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Chapter 113: Aswan (3)

As Woojin overpowered the four of them, Bihyung grabbed one and threw them down on the floor.

“Are we going to kill them?”

“No, let’s keep them alive if possible. But don’t hesitate if you need to kill them.”


Bihyung tried to twist the arm, but the Avatar was stronger than him so Bihyung pulled out his gun. He already knew the power behind the bullet so he aimed at the man’s shoulders. However, Geb and the others were having a hard time fighting them back. Most of them charged at Woojin as they realized Woojin was the most dangerous enemy here and he smiled in response. He had trained in his sword art because he didn’t trust his spiritual powers but it was now helping him. After overpowering many of them so that Bihyung, Horus, and Yeohong could handle the rest, Woojin dashed in.

He ran toward the woman and Shango shouted, “Release it!”

Woojin then realized that the woman’s power reached everyone in the surroundings. The woman placed both her hands together and the spiritual power returned. Shango unleashed a bolt of lightning and Woojin put his spiritual power in the sword and swung. He was lucky. The bolt struck his sword and sparked to the side. Woojin reached Shango and threw a punch at him. Shango’s head was hit and thrown to the back. Woojin brought up his bamboo spear and thrust it forward. Shango’s body sparked with lightning but Woojin ignored it and continued to thrust his spear. The spear pierced Shango’s chest after penetrating through the lightning barrier.


Woojin then swung his sword but Shango got up with the wound on his chest. He fired lightning at Woojin, but the problem was that this attack was going to affect the woman too. Woojin rammed into her, pushing her to the walls, but he couldn’t focus on her now as the lightning was striking toward him. That’s when a stone wall came up from the floor to protect him. Geb smiled, “I’ll help you.”

With the spiritual power back, Geb quickly used his powers. Woojin nodded. Shango was already injured but his lightning was enough to destroy this place. Woojin jumped and threw his spear while Shango threw his lightning, but the spear penetrated through and pierced his stomach. The lightning, however, struck Woojin. But this time, rocks came up from the ground to cover Woojin like armor. Woojin was uninjured, but it still threw him way back to end of the corridor, and Miho grabbed him in her arms.

Woojin looked up to her in the embrace and Miho smiled.

“Are you a princess now?”

Woojin got up. He felt that his chest had gone numb from the attack. All the large men were down on the ground, pinned by rocks that Geb had summoned. Woojin then got in and met the woman. She was scared.

“Do you know where Amon is?”

“Who’s Amon?”

Woojin sighed. He thought he would capture Amon when he captured Doctor Wu, but he had turned tail again. Woojin looked at the woman.

“Will you resist?”


She only had the spiritual powers to freeze things. She had no intention of fighting them. Woojin turned to Miho, “Take her.”


Woojin then moved along with Geb. As they walked into the lab, Ryota opened all the doors remotely and Woojin saw the ones tied to the beds. He also saw Doctor Wu who was looking at the screen and the doctor asked, “Is it over already?”

“Yeah, it’s over.”

Doctor Wu turned and Woojin went to him and grabbed his neck.

“We meet for the first time.”

Doctor Wu didn’t seem he had been hypnotized. It was apparent that he sided with Amon on his own will. Woojin threw a punch and knocked Doctor Wu out. He frowned as he looked at Sekhmet and the other Avatars. Most of their blood had been sucked out so they were like mummies now. Geb also came into the room and frowned, working on a machine to put all the blood back into them. This wouldn’t automatically help them recover, but their powers will allow them to do so once the blood returned to them.

Woojin then slung Doctor Wu over his shoulder and got out. Bihyung asked, “Did you get him?”

“Yes. Amon’s not here. We’ll have to search the place and get everything.”

Woojin then whispered into Biyhyung’s ear, “We have to make sure we get all the reagents. We can’t let the Egyptians take it either.”

It was possible that the existence of such a project could tempt other Avatars too. Bihyung assured him, “It won’t be hard to do things without their content in Egypt.”

“Yeah, but we can’t let them take it. We’ll ask for others to help if needed.”

“Should we just burn them?”

“That’s a good idea too. Let’s take Doctor Wu back. Maybe he’ll have a memory about Amon.”

“Then we need to get back to the airport.”

Woojin got out first. On his way out, he looked at the Avatars buried under the rocks and turned to Horus.

“I’ll go back to the airport first. Can you help keep them safe? I think enemies have a way to turn them into monsters, so we’ll have to be careful.”

“Sure. Don’t worry about it.”

Woojin then went to the airport with Doctor Wu and the woman. Miho asked as she drove, “What’s your name?”

“I’m Sharon.”

“I’m Miho. Nice to meet you.”

Sharon smiled awkwardly. It didn’t seem like she felt comfortable being with former enemies. Woojin watched Doctor Wu in case he woke up. They were soon at the hospital and Woojin transported Doctor Wu on his shoulder and to the jet.

Haemosu greeted him as he walked in.

“Good work.”

Haemosu then went out to stand guard. Woojin threw Doctor Wu onto the chair and he woke up.


Doctor Wu blinked and found Doctor Ahn.

“Doctor Ahn…?”

Doctor Ahn didn’t respond and turned to Woojin.

“Why did you bring him here? You should’ve just killed him.”

Doctor Wu became pale but Woojin said, “I have to see his memory. Miho can flash it to multiple people, so we can watch together. Get as much as you need. I need information about Amon.”


Miho then began to read the memory. Doctor Ahn was intrigued. The experiment Doctor Wu did on live humans was valuable information Doctor Ahn could not get anywhere else. Doctor Wu studied the newly-created Avatars, but he also created other things in more detail. It gave huge inspiration to Doctor Ahn as he watched the memories.

Woojin then focused on other things. Amon already had over one hundred Avatars in this project. It was much more than what Woojin had imagined. He then saw Amon moving through the Niles River. It didn’t seem like it would be easy to find him. But at least Doctor Wu was the leader of the Avatar Project so it was probably going to come to an end.

Woojin then opened his eyes and took a step back. All these happenings were part of the butterfly effect that Woojin created after returning to the past. There had been millions who died already. Woojin clenched his fist; he couldn’t waste time blaming himself. He needed to stop Amon before it was too late.