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Amon moved as soon as someone found Dantalion’s location. He asked Loki to block the enemy at Dantalion’s place and moved to get his hands on the most important offering. He brought every Avatar with him to get it. The Avatars were not fully ready yet, but he had enough numbers to overpower everything.

He ordered seven Avatars to hold their ground behind him. These were the mutants. He would not need to use them in this case as he believed that his other two hundred Avatars would be enough to handle this job. That’s how he believed it to be.

“That is…”

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“That is Granny Mago.”

As Mago stomped on the ground, the seven Avatars that charged at her were squished and they exploded. With a wave of her hand, a handful of Avatars were thrown away. She had enough power to subdue the entire battlefield. Her power was stronger than most throughout the entire world.

“It would have been different if she could walk out of Jeju.”

Amon walked out and confidently said, “However, your time will end here.”

He couldn’t give up on the offering. Amon waved and a man came up from behind. As he ran, the other Avatars ran toward the house. Mago laughed, “The seal won’t be broken that easily.”

She then threw her hand and a giant hand created with spiritual power was unleashed upon the Avatars, destroying their bones as they were thrown out. Then, a black-skinned man with a blonde hair attacked. Mago swung her hand again, but the man had already moved to avoid it and he swung his sword. He dodged Mago’s attack as if he’d known that it was coming. Mago turned around to see the man who had made a cut on her shoulder.

“Movement foresight?”

It seemed this man had gotten the foresight that Amon had.

“My name is Thompson. I am the one who inherits Amon’s will.”

As Thompson was on Mago, the other Avatars were attacking the house. Mago sighed.

“I see. I should’ve decided when you appeared.”

Mago turned to Amon and got up. Soon, her body began to grow and she became huge. She was now a thirty-meter tall giant.

“You won’t last long in Avatar form.”

“It won’t take too long,” Mago answered and swung her hand. Thompson got away but the others couldn’t. Amon then looked back and a woman placed both hands on the ground. Tree roots soared up from the ground and chained Mago’s leg.


Mago brought her leg up and the roots were ripped apart.

“So, that wasn’t enough.”

Amon waved, and this time, a blind man walked out. As he reached out, Mago narrowed her eyes. She laughed bitterly as the weight of the gravity that pushed her down increased.

“That is interesting trickery.”

The trees then reached up again to bind Mago. Thompson then pounced toward Mago and she laughed.

“Did you know that there’s an attack that you cannot avoid?”

As Mago shook her body, roots were ripped apart and Mago’s hand swung down. Thompson almost dodged it when Mago snapped her fingers. Thompson was thrown to the ground.


Amon was shocked. He then sighed, “This is disappointing.”

Amon waved and all the others standing behind him got up. Amon then began to prepare himself from behind. He needed to make a move this time.

Everyone gathered inside the room turned pale as explosions erupted from outside. Eunseo turned to the others and balled her fists. She called out her brother’s name but he wasn’t here.


She hoped for Granny Mago to be safe and prayed. Soon, she heard the noise die down and everyone watched the door with shocked expressions. All of them hoped for Granny Mago to open the door, and the door creaked open.

The man who appeared was a blonde-haired man. He was drenched with blood. He looked around and grinned.

“Whew. I didn’t think it was going to be this hard.”

As the man took a step back, they saw Granny Mago slumped down on the field. Eunseo jumped out.


Yet she couldn’t cross the door as the man standing by the door rammed her with his body. Eunseo was thrown back and she heard the man’s voice.

“Get them.”

Avatars walked into the room and Eunseo mumbled, “Woojin…”

As the team was on their way down to Jeju, Woojin told Beom to stay back. If Amon was down there to attack Mago, there was nothing Beom could do to stop it. As soon as they arrived at the airport, they got into a car and drove straight toward Mt. Halla. Everyone moved together this time as they now knew how dangerous it could be to split up.

Woojin ran as soon as he got to the mountain and Bihyung said, “I’ll follow him.”

Woojin did not even look back. He was so fast that even Bihyung had a hard time following him. When Woojin got to the fog that protected Mago’s house, he was hopeful. It meant that maybe Mago was still alive. Bihyung said, “Let’s go in.”

As they walked inside, Woojin frowned. He ran in and walked up to Granny Mago who was on the field drenched with blood.


He called out but Mago did not answer. Woojin grabbed her and grimaced. She was dead. Woojin then looked around and Bihyung mumbled, “How many came?”

There were over eighty bodies. Woojin placed Mago down and ran toward the room. It was empty. He couldn’t find his sister anywhere inside the house and bit his lips.


“They’re gone.”

Woojin gritted his teeth and Bihyung said, “Wait. Look.”

Woojin turned. There was Mago’s body, but on top of her was her spirit. Woojin walked up to it and she apologized.

-I’m sorry.

“No, don’t.”

Woojin blamed himself for leaving it all to Granny Mago. He thought she was strong enough to fend off Amon, but after looking at the number of Avatars here, he realized the effect of Avatar Project had led to this. Mago looked at Woojin and gave him some information.

-There were seven Avatars… their powers were unseen. I didn’t think they would be so powerful.

“How long ago was this?”

-They left about five hours ago.

“I see.”

Woojin turned to move, but Mago grabbed Woojin’s left hand.

-Listen. It was foresight, gravity, tree, poison, curse, coldness, and the ability to drain spiritual power. I lost to those.


-Don’t underestimate your enemies.

“I won’t. Is there a way I can track my sister?”

-I prepared something, but it seems like it’s useless.

Woojin sighed. He only had Ryota to track her down. At least his sister wasn’t an Avatar so that might give them a better chance. Woojin looked at Mago. If she did not help him, he could not have fought without worrying. Her death was due to protecting his sister. Woojin bowed.

“I am sorry.”

-No. I’m sorry.

Mago then grabbed Woojin’s left hand. Her spirit spoke as she held the Glove of Ban Gu.

-I hope this will help you on your journey.

Woojin felt the spirit coming into his glove. The glove glowed blue and the light dissipated as Woojin clenched his fist. He felt the stronger power within the glove.

“Bihyung. Let’s go.”