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Woojin was much faster than Amon expected. Amon thought it was a shame that Sharon would thwart his powers so easily. Woojin’s movement under the spiritual power nullification field was very menacing. It looked like it was going to be hard to fight him back, so Amon grinned and snatched Eunseo. He grabbed her neck and became shocked as Woojin didn’t even bother to stop. Woojin shouted as he ran.


Sharon then brought her hands back and as soon as the field was deactivated, Woojin took out the Mirror of Heavens, and powerful light was unleashed upon Amon. The light touched Amon’s hand.


Amon let go of his hand because of the severe pain and Woojin swung his sword to cut Amon’s arm. Amon jumped back quickly and Woojin was able to get his sister in his embrace. He then turned to Amon who was gritting his teeth.

“Kill the woman!”

Avatars pounced toward Sharon, but Haemosu swung his sword. Haemosu with his spiritual power was powerful. Just one swing of his sword killed the seven Avatars that charged in and Amon ran toward the altar.


Woojin gave his sister to Miho and chased after Amon. The gravity pressed down on him again and Amon got to the altar.


Sharon activated her field again and now gunfire erupted from where Sharon’slocation. As the Avatar team began fighting the other Avatars, Woojin chased after Amon who was standing in front of the altar. It was unclear why Amon would run to the altar with his chopped arm, but Woojin closed in and summoned the bamboo spear. As he threw it, Amon dodged to the side, realizing that he could forsee ranged attacks. He then placed his hand on the altar and focused his spiritual power.

Woojin flinched as he felt the altar rumbling. The ominous power coming from the altar was enough to make him suffocate. It was also somewhat familiar. Woojin jumped and swung his sword at Amon, but something popped out from the ground.

It was a tentacle. There was only one, but Woojin knew what it was. He quickly hopped back and Amon smiled with an exhausted look on his face.

“It’s not perfect, but this should be enough.”

It was only one tentacle, but the power was enormous. The tentacle began to grab all nearby Avatars. Woojin shouted, “Everyone! Get back!”

His teammates quickly jumped back. The opening didn’t seem to be large enough for the otherworldly god to come out. Woojin ran back and Bihyung asked, “What the heck is that?!”

“That’s the otherworldly god.”

“God?! That’s a tentacled monster!’

Woojin explained calmly, “It’s just a part of it. If it comes out fully, we are done for.”

“Can we stop it?”

Woojin looked at the tentacle decimating Amon’s Avatar and shook his head, “No.”

“What if that thing comes out of it if we leave it like that?”

Woojin frowned. If that happens, then it meant the end. He needed to stop it from happening if possible. Woojin then turned to Miho.

“Take care of Eunseo.”

“Are you going to fight it?”

“If we don’t kill Amon here, he will summon that thing sooner or later. And it might even come out of that right now if I don’t do something.”

Everyone became nervous. The tentacle was about thirty meters long and it was getting longer. Woojin nodded and Miho jumped up to the helicopter that was flying over the island. Woojin then turned to the others.

With Sharon’s power intact, no Avatars were a match against the tentacle. However, the tentacle was not attacking Amon. Woojin wondered, “Is the tentacle helping Amon?”

Woojin mumbled and Haemosu asked, “So is that what he’s trying to summon?”

When he heard of it from Woojin, he didn’t think much of it. However, it was different after looking at it now. There were about fifty Avatars left that were alive. As Amon touched the altar again, the tentacle grew even longer and Woojin signaled his Avatar teams to pull their triggers. The bullets didn’t work against the tentacle.

Woojin turned and Haemosu nodded.

“Should we kill Amon?”

“Can you buy me some time? I will take care of him.”

Haemosu nodded and turned back.

“We’ll have them wait here.”


Woojin then turned to the Avatar team.

“Keep the other Avatars from attacking us.”

Tom nodded and Woojin turned to the front again. Haemosu charged at the tentacle and swung his sword. Sharon’s field was now deactivated as Haemosu needed to use his full power. The tentacle swooped in but it did not get damaged by Haemosu’s sword. Bihyung then threw his fire at the tentacle. The tentacle was caught in a blue flame, but it did not burn either. The tentacle then moved while wielding the flame.

“Put it out!” Haemosu exclaimed and Bihyung recalled the fire.

“This is really dangerous.”

Bihyung was shocked to see his spiritual power not working. Woojin then ran past them and rushed at Amon. The tentacle then divided into two and attacked Woojin who scoffed and jumped in the air. The tentacle came toward him and Woojin blocked it with his sword. Amon laughed. The tentacle was preventing Woojin from going after Amon. Woojin frowned and took out the bamboo spear to stab it into the tentacle.


The spear was deflected however. Woojin then swung his sword at the tentacle as he moved back. The tentacle took some damage, but it was still unscathed. Woojin then summoned Gáe Bulg. He held the Gáe Bulg in his left hand and swung his sword to strike the tentacle with his right. He then threw Gáe Bulg at Amon standing calmly behind the sections of tentacles. Gáe Bulg shot forward like a bolt of lightning. The tentacle slapped it down, but the Gáe Bulg flew around according to Woojin’s will and struck Amon’s heart.


The Gáe Bulg’s blade spread inside Amon and pierced through his chest. It seemed like there was no way for Amon to survive from that. Woojin focused on the tentacle. If Amon was going to die, the only dangerous thing now was the tentacle. That’s when he heard a voice.

-I will help you.


-The Glove of Ban Gu will allow my power to come into reality. That tentacle can be defeated. We will try.

Woojin nodded. Granny Mago’s fighting method was to use brute force, so there seemed to be chance. Woojin then shouted, “Everyone! Back up!”

His team retreated from fighting the tentacle and Woojin took a deep breath and said, “Let’s do it, Granny.”

-You will use a lot of spiritual power.

Woojin had a lot of spiritual power now so he nodded and felt his power being sucked into the glove. About half of his power was sucked in and the glove expanded. Normally, the spiritual power would be shaped like a large fist, but it was now his actual physical fist that was enlarged. Woojin struck the tentacle with it.

Woojin smiled at the feeling coming through his hand.

“This works.”