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“Yes, I am Ko Woojin.”

Thoth smiled and reached out to Woojin. As Woojin grabbed his hand and exchanged a handshake, Thoth waved his hand and the books shifted on their own to stack themselves up.

“Have a seat.”

Everyone sat down and Thoth even prepared them some tea. Horus asked, “Old man. Are you crazy?”

Thoth then turned to Horus and spoke grumpily.

“I’ll send them back on my own. You can go back.”

“Go where? Ra told me to bring them here, which means I have to bring them back safely too.”

“I’ll do that myself. Now, go.”

Thoth then swung his hand and bookshelves around them fluttered. Horus disappeared from the room. It was astounding to see a powerful Avatar like Horus banished so easily. Thoth sipped on his tea and calmly said, “Have a taste. I promise you it’s good tea.”

Woojin then sipped on the tea. As the tea entered his body, spiritual power squirmed within him, meaning that the tea wasn’t just any ordinary tea. Woojin became surprised and Thoth grinned.

“I was waiting for you to come.”

“Did you see me in your future?”

“No, I should say, I felt you.”

Thoth then waved his hand and a book with a black cover flew over to his hand. Thoth then said with the book in his hand, “Can we listen together?”

Woojin glanced at Miho and nodded. Thoth answered, “I’m sure others have done it too, but I read the time when the future stopped. There had been a few times similar to this, but it wasn’t so dark and muddy like this time.”

“Isn’t this the first time?”

“Of course. It happened during Ragnarok, and in days of Gigantomachia. Gods couldn’t coexist with humans and had to leave for their world, leaving only Avatars behind.”

These were the endings of each mythology. Thoth continued, “But, it never ended up in the end of the future for the entire world. It usually happened in small scales, but never like this.”

It was apparent they saw this even before Woojin had returned to the past, but they couldn’t stop Amon from summoning the otherworldly god. Nonetheless, Woojin still needed their help. Thoth looked at Woojin.

“Then a while ago, I saw a new, bright star through the skies. And that star shook the future.”

Maybe it was, as his work had twisted Amon’s plans. Woojin wasn’t sure if he was on the right path, but his actions were surely changing fate.

“That’s why I wanted to meet you.”

Woojin placed his tea down and looked at Thoth.

“So, what do you think?”

Thoth looked at Woojin. He was the God of Wisdom. He gazed at Woojin who felt like Thoth was looking into a universe. Yet Woojin did not look away. He had gone through too much to cower away from a stare like that. Thoth smiled, “I’m looking forward to it.”

He then placed his hand on the black book.

“I heard an Avatar named Amon is the one responsible for all of this.”


“So, do you require my help in capturing him?”

“Of course.”

Thoth shook his head.

“I can read the future, but the man also sees the future. The ones who have the power to delve into future reading cannot read each other’s futures. I cannot track his location.”

“Yes, I’m aware. We are preparing to track him down with other methods. What I want to know is that the future I know is being distorted. What do you think I should do to walk the right path?”

Thoth then crossed his arms.

“Your very being is distorting the future itself. And that is exactly why I am counting on you to overturn this dark future.”

“Then what about the future I saw?”

“How was it in your future?”

“Amon summons the otherworldly god, and the world comes to an end.”

“Otherworldly god?”

The only one who knew the appearance of otherworldly god was Woojin. He nodded heavily and Thoth opened his book and mumbled.

“Was that why? I see…”

Thoth then realized why the future stopped so suddenly. He looked up to Woojin.

“Did you see it? The otherworldly god?”

Woojin nodded.

“You have met many Avatars until now. Have you seen any Avatars as powerful as the god you speak of?”

Woojin shook his head. Thoth frowned.

“Is the god that powerful?”


They might have a chance if all the Avatars fought against the god, but in the past, he couldn’t get to Amon, the otherworldly god, and the others as they were distracted in handling other enemies such as the demons. It was hard to determine if that was even enough anyway.

Thoth said, “Then Amon must have been trying to stop you from reaching him also.”


“How about you change your plans then?”

“Change to what?”

Thoth answered, “Let’s cut off his limbs.”


“I heard you have killed the vampires who sided with him. You can keep doing that to get rid of anyone who might side with Amon.”

“That won’t be easy.”

“Of course. But we can track them down. It is possible to find those who cannot see the future.”

“Then you had the power to find them and didn’t do it until now?” Woojin asked.

Thoth sighed, “Their powers are great. If I track them, it will be hard. I will need to give up many things on my end, so I hadn’t dared to track them yet.”

“So, it is possible then.”


“Good. Then let’s track down the demons and get rid of them one by one.”

Demons all worked for their own good, but they all followed Amon’s plan. They were the ones who stood in the way to Amon at the end.

“Please help us.”

“I will. Hold on a second.”

Thoth then opened the book and a faint glow radiated from his body. The light was then absorbed into the book and Miho commented, “It uses a lot of spiritual power.”

Thoth flipped through the book as the book shined brightly.

“If it is this hard to find even one, these demons are really something.”

“Who did you find?”

“Dantalion. He’s closer than I thought. Go to Iceland. You can track him with this.”

Thoth ripped out a piece of paper and handed it to him. Woojin was shocked to see a detailed map with a red dot on it.

“Will this lead us to Dantalion?”


Woojin then looked up to Thoth with astonishment. He looked like he had gotten older after just a few moments.


“I can’t use my powers freely in this body. I still needed to use it when I was required to, and I’ve become old.”

He now looked at least ten years older.

“We can’t ask you too often then.”

“I will still try my best to help.”

Woojin then left the library. Horus was waiting for them outside and asked, “What took you so long?”

“I have to meet up with the team. Let’s go.”

Horus began driving back and Woojin looked at the map. The red dot wasn’t moving. Horus glanced over at the map and asked, “What is that?”

“Dantalion’s location.”

“Dantalion? You mean the demon?”


“Wait. Is that from the Book of Wisdom?”

Woojin nodded and Horus frowned.

“Has the old man had gotten mad?”

Woojin didn’t answer. Horus sped up and they returned to the hotel. Everyone was enjoying their time and Ra flashed his glass at Woojin as he walked in.

“You’re back.”

Woojin walked up to him and showed him the map. Ra was shocked.

“Book of Wisdom?”


“So, Thoth is very interested you it seems.”

“He’s interested in what I’m trying to do.”

Ra nodded and got up.

“Good. Party is over.”

Ra then turned to Woojin.

“Do you require my help?”

“We’ll be fine on this one.”

Ra nodded.

“Good. But how about you leave others who do not fight here? I’ll lend you some facilities so you can research there.”

Woojin glanced at Doctor Ahn. Ra was asking this again because Doctor Ahn would be working on the project for them. Woojin turned back to Ra.

“It’s okay. If you want, we can leave the blood here and come back to get it when we’re done.”

Ra laughed, “No need. I didn’t mean it in that regard. Take it all with you.”

Ra then waved his hand and people came to get the bag full of blood and carried it out. Ra smiled at Woojin.

“I just want to ask you to not postpone the project.”

“Of course.”

When the team left and returned to the jet, Bihyung came up to him and asked, “What did you get from Thoth?”

“Dantalion’s location.”

“Dantalion? You mean the demon?”

Woojin nodded.

“Yes. We’ll attack those who’ll side with Amon first.”

It wasn’t the best option, but it was a good alternative.