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Chapter 112: Aswan (2)

They divided up the team when they got to Aswan airport. Haemosu and Habaek decided to stay behind to watch the twelve Avatars and Brunhilde was also left behind to protect Doctor Ahn. It was a huge decrease in power on Woojin’s side but Horus took their place. He asked for reinforcement from Ra and Geb, the God of Earth, and Montu was also waiting for them.

“This is Geb. And this is Montu.”

Geb was the God of Earth, but he was stronger than Horus. Montu was also a powerful Avatar with his jaguar-like looks.

“I am Ko Woojin.”

Geb answered with a deep voice, “We were closer so we came first, but there are more coming.”

“Yes, but we’re in a hurry right now.”

Their urgent priority now was to get to Doctor Wu fast. If they captured Doctor Wu, Amon would lose the ability to create Avatars. Even if they had Sekhmet and the other Avatars, they would need time to work on it. They had to get Doctor Wu before that.

“They are headed to Aswan University.”

Geb frowned, “That’s bad news. We’ll have to evacuate the students.”

“It will be harder to capture Doctor Wu if the place becomes a mess.”

“I see. Then what do you think we should do?”

Woojin then brought up the flute.

“We’ll lure the students out with this.”

It was easy for Avatars to resist it, so Doctor Wu and his people wouldn’t be lured. Geb nodded.

“We’ll go there first. I’ll have the university barricaded while we’re on the way.”

Woojin was with Bihyung, Yeohong, and Miho. The others were left on the jet and Ryota was going to send information from the jet. Horus got into the car with Geb and Montu. Woojin checked his weapons while Miho drove the car. Bihyung asked, “I know those bullets are powerful, but don’t you have powerful divine objects already?”

“Yeah, but this is more cost-efficient.”

Woojin then tossed a gun to Bihyung.

“You should try using one too.”

“You think I’ll rely on one of these like humans?”

“You need to change your perspective. It’s more powerful when Avatars use one.”

Bihyung then checked the .44 Magnum and grinned.

“Okay. I’ll give it a try.”

Woojin then threw one to Yeohong.

“Only Cleaners use these.”

“Yeah, but the world will change. Who knows if it will save your life down the road?”


Yeohong spat but she kept the gun anyway. Woojin then looked out the window. As the Aswan University came into sight, there were cars blocking the roads. Woojin took the flute as soon as he left the car and Bihyung laughed.

“You can’t even use it well. Give it to me. I’ll play a tune.”

Bihyung then began to play the flute with his spiritual power. Yeohong got up onto the roof of the car and focused. The sound began to spread into the university as all hunters looked onward and students began coming out with dazed expressions. Woojin called Ryota.

“Where’s Doctor Wu?”

-He’s still inside his lab.

“Good. Then we’ll move in.”

Woojin then turned to Bihyung. Thousands of students were lining up to follow him and Woojin stopped to watch him.

“They follow me if I play the flute, but I can’t send them to where I want them to go. What should I do?”

“I don’t know. You move them out then.”


Bihyung then began walking out while playing the flute. What’s important was to have the students evacuate the area around the lab. Woojin then looked. They kidnapped Egyptian Avatars and were still staying in Egypt. Were they ready? Bihyung returned after he had the students move to a park and handed over the flute.

“Shall we go in then?”


As they went in, hunters barricaded the university.

“They know we’re here but they aren’t coming.”

“Sekhmet and her team were powerful. If they lost, we shouldn’t let our guard down.”

“Maybe we should’ve brought Haemosu with us.”

“Then we should’ve come with everyone. We can’t do that yet.”

“Maybe we should’ve killed all those Avatars.”

“You know we shouldn’t do that.”

Woojin then looked toward the lab and Horus approached him.

“Geb says that they are inside.”

“How does he know that?”

“He’s the God of Earth. With no students around, the only ones who remain are the enemies. Four of our Avatars are on the beds and there are about twenty others around them.”

“Is Amon there?”

“We can figure out the numbers, but we don’t know who’s who.”

“Okay. Let’s move in then.”

Woojin then took out his rifle and Geb asked, “Why are you carrying that thing around?”

“It’s cost-effective.”

Woojin then led the group and Geb turned to Horus who just shrugged. They began to move in toward where the enemy was waiting. They weren’t sure why, but they were waiting for them. They burst into the lab and Woojin saw a bolt of lightning zapping toward them. Geb stomped on the ground and the ground rose to block the lightning.

The ground then crumbled down and they walked in. Shango greeted them.

“How do you like my welcome gesture?”

They weren’t injured thanks to Geb.

“Do you have Sekhmet?” Geb asked Shango.

“Of course. We’re taking her blood sample, but Doctor Wu wants to dissect her after.”

“How dare…!”

Shango continued, “Oh, and he wants to have you guys too. It’s better if we have more samples.”

Geb looked at Shango coldly. Shango stepped back to where there was a woman and seventeen men. They were all Avatars with buff bodies. Geb brought his fist up and smashed the ground. The ground opened and fired itself like spears toward Avatars. The woman then placed her hands together and those spears turned into dust. Then, the energy wave swept through the people. Geb frowned and slammed the ground, but nothing worked. Bihyung also snapped his fingers but the Dokkebi Fire did not appear.


Large men charged and Woojin shook his head. He was able to realize their plans. It was a good plan. They had a woman to stop all the use of spiritual powers and have the muscular Avatars overpower them. It was effective against Avatars who relied on their powers. Only Horus and Yeohong were eager to fight in such a situation. Woojin then aimed his rifle, the best type of weapon when it was a fight without spiritual power and his bullets didn’t have any regular bullets. His gun made three men fall to the ground and Woojin swung his Kusanagi no ken. The man had a metal sleeve, but the sword cut through it like paper and Woojin headbutted the man. knocking him out as the other giant men flinched.

There weren’t that many who could fight equally against Woojin without spiritual powers.