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This attack worked against the tentacle. The other sections of the tentacle grabbed Woojin’s hand and he frowned. He wanted to take it off his hand to squish it down, but he only had one enlarged hand. So Woojin pulled it out with his spiritual power. He had to pull out this tentacle before it brought its body out from the other dimension. The tentacle tried to destroy Woojin’s hand but after realizing that his hand was indestructible, it now focused on Woojin’s body. The tentacle slithered along his hand but Woojin stomped it down with his fist and shouted, “Haemosu!”

Haemosu then ran in and slashed his sword at the tentacle. Since the tentacle had been pinned down, it was easy to cut. The blood splattered and black energy rose up from it. Woojin shouted at Haemosu.

“We have to cut it from that altar!”

“I see. We have to close the door to the dimension.”

Haemosu then ran toward the altar and Woojin checked his spiritual power. He felt his spiritual power being sucked away constantly, but he still used all of his power to move forward. The tentacle kept on attacking his body but his cloak allowed him to endure it. Bihyung then came up to Woojin and swung the Iron Fan. The cannonball of wind struck the tentacle and Woojin pulled the tentacle even harder. The tentacle was pulled like a string and Haemosu cut it again.

The tentacle was cut off from the altar and the door closed. What was left was the tentacle was the part that had been sliced off. It was now just a long tentacle that could no longer elongate or divide itself. Woojin then felt his spiritual power running out and his enlarged fist shrinking back to normal. Woojin looked at the tentacle with exhaustion. It looked like a snake.

“Can you use that skill again?”

“Not until I recover.”

That’s when the Avatars that Amon controlled walked over.

“We can help.”

Woojin glanced at them. Would it be possible if he got help from them?

“Let’s see what you do.”

Woojin looked at them suspiciously and they moved forward. The one that controlled gravity pressed down the tentacle down but there didn’t seem to be any effect. Another Avatar then placed his hand on the ground the have the tree roots bind the tentacle. Woojin then looked at Avatars and they all charged. Bihyung and Yeohong also charged and Woojin got up. The only thing that could defeat that tentacle now was the Kusanagi no ken and Haemosu’s sword. Woojin thrust his sword at the end of the tentacle. It squirmed but Woojin pressed it down and hollered, “Haemosu!”

Haemosu then jumped with his sword to swing it down and cut down the tentacle. The tentacle spread dark energy around the area as it was cut down and evaporated. Woojin turned around. The Avatars who worked for Amon, why did they help him now? Woojin then turned to Amon who was slumped down next to the altar. He was now dying. Woojin walked up to him and Amon looked up.

“You… you took everything from me.”

“Yes. You took everything from me before.”

Woojin smiled coldly and grabbed Gáe Bulg.

“Amon. This is over.”

He then pulled Gáe Bulg.


Amon screamed as Woojin pulled out the heart and spiritual stone from Amon. Woojin grabbed the stone and looked at Amon. It seemed like Amon’s death lifted the mind control that had been placed over the Avatars. Woojin took back Gáe Bulg and looked at them.

“I will prepare a way for us to get back. You cannot just be freed for what you did with Amon, so you will go through an investigation.”


“We need to see if you are safe. And you will need to pay the price for killing Granny Mago.”


“Even if you were controlled, we cannot consider it as if nothing happened. You will live to pay for your crimes.”

The Avatars then looked at each other and nodded. Even if it was against their will, they still had their memories.

“We will do that.”

Woojin then turned to the island and asked, “Was this island always here?”

It seemed too small for it to be here originally. Bihyung answered, “The Dragon King said it wasn’t here before.”

Woojin then turned to a mutant Avatar, “We created the island, but the one who created it is dead.”

Woojin glanced at the surviving Avatars. There were about thirty left now and Woojin then called for the helicopter. When it landed, Eunseo ran out and hugged him.

Woojin held her tight.

“It’s all over.”

“Really? Is it really over?”

Woojin nodded and she sobbed. Woojin then turned to the back and Haemosu said, “We will destroy this altar.”

“Yeah. We can’t risk it.”

Haemosu swung his sword and the altar was destroyed. That’s when the monk came up.

“This place isn’t normal. We need to cleanse this place.”

“Cleanse it?”

“It is full of demonic energy. I cannot let this place be.”

“Do you need something to do it?”

“I will have to go back to Tibet.”

“Okay. You go get what you need.”

Woojin then turned to the others. Their long fight was over. He told Bihyung to bring two more helicopters and they went back to Jeju. The only offering who survived was Eunseo. It must be shocking as she had spent quite some time with them. Woojin almost thought maybe he had to erase her memories. Woojin looked out at the window.

“Where are we going?”

“Jeju. Let’s go see our parents.”

“To say it’s all over?”

“Yeah. What should we do with school for you?”

“I’ll take the exam and go to college. Can I go back to school now?”


People arrived with the second helicopter along with the collected body. Amon’s body was very important and they also gathered the bodies of the new Avatar at Jeju. The monk needed protection so that was done by the Dragon King. Woojin gathered everything on the island to move and went back to his team. They were back at the house that Bihyung had prepared. Haemosu had lost an arm and many were wounded, but it was all over.

Other then the monk who went back to Tibet to prepare, everyone else gathered together. They had more things to do to live in the world after the Day of Chaos.

“Everyone, you’ve done a great job,” Bihyung complimented as he raised his glass.

“That was a terrible monster. It could have killed us all.”

Woojin smiled. The heavens helped him by sending him back to the past and it was now all over.

“Let’s drink for today!” Bihyung shouted and everyone raised their glasses, smiling. As they drank, Beom went up to Woojin and tapped on his shoulder.

“What are you going to do now?”

“I’ll take a break and think about it.”

He could continue with his hunter job, but he wanted to take a break for now. Beom grinned.

“Tell me anytime. I can get you a job at my company too.”

“It’s okay.”

He didn’t need such a job. Woojin grinned and drank.

The Sea Dragon sent to the island by the Dragon King looked up and glanced around. He felt something, but it was gone. He looked around, but he couldn’t sense anything else other than an uncomfortable trace. He then placed his head down again slowly.