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After they walked down, they regrouped with the others. Everyone knew what had happened after looking at Woojin’s face.

“What happened?”

“Granny Mago is dead and my sister is gone. All the offerings were taken.”

Everyone fell silent. Woojin turned to Bihyung and said, “Ryota needs to hack the Eagle Eye. Find a place where we can do it.”

“There is a place. I prepared it here in Jeju just in case.”

Woojin then turned to his people.

“It’s been five hours since Amon was here. We have to track him down and follow him.”

“Let’s go.”

That’s when Miho walked up.

“Let me go and read the memory.”


Woojin then had Bihyung go to the place first and then he came back to Mago’s house with Miho. She looked around and walked toward Mago’s grave. It was a fresh grave that Woojin had made by destroying the ground. Miho stood and bowed. She then reached down to the field and reached for Woojin. Miho’s hand was on his forehead and he saw the image. Mago’s battle prowess was amazing. Her power as a giant was overwhelming and she decimated her enemies effortlessly. The mutants challenged her power but she still maintained it while fighting them. However, everything changed when Amon joined the fight. He ordered his mutants in his foresight and Mago was soon killed.

After killing Mago, Amon destroyed the seal and walked in. Woojin also saw Amon striking his sister’s stomach to make her faint, and that infuriated him. After watching the scene until they ran off, Woojin spoke to the others.

“Let’s move quickly.”

Bihyung walked in front of Woojin as he realized that Woojin was angry.

“Keep calm. Being angry won’t help us here.”

“I know, but I need to save my sister.”

“Let’s trust Ryota with that.”

Before they moved out, Woojin looked at Mago’s house and asked, “Should we burn this place?”

“No. Even without Mago, this land is sacred. It is better to leave it alone.”

Woojin nodded and looked at Mago’s grave for the last time. He had to avenge her death too. After they walked down from the mountain, they went to a mansion that Bihyung had mentioned. Woojin asked, “What is this place?”

“I prepared it just in case so that I could run to Jeju if things to south. But I realize it was a bad plan now.”

“We just need to track down Amon. If he dies, all of this will end.”

Woojin then walked in and turned to Miho.

“Show Haemosu what happened to Granny Mago. We need to know about our enemies.”


Miho went to Haemosu while Woojin went to Ryota. He had already hacked into Eagle Eye and was tracking Eunseo.

“This is problematic. They are moving while avoiding the cameras.”

“There must be something if they moved through an aircraft.”

“Or maybe they had a ship? If I can’t get them on Eagle Eye, they must have prepared something else.”

Woojin then turned to Bihyung.

“If it’s only been five hours, they might still be on the move. Maybe on the ship. That will put them out of sight from the Eagle Eye.”

“I’ll call Japan and China for any possible smuggler ships.”

Woojin then told Ryota to keep looking and called Omikami first.

[What’s going on?]

“Amon killed Granny Mago and is on the move with the offerings. We would have caught him if he moved by plane, but we can’t, so he must be on a ship. He’s either going to Japan or China. Please check and see if you have anyone crossing your border.”

[Granny Mago is dead?]

“Yes. He has over one hundred Avatars, and seven of them have special powers.”

[I see. If Granny Mago is dead, then he must be dangerous.]

“Please. I will handle them.”

[If they are moving in such a large group, it won’t be easy for them to hide. I’ll let you know when I find them.]

“Thank you.”

Woojin then hung up and called to Mr. Sun. Sun Wukong picked up the phone and answered.

[Have you found any new recipes?]

“No. But I have a favor to ask.”

[Didn’t I pay my debt last time?]

“I know. I will be in your debt this time.”

Sun Wukong laughed and asked,

[Let’s hear out first. What is it?]

“Granny Mago is dead. My sister who was under her protection was kidnapped by Amon. If I don’t rescue her, the otherworldly god will be summoned into this world.”

[Granny Mago is dead?]

“Yes. There were two hundred Avatars that Amon brought along, and seven of them have special powers that killed her.”

After a bit of silence, Sun Wukong spoke.

[And what is this relationship between the otherworldly god and your sister?]

“My sister was born with exceptional spiritual power that allows her to be used as an offering to call down the otherworldly god. That was why Granny Mago was protecting her, but we were attacked.”

[I see. So what do you want me to do?]

“They ran from Jeju island about five hours ago, but I don’t think they are moving by plane. They either used a ship or a monster, and are probably moving toward China or Japan.”

[Good. I’ll tell the Dragon King of the East Sea to find anyone coming our way. I’ll listen to the details after capturing him.]

“Thank you.”

However, blocking two pathways wasn’t enough. Woojin then turned to Ryota.

“Can we watch the entire ocean?”

“We can with the satellites, but we can’t find them with this.”

“We need to search for a ship that can haul over a hundred people or a weird phenomenon over the sea. Search for it.”

Bihyung then said, “We might have to consider it under a hallucination.”

“I have favor to ask regarding that.”

“What is it?”

“Ask the Dragon King of the Southern Sea to find them. We need to know where they are.”

“Okay. We have no choice.”

Woojin then went out. As Woojin walked toward Haemosu, he waved.

“How is it going?”

“I asked Omikami and Mr. Sun to keep watch. I will have the Dragon King of the Southern Sea to search for them.”

“I see. Do you think we can stop them on our own?”

“It is possible.”


Woojin then turned toward Sharon. Even if their power was great, Sharon’s power to quell spiritual power was going to give them the upper hand. Haemosu chimed, “I don’t think it will hold the farsight down.”

“Yes, but we still have a chance. We have weapons.”

In Miho’s memory, the enemies did not have weapons like Woojin’s team.

“We just need to find them.”

five hours. It was enough time to leave the country, but if they reached land, they would be spotted by the Eagle Eye. Bihyung then walked out and Woojin called him.

“Bihyung. Can we borrow the armor from the Dragon King?”

“The armor?”

“We will fight with Sharon’s power, so she will need the armor.”

“I see. I think we can borrow it. Besides, he was really angry to hear what happened.”

“Of course.”

Everyone in Korea had huge respect toward Granny Mago. It wasn’t surprising that the Dragon King was angry to hear of her death.


“Yeah. I’ll call him. And I will protect the chopper.”

“Thank you.”

Woojin then walked out. There was no one at the pool and the sky was blue. As Woojin looked up, someone walked in and found Woojin.


Woojin turned and saw Kim Beom coming in while waving.

“You’re here.”

“Yeah. I was worried.”

Beom handed a bottle to Woojin. It was liquor.


“Drink it when we find your sister. We need to mourn for Granny.”

Woojin grasped the bottle. Beom asked, “Did you tell your parents?”

“No. Not until we find her.”

“I see.”

Beom then stood next to Woojin and looked up to the sky. Just having his friend by his side made Woojin feel calm. That’s when Bihyung came running out from the house.

He shouted, “We got them!”