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Meeting with Bihyung wasn’t only to befriend him. If Bihyung, a powerful Avatar controlling Korea, was aware, it would be hard even for the Avatar of Amon to sneak in. Woojin needed to buy as much time as he could to prepare as he wasn’t sure what power the Avatar of Amon had.

Woojin returned to his hotel room, then went to the hotel gym and began working out. It was so intense that a hotel employee came down to check on him. Woojin reassured the employee then continued training more before moving to the swimming pool. After swimming, he returned to his room to stretch his entire body. And when that was done, he took a shower and left the room with shaky legs.

The only weapons he could carry when returning home was the Starfish Fang and a handgun. His phone rang on the way down from the hotel.

“Old Hwang. Did you make the appointment?”

[Are you at the hotel?]


[I sent someone over. Go with him.]


As Woojin got out of the hotel, there was a Mercedes S-Class vehicle waiting for him. The window rolled down and Darkling looked at Woojin without a word as he got into the back seat.

The car drove out of the city and headed to Shiheung. Soon, they were at an old building located in a remote area. Woojin didn’t realize that Doctor Ahn would have stayed in this place even ten years ago. If he had known, he wouldn’t have needed to pay that old man. However, he soon realized he would’ve needed to be introduced to him anyway.

As Darkling and Woojin walked into the room, Darkling scanned his retina as Woojin was astonished at the level of security. The place was heavily guarded with the highest security technology available.

Doctor Ahn’s creations were supplied to the World Organization of Hunters (WOH). Woojin had figured Hwang was just an acquaintance of Doctor Ahn’s, but he now realized they weren’t just casual acquaintances, which was proven when Darkling walked freely into the lab.

Soon, they were inside an elevator and moving down. As they got off the elevator, a smartly dressed Caucasian woman with glasses was waiting with a tablet. She spoke to Woojin in a formal voice.

“If you have any weapons, you should leave it here by the side. We do not allow any weapons inside.”

Woojin listened to her without objection. She was smartly dressed right now, but he knew how scary she could be.

Brunhilde the Valkyrie.

An Avatar of Northern Europe and a fine warrior. She was skilled in all kinds of combat with any weapon and was Doctor Ahn’s bodyguard. Having her as the doctor’s protector was proof how much the WOH valued the doctor.

Woojin placed all his weapons down and then Brunhilde spoke to Darkling.

“You should wait here.”

Darkling stood still without a word and Brunhilde turned and began to walk. Woojin followed. She was formally dressed, but her clothing couldn’t hide her charming curves. However, Woojin didn’t think about anything as he followed. She was only concerned with protecting Doctor Ahn. She never joined the fight against the Avatar of Amon, but she protected Doctor Ahn right up until the end.

Without her, Doctor Ahn would not have been able to use his full potential to conduct his research. After the last security check where Brunhilde scanned her retina, they were now at a room where Doctor Ahn was waiting.

It wasn’t a lab, but a resting area. One side of the wall had been turned into an aquarium. A forty-year-old man, who was sipping tea, stood up as Brunhilde and Woojin walked in.

Woojin walked up to him and bowed.

“It’s nice to meet you, sir. I am Ko Woojin.”

“I am Ahn Jongguk.”

Ahn Jongguk offered him a seat and he accepted. Woojin smiled at the scent of the tea that Jongguk had poured and offered. It was a familiar scent that Woojin always smelled when he visited Doctor Ahn in the past.

Ahn Jongguk looked silently at Woojin. There were less than ten people in the world who knew his name. Hwang had said that a rookie hunter who knew the Doctor’s full name wanted to meet him. That made the doctor curious. Yet, even with that curiosity, he would not have met him if he wasn’t so full of concerns right now. He decided to meet with the hunter to take some time off and relax. Of course, knowing that the rookie hunter just killed two vampires was a huge factor too. The hunter was said to have purchased Cocktail-B, so he must have used it. However, killing a vampire meant that the hunter was ready to die as well.

“You wanted to meet me?”

Woojin looked at the doctor and realized he needed to first bring him into his plan. He was no match against the Avatar of Amon even when he was a ten-year experienced hunter. Of course, there was no way for him to fight the otherworld god either. Of course, if he succeeded in killing the Avatar of Amon, he would not need to fight the god, but he still needed to become stronger.

That’s why he was here.

“Yes. I wanted to meet you, sir.”

“And why is that?”

Woojin placed his cup down and decided to hook this man with curiosity first.

“The Cocktails have been developed until C at the current stage, right?”


The Cocktails produced were sold up to grade C. Woojin remembered this because it took a long time for D to be released. It was only released when he was already a full-fledged hunter. Woojin later asked Doctor Ahn about why it was delayed. He heard that Doctor Ahn had been struggling for a breakthrough in his research and it came from the most unexpected place.

“And Cocktail-D is not yet stable.”

Ahn Johngguk’s expression froze along with Brunhilde’s and the atmosphere changed. Woojin did not care and continued, “I know how to stabilize it.”

Ahn Jongguk already had a full life report on Woojin. He found it hard to believe that Woojin knew something that he himself did not. Nonetheless, he was desperate for any clues.

“And under what condition will you tell me that?”

“Make me an Avatar.”