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Chapter 111: Aswan (1)

Ryota did a search on Doctor Wu as they flew over to Aswan. Doctor Wu was located in a private hospital just outside Aswan City. It was unclear as to why the doctor was traveling to such a place, but the important thing was to capture him before he could run away. As they watched the security cameras at the hospital, they saw cars pulling in. Woojin smiled.

“They’re ready for it.”

Hunters got out from their cars and began to circle the hospital. Avatars soon came out as well.

After shutting the car door, a woman said, “It’s likely that Shango is inside. I’ll take care of Shango. Wep, you take Amon. There’s also the possibility that we might face the other weak Avatars. Maahes, Anubis, you two take them.”

“Yes, Sekhmet.”

“We’ll make them regret coming into Egypt.”

Sekhmet strode forward and opened the door. She then reached out against gunfires that was fired upon her. Her spiritual power disintegrated the bullets with ease.

“Take them out.”

Maahes, a giant man, darted in. The men pulled their triggers again but Maahes took all the bullets with his metal-like body and threw his fist at them. One attack burst their heads open and ripped everything apart. Maahes, a god of war, was specialized for battles like this. As he dealt with the mercenaries, Sekhmet walked up the staircase. Two men followed her and the one with a black mask asked, “And what are we going to do with the doctor?”

“We’ll capture him alive.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Sekhmet reached the 2nd floor and saw a man sitting down on a chair.

“Shango. You dare come into Egypt with these weaklings?”

Shango scoffed, “Wow. I didn’t expect to get into trouble with some powerful ones like you.”


“Why do you think I’m here?”

Shango stood up and Sekhmet frowned. She focused on Shango. There were ten standing behind him. There were eight large well-built men, an Asian man with glasses, and a woman. They weren’t Avatars of Africa, meaning they were probably new Avatars. The Asian man was probably Doctor Wu.

“You have nine fresh Avatars. Is that all you’ve got?”

Shango grabbed the woman’s shoulder and threatened, “I just thought of running away, but Doctor Wu here wants your blood.”

“What? You’re mad.”

Sekhmet was dumbfounded. Shango was one of the strongest Avatars, but Sekhmet was similar in power. Without Amon, they were nothing. Even Anubis alone could handle all of them. That’s when Maahes walked up the stairs and asked, “What’s going on here?”

“It seems they want to capture us alive.”

Maahes laughed and dashed forward.

“We don’t need to listen to that nonsense.”

Shango then backed up and ordered, “Do it.”

The woman then placed both hands on the floor. A waveform shot out. It didn’t do anything to Maahes but it was different for Sekhmet.


She reached out but her power did not work. Her power to destroy everything was blocked. It seemed as if Anubis and Wep were experiencing a similar thing.

The muscular men then moved to take Maahes down. Maahes was strong, but he couldn’t handle three at once and they pinned him down. Sekhmet gritted her teeth and jumped down the stairs while Anubis and Wep tried to block those big men from reaching her. Yet they were also overpowered by the men and caught up to Sekhmet.

Shango came up to her and said, “Wow. This really works then.”

Sekhmet glared at Shango as she was brought down by two men.

“You think you’ll get away with this?”

“Of course. Remember you’re alive because we wanted to run some tests on you. You would’ve died already if it wasn’t for that.”

Shango smiled and turned to the back to the woman standing next to Doctor Wu.

“This is an unexpected finding. She’s a mutant, but she can do something like this.”

Shango smiled and poked Sekhmet’s cheek. Then he turned to Doctor Wu.

“Wait here. I’ll clean out the rest.”

“Yes, sir.”

The woman then let go of her hands and the wave disappeared. Shango then opened the window and reached out. A bolt of lighting flashed out his hands and he burnt all the hunters alive.

“Let’s move.”

Horus was certain that the situation would easily be solved when he saw the four Avatars walk into the building.

“Sekhmet, Wep, Maahes, and Anubis. It’s done.”

Even if there were a lot of Avatars waiting inside, Woojin also thought that those powerful Avatars was enough. However, when they saw the lightning bolt frying everything outside, Horus frowned.

“That’s Shango’s attack.”

Bihyung nodded.


“They can’t lose. How did that happen?”

Sekhmet was one of the strongest Avatars in Egypt. The other Avatars were equally as powerful as well. It was hard to believe they had all been defeated. Woojin then saw an emergency van leaving the hospital.

“Track that car.”

“I’m on it.”

Woojin frowned as he saw two cars leaving. This entire project had never happened in the past. It was now beyond Woojin’s expectations. Woojin turned to Horus. He didn’t seem to grasp what was going on.

“Horus. Get a hold of yourself. Even the hunters are gone. Ra might not know what’s happened yet.”

Horus then brought his hands up and rubbed his face.

“Sorry. I was shocked. I’ll call him right now.”

Woojin then turned to Bihyung.

“We’ll have to deal with the resistance group in Sudan. Do you think there’s a good way to do that?”

Bihyung shook his head.

“Not unless we decide to meddle with Sudan’s politics. It’s hard.”

“But we can’t have them increase the number of Avatars.”

Horus then hung up and came over.

“I’ll tell Sudan that we’re on a mission to wipe out the resistance army. However, it will require many Avatars.”

If the project was already in place, they must have had at least ten Avatars. Woojin’s team required more Avatars to deal with and the only place possible around Sudan was from Egypt.

“Can we send that many though?”

“Not right now. We’ll pressure them and take care of the business here before we go there ourselves.”

“Okay. Tell the Sudan government to pressure the resistance group. They might be doing large scale experiments already. We have to stop them.”


Horus then got back to calling on his phone and Woojin went to Doctor Ahn. He needed to know what was going on with the research since they had nothing to do until they got to the airport. Marco bowed when Woojin walked in. Woojin asked Doctor Ahn, “How’s the reagent?”

“It’s different from ours. They created it with the cursed dragon’s blood.”

“Is it possible?”

“Yes, because they don’t care about one’s consciousness. They probably think it’s better to keep it that way.”

“I see… they only want them as weapons.”

“And I see how they were able to make it so fast.”

Doctor Ahn continued, “You said, Doctor Wu is involved?”


“Then he would have had the ingredients. Fortunately, they didn’t have many Avatars to work from so there probably isn’t a large variety.”

Woojin frowned.

“Then do you think having more Avatar blood would enable them to create more powerful Avatars?”

“There will be trials and errors, but probablility-wise, yes.”

“Dammit. That’s bad news.”

“Any problem?”

“Egyptian Avatars have captured.”

Doctor Ahn then said, “That will enable them to increase their success rate. They’ll be able to create various types of Avatars.”