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Amon looked at ones left in his hideout. He lost a lot of what he had, but he had now earned a new power. It was unfortunate that he had lost Dmitri and Wangjinjin, meaning the loss of his influence over the world. Not to mention, he also had lost most of his monster farms. It was especially bad that he had lost his influence over the African continent.

Nonetheless, he had earned new power. Newly-created Avatars were now fully under his control. He now had the power to control their minds so that they could follow Amon’s will. They weren’t yet experienced to show their true potential, but there were also some mutants among them.

And there were ones who could help with their training. One of them had gotten Amon’s power himself. He didn’t receive the full power of his far sight, but he had the power of foresight in a battle. It gave the Avatar a powerful weapon in fights, and with that, he had the ability to teach other Avatars.

Amon looked at his soldiers. Two hundred Avatars. The number was less than when he had vampires with him, but these Avatars would have more potential with proper training.

Amon believed that if he trained these soldiers, he could even overpower other demons to have them follow his will. Amon smiled coldly. He now had finished most of the magic rune installation process. However, he was missing a crucial ingredient. He needed his offering.

Amon made a call on his phone. He had been rushing things lately, but now he had to stop and prepare.

“Shiva. I need to talk to you.”

As the team ambushed all labs around Egypt, they realized that Amon had run away quickly. All reagents were already taken out and there were no Avatars left alive. They weren’t sure how Amon’s team did it, but Miho couldn’t read the memories anymore. They didn’t get anything new after finding Doctor Wu. At the very least, it was nice to put Doctor Wu’s put to a stop.

Doctor Wu decided to help Doctor Ahn now. He helped Amon’s plan for his own greed, but his knowledge as a scientist was impeccable.

Doctor Ahn went to the team of twelve Avatars. Miho was training them in the hunter’s way. They were learning how to use weapons that they just received. Some used heavy machine guns while some used small rifles. They searched for weapons that suited them the best. There were also bullets in development so the team could use them.

Tom was the leader of the team. He was a quick learner.

Woojin walked past them and went inside. Bihyung was training with Dokkebi Fire. He had never trained until now, but he seemed to be determined to increase his power. Woojin decided not to interfere with Bihyung’s training and went to Ryota.

Ryota was busily working on making a program. They only had three satellites, which wasn’t enough, but he trying to make it work. Woojin asked, “Ryota. How’s the progress?”

“If we are making an Eagle Eye, we have enough. But I can’t make the program to find Avatars alone.”

“I know. That’s why we are on the way to find someone who can help you with that.”

“Who do we have at Tibet that can do that?”

“There’s a monk there.”

Woojin didn’t explain further. There was a weird monk that Woojin needed to find. If they could find him, it would help Ryota create the program to find Amon.


Woojin tapped on his shoulder and returned back to his seat. He then checked on himself. Tsukuyomi’s stone was still half intact but Woojin’s spiritual power had increased greatly. He closed his eyes to begin training on managing his spiritual power on their way to Tibet.

Potala Palace of Lhasa, Tibet…

Woojin arrived with Miho. With Amon in hiding, it wasn’t necessary for the entire team to move together. Miho smiled as she walked past many people. She seemed excited so Woojin smiled, “You look excited.”

“You realize how long it’s been since we last walked on land?”

They’d been moving with planes and helicopters the entire time except when they attacked a target. Woojin then walked toward Potala Palace and a monk came up to him. The monk bowed and said, “We were waiting for you.”

“I am here to meet with the Monk of the Golden Wheel.”

“Follow me please.”

The monk shuffled forward and Woojin followed him. He retraced his memory about them. Monks of Tibet. They were so powerful that they remembered their past lives. They were the most powerful in divine magic. They were ones that trained for their entire lives to become a living Buddah. And one of monks Woojin met was a monk who joined the fight to stop the disaster from happening within Tibet. He was human but he was powerful enough to fight against Avatars and he later sided with the hunters. Woojin wasn’t sure how he could find him when he got here, but the monk already knew he was coming.

Confused, Miho asked, “Is he human?”


“That monk.”

“Yeah. Why?”

“I can’t read his memory.”

Woojin smiled.



In the past, Miho had to lie down for three days to recover after trying to read their memories. These monks who remembered their past lives had vast memories that posed more danger in reading them.

“It will be hard to read, but their memories are like a vast sea. They remember their past lives. You will be swept away by the sea of memories.”

“Is that even possible for humans?”

“Yes. That’s why they are different from other monks.”

Miho became astonished and looked at the back of the monk again.

“That’s amazing.”

“Yeah. It’s also why there aren’t that many monks. Not everyone can become one.”

As Woojin explained, they began to move to the basement of Potala Palace. The monk pushed on the wall when there was no one around and the wall turned to show a door. They then walked in and walked through a long, maze-like corridor. When they got to a certain room, they found a man sitting on a red cushion. Woojin walked up to him.

When Woojin met the Monk of the Golden Wheel, he was just one of the hunters who wasn’t as influential. Woojin sat down in front of him and the monk spoke.

“You’re here.”

“Do you know me?”

The monk bowed and answered, “I’m not sure why, but it seems that I’ve met you in a certain part of my life. And I felt that we will meet again.”

It was different from looking into the future. The monk only knew about the past and future of his own life.

“I’m here to ask for your help.”

“Why do you need my help in the world that is overrun by monsters?”

“We need to find a specific Avatar, and we need your help to find him.”

“That is interesting.”

The monk turned back to the monk that had guided Woojin here.

“You should take my place while I’m gone.”


The Monk of the Golden Wheel then got up and turned to Woojin.

“Shall we go then?”

Woojin didn’t expect for him to come this easily. The monk smiled, “If my life is so intertwined, it seems that you have a greater burden in your life that I cannot possibly imagine. Hence the reason why I’m joining you.”

They left the palace and the monk asked Woojin, “Are we traveling by car?”

They got into the car and began riding back to the airport. The monk sat in the rear and closed his eyes. Miho glanced at him, unconvinced that the monk was that powerful and Woojin grinned. When they got onto the jet, the monk became surprised.

“I did not expect to see such people here.”

Avatars looked at the monk confusingly. Haemosu approached them and said, “I didn’t know that you were going to bring him here.”

“It’s been a while.”

“Is it the first time in this life?”

Haemosu answered the monk and Bihyung asked Woojin, “How did you get such a man?”