Chapter 110: Reinforcement (3)

Juba International Airport…

There were people waiting for them when they got off the jet. At the front was a red Lamborghini and many cars were lined up behind it. A man with red spiky hair stood by the red Lamborghini. It was scorching hot outside, but the man was wearing a leather jacket and was chewing on his gum while waiting for the jet to land. He walked toward the people getting off the plane.

Bihyung greeted the man, “I see your taste is still the same.”

“Yeah, some things never change.”

Woojin knew who it was right away. It was Horus. Woojin hadn’t met him before, but he had heard about Horus.

Horus then turned to Woojin, “Are you Ko Woojin?”

“Nice to meet you. I am Ko Woojin.”

“Call me Horus.”

Woojin reached out and Horus flashed his fist. Woojin bumped it with his fist.

“Can I ask you a favor?”

“Wow, asking for a favor already?”

“Can you make passports for two people?”

Horus was confused.


Woojin then pointed at Marco and Savina.

“They will be joining us, but they don’t have passports yet.”

“I see. That’s an easy job.”

Horus then called someone on his phone and asked, “Anything else you need?”

“We’ll need to know if there is a large number of missing people in Sudan.”

“It’s easy to get people here if you befriend a resistance leader.”

Woojin sighed.

“Resistance… couldn’t think of that. There might be a factory here too then.”

“Factory? I wanted to hear more details about that actually. Where are we staying?”

Woojin smiled, “We need to go to the hospital first. We need an MRI and a CT scanner.”

Horus laughed.

“Sure. We have cars ready; I just didn’t think we’d be going to the hospital first.”

They all entered the vehicles Horus had prepared and after the others got into the Cadillac Escalade, Horus said to Woojin, “We should go together.”

Woojin joined the curious Horus in his car, “I want to hear the details.”

“An Avatar named Amon is creating Avatars.”

“I thought it was some kind of bad joke, but Ra trusts Bihyung and wants me to find out.”

“It’s true. The twelve people in the Cadillac are the Avatars that were created this time.”

“So you have proof then?”


Horus laughed bitterly.

“This is crazy. I gave up so much to create this body myself.”

“They are killing thousands of people in trying to do so. It’s one out of every few thousand that succeed.”

“That’s a better chance than I thought.”

Woojin turned to Horus and he laughed.

“But I don’t agree with creating those Avatars like that. I’m pissed.”

“You said Sun God Ra wanted you to help?”


“Then can you help us to the end?”

“To the end?”

Woojin nodded.

“Can you help us until we kill Amon?”

Horus then turned to Woojin, but he still drove as if he had other eyes. He had a sight of a hawk. Horus then turned back to the front and mumbled, “I thought I was only helping out here.”

“It would be nice if we caught Amon here, but it won’t be easy.”

“Hmmm.” Horus answered, “It’s not up to me. I need Ra’s permission.”

“Is that all you need?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

Woojin smiled. If he could get help from Horus, then it’d be set. Horus was weaker than Haemosu, but he was just as powerful as Bihyung and he had powers that would allow them to scout in different ways. They arrived at the hospital and the people who were waiting for them quickly took in the twelve Avatars in. Doctor Ahn, Haemosu, and Bihyung followed them to check the MRI and CT imaging process and Horus decided to hang out with Woojin, “Let’s have some tea.”


Woojin followed him to a café. Ryota, Miho, and Savina also followed them. Ryota was still hacking into the passing satellites through Sudan and Miho and Savina didn’t have much to do so they also decided to go to the café to eat some cake. Savina was shocked to taste a cake she had never seen before and Miho smiled at her. Horus smiled and asked, “Is the kid an Avatar too?”

“No. She’s the daughter of Doctor Ahn’s assistant.”

Horus laughed, “Okay. So, I see that Avatars are being created. Anything else?”

“I know that you people have ones that can read the future too.”


“Then you must have heard that we can’t see anything after ten years.”

Horus narrowed his eyes.

“Yeah. Ra is worried about that actually.”

“Did you guys have an answer to that?”

“Uh, probably an end to humankind?”

Savina was shocked to hear it and Woojin said, “I saw it in more detail. Amon is planning just that.”

“That is hard to believe. Even if the demons are crazy bastards, planning that makes no sense. There is no king without his people, remember?”

Woojin didn’t know what Amon was planning when he summoned the otherworldly god, but the plan definitely killed Amon and probably the entire human race. The god was such a being. Woojin explained, “The Avatar Project is just a part of the bigger plan. That’s why we need to stop Amon.”

Horus sipped his coffee and answered, “I don’t know if what you are saying is true, but I know that we should stop his Avatar Project at least. I’ll help you as much as I can.”

“Thanks. I’m counting on you.”

Woojin then looked out the café’s window and Ryota called him over, “Can you come here for a second?”

Woojin walked over and Ryota said, “I’m checking on the airport… and look.”

Ryota pulled up a screen of a Chinese man at the airport.

“Who’s that?”

“Doctor Wu. He was one of the best before Doctor Ahn came along in this area. But he went missing a while ago.”

Woojin frowned.

“You think he’s the one working on the Avatar Project?”


Woojin crossed his arms, “So?”

“But he’s not an Avatar.”

Woojin smiled.

“Then we can find him with the Eagle Eye.”

“Yeah. Maybe we can find Amon too if we’re lucky.”

This was an unexpected discovery.

“How long will it take?”

“You know that this laptop isn’t enough.”

“Can you do it inside the jet?”

“No. I need a secure network.”

Woojin then turned to Horus.

“Can you find us a place with secure network lines?”

“What about a broadcasting company building?”

“That’ll work,” Ryota answered.

“Bihyung and Haemosu will guard this place. Let’s go,” Woojin said.


Horus got up and Woojin turned to Miho.

“Stay with Haemosu.”


Woojin then got into Horus’ car along with Ryota. Their destination wasn’t too far from the hospital. When they got to the broadcasting company building, the CEO came down to greet them. They walked inside and received their own room to work on things, and Ryota began hacking the Eagle Eye. Woojin asked Horus, “Are you guys in control of Sudan too?”

“Yeah, we were working with African Avatars here but these crazy bastards stopped working after the Day of Chaos, so we had to come in. That’s why we have full control over here.”

“That’s good.”

“Yeah. You stay here then. I’ll make a call to my boss.”


Woojin then leaned over to see what Rota was doing. He was already connected to Eagle Eye.

“I’m searching for Doctor Wu. It’ll take time.”

“Let’s trust the Eagle Eye.”

Finding an Avatar was impossible but it wasn’t hard to track down a human. The screen flashed quickly as they waited and when Horus got back into the room, Ryota spoke up, “Got it.”

“Where is he?”

Ryota frowned.

“He’s already in Egypt.”



Wojin and Horus both asked at once and Ryota pointed to the screen, “He’s been spotted in Aswan.”

Woojin turned to Horus, “Can you move in from Egypt first?”

“Of course. If they are coming in through our country, then we’ll make a move.”

“They have Amon and Shango with them.”

“Shango? Then we’ll need stronger ones.”

“Yeah. And they should have new Avatars with them too. But when did they get there so fast?”

“Maybe Doctor Wu was moving separately. Or maybe he just changed planes in Sudan.”

Woojin instructed Horus, “Get Doctor Wu first. We’ll move to Aswan right away.”