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The monk greeted everyone. Not that many people knew the monk, but everyone who knew him spoke very highly of him. He was human, but he was very close to becoming an Avatar. When the monk joined Ryota and Woojin, he was intrigued by Woojin’s suggestion.

“You want to combine magical power with science?”


“That sounds interesting.”

“How long do you think it will take for it to work?”

“I can’t even guess. We’ll have to see after we start.”

“Thank you for the help.”

Woojin spoke and the monk smiled. Woojin then left the monk to speak with Ryota and got out. The plane was still at the airport, so Woojin left the plane to stand on the ground. He didn’t realize that they had been flying for so long until Miho told him so. As Woojin looked out at the sight of Tibet in the distance, Miho came up to him and stood next to him, “What’s up?”

“I was just stretching, thinking.”

They had destroyed all of Amon’s farms and factories, but the world was still full of monsters.

“Thinking about what?”

“Just… thinking about what we should do from now on.”

“Didn’t you look into the future?”

Woojin smiled bitterly. The future he experienced had taken a terrible turn. It was now very different from what he had experienced.

“The future I saw is no longer visible. I think the world changed too much.”

“Is it?”

Miho nodded, looking slightly concerned. She figured Woojin’s way of looking into the future was his unique power. If such power stopped working, it didn’t mean any good.

“Is it okay?”

Woojin turned to Miho at the question. She looked worried so Woojin reached out and rubbed her head. She blushed.

“It’s okay.”

He fought until he died even when he was human. He was now an Avatar and had amazing powers. It was problematic that the future changed, but he had been in much worse situations. And Amon’s final goal wasn’t going to change.

“Don’t worry.”

Cairo, Egypt…

Woojin was called to Egypt and he went straight to Cairo to find a familiar face waiting for them. It was Sekhmet who had fully recovered. She smiled, “Did your business go well?”

“We’ve gotten all the factories we know of, but it seems they had already taken all the remaining reagents out.”

“I see. Get in the car.”

They rode in a limousine and moved to a lavish hotel. The pool had beautiful girls enjoying swimming or tanning out in the sun. They walked past them and a man came up to them to lead the way. Soon, they were at the penthouse. There was a man waiting on a large throne-like chair, sitting there like a king in front of a large table for a feast. A tall man with dark skin and tight muscles stood up. He walked up and Haemosu took a step forward.

“You must be Haemosu.”

“And you must be Ra.”

“I am Ra.”

Ra, the Sun God. He was the most powerful god of Egypt, excluding the gods who created the world in their mythology. He wasn’t doing much with his spiritual power, but just looking at him made one feel as if the power was oppressing all else.

Ra paid little attention to Haemosu and turned to Woojin.

“Pleased to meet you, sir. I am Ko Woojin.”

Woojin walked up to him and Ra nodded. He placed his hand on Woojin’s shoulder as an act of friendship. Ra then grabbed Woojin and began to walk. He took Woojin to the seat next to him and made him sit down before he waved at the others. It looked like Ra was used to doing things the way he wanted to, and Sekhmet offered the others to sit down as well. As soon as Bihyung sat down, he asked, “Do you have any liquor here?”

Ra snapped his fingers and beautiful women came into the room in lines. They began to serve the table and Ra turned to Woojin.

“I heard from Sekhmet that you are going to make reagents for us?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

Ra waved and people brought in a large keg.

“Here’s Sphinx blood.”

Woojin did ask for the blood of a spiritual being, but he didn’t expect that much blood.

“Is that enough to study it?”

“It’s more than enough.”

“We can even lend you our facility. How about you stay and study here?”

“That won’t be easy as we don’t have the necessary equipment.”

“Then where are you going to work on it?”

“We have a basic system set up in Korea. We’ll go back there and study.”

“I see.”

Ra didn’t force him any further. He waved and another man brought up a bag and placed it down in front of them. There was blood inside and Ra explained, “Many friends volunteered to give blood. It has been labeled with their names, so you can use it too.”

It seemed like Ra was eager to help if they could find a way to make more Avatars. For them, having a way to create another body as back up was worth more than anything else.

“Good. We can give it a try with this blood.”

“That’s good to hear.”

Ra burst into laughter.

“But if Amon also has the reagents, that is another problem to deal with. They are most likely to proceed with their project again.”

“We didn’t find any trace of him from the countries that cooperated with us.”

“How many weren’t cooperative?”

Woojin smiled bitterly. The Day of Chaos started earlier than planned, but a lot of countries fell victim to it.

“Thirty percent.”

“That’s a lot.”

Ra crossed his arms to think for a second and asked, “Is there any way to track them down otherwise?”

Woojin smiled.

“We are preparing a way to track down Amon himself.”

“Is that possible?”

“Maybe, if we are lucky.”

Ra looked at Woojin and said, “I’ll count on you for that then. Tell me anytime if you need anything.”

Woojin then glanced at Doctor Ahn. He refused to follow them, but he was too pale and exhausted from the continued research that Brunhilde dragged him out to feed him. Doctor Ahn was trying out different cuisines, but his eyes were fixated on the bag that Woojin had received. Woojin gestured at Doctor Ahn to focus on eating and turned to Ra. Ra was grabbing the grapes after finishing what he needed to say. Woojin then brought up what he wanted to talk about.

“Can I meet with Thoth?”

“Thoth? Why do you want to meet him?”

“Maybe I can get some help from him.”

Thoth, the God of Wisdom. He was the one who could see into the future in Egypt. Ra thought for a second and said, “He doesn’t come out from his office. If you want to go visit him, I’ll have someone guide you there.”

“Thank you.”

Ra waved and Horus who was enjoying his time back in Egypt came up to him.

“Yes, sir.”

“Take him to Thoth’s office.”

Horus looked disappointed that he had another job, but he didn’t object.

“Let’s go.”

Woojin then got up and asked, “Can the others stay here while I’m gone?”

“Of course. No one will dare to attack my palace.”

The number of Avatars and their strength proved this palace to be unbreakable even if Amon brought his hundreds of Avatars. Woojin eyed Miho on his way out. Her face turned from disappointment into happiness and she quickly caught up to them. Horus asked, “Why are you two always together? Are you guys in a relationship?”

Woojin laughed, “No. She’s the most helpful.”

“For reading memories?”

Woojin nodded and Horus glanced at Miho. She seemed to be very disappointed. Horus lightly tapped on Woojin’s shoulder. He wasn’t sure how this man was on the frontline of defending the world from its doom while not knowing what was on a woman’s mind.

“Yeah, right. So, what do you need Thoth for?”

Woojin did not explain and Horus did not ask any further. They reached the underground parking lot and Horus came to get them with a red Dodge Charger.

“Get in.”

Horus then drove the car through the streets like a maniac. It seemed like he longed to drive for quite some time after his long flights. They were soon at the Cairo public library.

“Is this his office?”

“Follow me.”

Horus walked in and they walked past the people to go further inside. Horus then walked toward a bookshelf. When Woojin thought there was some kind of switch, Horus just walked into the bookshelf and disappeared. Woojin turned to Miho in shock.

“It’s an illusion.”

Woojin then carefully walked toward the bookshelf. He was a bit worried about bumping into the books, but he was able to walk past it too. There was a pile of books inside. An old man with glasses was talking with Horus and he turned to Woojin. He placed the book that was in his hand down and stood up.

Horus was surprised and Thoth walked up to Woojin.

“Are you Ko Woojin?”