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Woojin was trying to read Dantalion’s memory when Ryota called urgently.

[Woojin! We are- attack- ugh!]

Ryota’s voice trailed off and Woojin glanced around. One of the vehicles had been destroyed but they could pack themselves into the other car. Woojin got into the car with Dantalion and the others.

“I think they knew we were coming here. I can’t reach Ryota.”

“Let’s go back,” Bihyung said and Woojin started the car.

“Miho. Read Dantalion’s memory on the way.”


It was difficult to read the memories of demons, but Woojin thought Miho could do it with her eight tails now. Miho began to read the memories and Woojin drove as fast as he could.

Miho then said, “It was a trap.”

“What do you mean?”

“Dantalion got something from Amon. This allows Amon to know if someone else reads Dantalion’s memory.”

“Is that possible?”

Miho nodded heavily.

“That’s the only thing the object can do.”

Maybe Amon had done such thing to the other demons as well. It was probably done to let Amon know if the demons were killed. At least they had Haemosu on the other team. After driving for a while, they saw smoke rising up from the airport. Woojin charged in and they soon reached the destruction waiting for them.


Their private jet had been destroyed into two and Woojin quickly left the car. There were Frost Giant bodies everywhere and after Woojin approached the jet, he saw Doctor Ahn and Brunhilde, sitting down in exhaustion.

“Where’s Haemosu?”

“He went after them.”

Miho went up to Brunhilde to heal her.

“How many came?”

Doctor Ahn answered with a grim face.

“They took all the choppers. They came in with twenty choppers to fire missiles at us. Loki was here.”


Loki was powerful, but with his missing arm, there was no way he could be a match for Haemosu.

“There were more, including Ymir, the leader of the Frost Giants.”


Woojin knew the name. It wasn’t widely known in his previous life however, so it was hard to find the reason why he appeared now.

“It was him who got Brunhilde. She got him with Gungnir, but he fled anyway.”

Woojin sighed, “We read Dantalion’s memory. Amon embedded a way for him to know when reading memories from the demons.”

Woojin then checked the others. It was fortunate that they weren’t hurt. It was only Brunhilde who was hurt. Habaek was panting as he had used a lot of spiritual power.

“Where did Haemosu go?”

“That way.”

“Bihyung, look after this place.”

Woojin began running toward the direction that Doctor Ahn pointed out him and he saw Haemosu walking from the other direction.


Haemosu smiled bitterly as Woojin looked down. His left arm was missing.

“How did it go on your part?”

“It was good. But your arm…”

Haemosu explained, “I traded it off for Loki’s life.”

“Did you kill Loki?”

Haemosu nodded.

“Yes, but I had to fall back because of Ymir. He took the spiritual stone and Mjolnir.”

It seems like Ymir had taken a bit of damage too since he couldn’t chase after Haemosu.

“We won’t see Ymir for a while either. He’s good at running.”

Woojin tried to help Haemosu but he shook his head and walked. They returned to the airport and Habaek came over.

“Haha. So you lost him?”

“I killed Loki, but I couldn’t get Ymir.”

Woojin bit his lips as their strongest member had lost an arm. He then turned to the airport and frowned.

“They destroyed every single jet.”

All jets inside the airport had been destroyed. Habaek sighed, “It was a bombardment. We did block the missile fire but we couldn’t block Ymir’s axe from destroying our jet.”

“I see.”

Woojin then decided to focus on preparing his next plan.

“We will need to reorganize.”

At least no one had died.

“I’m sorry. I was careless this time.”

Haemosu grabbed Woojin’s shoulder and said, “There’s no time to think about our failures. We just need to focus on our enemies’ intentions.”

Haemosu then looked around and continued, “I’m sure they knew which jet was ours. The reason they destroyed all the jets here was because they wanted to tie us down.”

Woojin also thought about that too. If they wanted to tie them down, there had to be a reason. Woojin then came up with an idea and went to Ryota.


Ryota wasn’t hurt. He was just full of scratches and was sad that his equipment was damaged.


“Do we still have radio interference in the region?”

“Yeah. I couldn’t get it lifted because my equipment was destroyed.”

“Can we make a call?”

“Not from around here.”

Woojin then ran. No matter what, he had to make a call. Woojin ran far away from the airport and called Kim Beom.

Beom answered,

[What’s going on?]

“Have you gotten any calls from Jeju?”

[No. Why?]

“The enemies have tried to tie us down here. Call Granny Mago now.”

[Wait a second.]

Soon, Beom came back with a grave answer.

[I can’t contact her.]

“Dammit. Can you send a jet to Iceland as soon as possible?”

[I’ll see what I can do.]

Bihyung then asked, “They are going after Granny Mago?”

“That seems to be the only reason since they want us to stay here. I asked Beom to send us a jet.”


Horus then got up.

“I would be faster in getting us a jet. Give me a moment.”

Horus then walked out of the airport and Woojin sighed. The airport was too messy for a jet to land in it.

“Avatars! Let’s clear out the road!”

Woojin and the Avatars began cleaning out debris from the road. As they were cleaning it out, they got rid of cars that were placed to interfere with the radio signals to make calls again. Woojin sighed as he learned more about the situation. They lost a lot of research work since their jet had been destroyed. There were also civilian casualties as the whole airport was under attack.

Soon, a jet came down and as they prepared to have the jet land, Woojin clenched his fist. Miho came over and grabbed his fist, “Don’t worry about Granny Mago.”

Woojin knew Granny Mago was strong, but Amon knew that also. That’s why he called Loki and Ymir to fight Haemosu.

“Yes. Granny Mago is strong,” Woojin mumbled hopefully.

“Hmph. Everyone, get inside.”

Granny Mago ordered as she walked out of the house. Eunseo looked at her and asked, “What’s going on?”

Granny Mago tapped on Eunseo’s head and smiled lightly, “It’s nothing. Just stay inside.”

After Eunseo walked in, Granny Mago placed her hand on the door. Soon, the door shined brightly and closed its seal. She then turned around slowly. Tons of people were on the way to her house. She then saw one coming through the group of people.

Amon walked up to her and said, “If you hand over those, I will let you live.”

Mago laughed, “You shouldn’t step on my field.”

Amon smiled coldly.

“I see. Then you shall die.”