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As Woojin ran into the house, Ryota showed a photo taken from a satellite.

“Look here.”

Woojin saw a weird cloud in the picture. Woojin turned to Ryota who grinned.

“I scanned the place with ultraviolet rays and there it was.”

Woojin looked at the screen. There were many gathered below.

“Where is it?”

“It doesn’t show anything with a regular photo, but it’s there.”

Woojin nodded.

“Maybe it is some kind of island. Then we don’t have much time.”

Woojin turned to Bihyung, “Is the chopper ready?”

“Yeah. I told them to move in our direction. It will land at the back of the house.”

“Let’s move.”

Woojin then looked at the others. He was going to have only the battle-ready members to land on the island, but he was going to move with everyone. Woojin said, “If we can finish Amon in this battle, we can finish everything.”

Everyone looked at Woojin as he continued, “The battle will be possible with Sharon’s power. We will negate the enemies’ powers and fight. So, everyone please prepare your weapons.”

If it was Haemosu, he would not need his powers. His weapon alone was powerful enough.

“We are not sure what they are planning on that island, but our goal is to kill Amon.”

Bihyung asked, “And the offerings?”

“Miho and I will go rescue them while the others focus on killing Amon.”

“Will you two be enough?”

Woojin nodded, “We are the fastest ones here.”

Everyone nodded and saw a car coming in. The blue Lamborghini stopped and a man got out. It was the Dragon King of the Southern Sea. He looked at Bihyung and asked, “Is this enough?”

It was the armor. Woojin laughed. He asked for armor, but he didn’t expect such powerful armor. Bihyung received the armor and stared incredulously at it, “Dragonscale armor? Are you serious?”

“I’m just lending it you, alright? You’re going to avenge Granny. This is the best I can do.”

“Anything more?”

The Dragon King frowned as he looked at the others, “Take this.”

Bihyung also got the small ball-like medicine and the Dragon King explained, “If you take it, it will increase your spiritual power temporarily for ten minutes. It will also take one hour for you to fully recover.”

Woojin received the ball and saws helicopter making its landing.

“Please avenge Granny Mago,” the Dragon King said with a solemn expression.

Woojin nodded. Two helicopters arrived and the people got in. Woojin’s helicopter had Miho, Sharon, Haemosu, Habaek, Bihyung, Yeohong, Ryota and the Monk of the Golden Wheel. Sharon wore the dragonscale armor from Bihyung and she also wore a hoodie over the armor. She looked nervous and Woojin said, “You are the most important person in this mission.”

“I will do my best.”

Woojin nodded and looked out the window. The helicopter began to fly south.

It was created quickly, but it was enough to be used as an altar. The offerings from Jeju were powerful and the ritual was a success. There was blood over the magical runes and the spiritual power collected in the altar was amazing. However, he couldn’t activate the altar right away. He needed the blood of spiritual beings to strengthen the altar, but he had the last piece of his puzzle, so everything else was trivial.

Amon looked at Eunseo who was fainted and grinned, “And to think it is the sister of the one that I couldn’t see in my foresight.”

This was the best scenario.

“Get ready. We’ll return!” Amon shouted and a man came up to report to him.

“There is a helicopter coming our way.”

“A helicopter?”

Amon sighed. It was from the Avatar who had the best hearing. And if he couldn’t foresee it coming, Woojin was definitely on the way.

“I see. Then let’s prepare ourselves to greet our guest.”

The monk looked at the island and spoke astonishingly.

“This is astonishing. What is he trying to do with all this spiritual power here?”

Woojin turned to the monk.

“Huge power is collected there. This will be enough for him to do anything.”

Woojin shook his head. What Amon was preparing to do required more spiritual power. Woojin then frowned as he looked at the island. He saw tree branches rising up into the air from the island, blocking the way for the helicopter. Woojin then opened the door.

“I’ll go first.”

“No. I’ll do the job.”

Haemosu then jumped and swung his sword. The trees were cut down at once and Haemosu jumped down toward the island. Woojin turned to Bihyung, “Take care of Sharon.”


The battle would start when Sharon got down, but she couldn’t be the center of attention. Woojin was going to grab their enemies’ attention first. Woojin turned to Miho and she nodded.

“Let’s go.”

Woojin grabbed Miho’s hand and jumped. As he jumped on the air, Miho asked, “Is it them?”

There were a lot of them, but Woojin did not pay attention. What he saw was Amon standing among them. He finally saw Amon. He also saw his sister who was being held by one of the seven Avatars.

“It’s there.”

It was dangerous, but Woojin had to jump in to save his sister. The island was quite large. In the center were all the offerings that they had killed. Luckily, his sister was still alive. She was alive only because she was the core element of the ritual. Woojin gritted his teeth. He felt all the Avatars’ eyes on him and he shouted, “Amon!”

Amon laughed and flicked his hand. An Avatar came from behind and reached out. Woojin felt gravity pushing him down on the ground and pushed Miho to the back. He fought back against the gravity and walked toward Amon. He was only two hundred meters away from him. Woojin then stomped on the ground and jumped. His muscle power allowed him to get out of the gravity range. Then, another man jumped out with a sword and Woojin swung his Kusanagi no ken. He couldn’t use a gun when his sister was on the other side. Woojin then felt his body becoming heavy again because of the gravity. He saw a man swinging his sword again and Woojin countered it with his own sword. The man was struck by the sword and jumped back.

“I can’t foresee him!”

Woojin then realized this man was Thompson, or the man in Granny Mago’s memory. Woojin tried to move, but this time, tree roots came up from the ground and bound him. Woojin did not fight back. It was time for him to wait until Sharon came down to let her power loose.

“We finally meet,” Amon smiled. He then turned to ones dropping from the helicopter and laughed.

“Thompson. Go kill them.”

Thompson then walked up to Woojin and swung his sword. That’s when Sharon reached the ground placed her hands down. The spiritual power nullification field was activated and Woojin felt the gravity and the roots becoming powerless.

He then swung his sword at Thompson. His Kusanagi no ken slashed Thompson’s sword and body into two. Woojin then charged at Amon.