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Woojin could have gone back to Seoul, but his parents seemed to like living in Jeju so they decided to stay in Jeju. The problem was Eunseo. Since she was focused on starting her studies, it was better for her to return to Seoul. Woojin decided to stay with her in Seoul so that she could prepare to go to college.

After deciding what to do, Woojin went to Bihyung’s house. The place was best suited for Ryota, but they now had more equipment so that it could also function as a lab. Doctor Ahn seemed to be happy for having lots of specimens to study. He was already researching with Doctor Wu and Smith was also concentrated on developing new weapons so Woojin did not bother them.

However, there was nothing left for Ryota to do. He originally needed to create a program that would allow them to search for Amon, but with Amon dead, he had no reason to do it and creating such thing when there was no need didn’t mean good news to other Avatars. So Ryota was on break and the Monk of the Golden Wheel had not returned yet, so Ryota had nothing else to do but to search on Omikami.

Woojin then went to Haemosu. He was getting ready to return with Habaek. He could have left already but he said he would wait until the monk returned from the cleansing ritual. It seemed Haemosu and Habaek also felt something dark in that place.

Yet, Woojin did not feel anything. He felt a bit of discomfort, but that was all. Miho was with Haemosu and Habaek. She was serving those two at their drinking table, trying to get something from them. When Woojin went over, Miho greeted him and handed over a bottle of liquor.

“What’s it like to be back with your family?”

“My parents will stay at Jeju, and Eunseo will go up to Seoul… I’m torn on what to do.”

“Will you go to Seoul with her?”

“Probably, after a few days of rest.”

Woojin drank the liquor and Horus came over to him. Horus handed him his cellphone.

“I didn’t know you were here. Take it.”

“Who is it?”

“It’s Thoth.”

Woojin took the phone, feeling curious as to why Thoth had called him.

[We have a dire problem.]


Woojin thought everything had gone well. The otherworldly god had been dealt with and Amon was dead. He thought everything was over, but what was happening?

[I don’t see the future five years from now.]

“What are you talking about?”

[Every Avatar who can see the future say the same thing. It is now down to five years.]

Woojin frowned, “I am asking, what do you mean?”

[I heard what you have done from Horus. If you are correct, we should not see the otherworldly god anymore, but this is exactly what I experienced before, just five years shorter this time.]

The time had decreased? Woojin brought his hand up and placed it over his face. What was going on? He was frustrated, but he began thinking. Did he miss something? The Sea Dragon was a spiritual being. Such a being was always sensitive to dark energies. Yet the Sea Dragon did not contact them regarding any problems

“I’ll go to the place with the Monk of the Golden Wheel to check it myself.”

[Amon may have worked with other demons in case of his demise.]

“I don’t think that’s the case. The altar has been destroyed and all the offerings are dead.”

They had to kidnap people across the world for them to get the required offerings.

[We need to be ready for anything.]

“Will do. Let me know if you find anything.”

[I will do that.]

Woojin then hung up and looked at Haemosu who was frowning after listening to the phone call.

“I guess my return will be postponed.”

“Yes. We need to check what’s going on.”

“Let’s go check the island first. If everything is fine there, we’ll look elsewhere. Maybe this is something I overlooked from the future I saw.”

“Yes, it seems so.”

Woojin then got up and announced, “I’ll talk with Bihyung to get ready.”

“You do that. I’ll look into the matter myself to see if others cannot see into the future also.”

“Thank you.”

Woojin then went to Bihyung. Yeohong was sparring with the other twelve Avatars. The Avatar team had been trained in the hunter’s way, but they did not know much about fist-fighting arts, and Yeohong was teaching them just that. Woojin then walked up to Bihyung.

“Bihyung. I need to talk to you.”

“What is it? Planning a trip with your family?”

“No. Thoth called and he says he can’t see future five years from now.”


Woojin continued with a grim expression, “He’s speculating that the otherworldly god will reappear within five years.”

“Does that happen in the future you saw?”

“No. I stopped what was supposed to come in the future that I saw. Now I can’t see what happens next anymore.”

Bihyung grabbed the whiskey bottle he had next to him and began drinking. He emptied the entire bottle before speaking again.

“So, what we did make the world come to an end at a faster rate?”

“It seems so.”

“What should we do now?”

“We should go check out the island again. Even if the Sea Dragon did not find anything, we have to look at it closely with the monk again. If things don’t change after going through the cleansing ritual, we will have to track down every demon Avatar.”

“I heard the monk has gotten on the plane already. Let’s get the chopper ready.”

“We’ll just go check it out, so you, Miho, and I should be enough.”


Woojin turned to the other Avatars. It seemed they needed this training since there might be more problems in the near future.

“Where are the other thirty?”

“They are with Doctor Ahn to see if Marco’s blood work for them. But it’s not working completely yet.”

“I see. I thought Amon’s death would be enough to free them, but I guess not.”

“Anyway, we will leave as soon as the monk arrives. Be ready.”


Woojin finished talking with Bihyung and went to Miho who was drinking alone. When Woojin came to her, Haemosu and Habaek were getting ready to leave to look into what had happened.

“Get ready.”

“Am I going too?”

“Yeah, we don’t know what might happen.”

Miho then placed her glass and stood up.

“Then I should go, of course.”

Miho seemed to be happy and Woojin laughed. He then explained seriously, “Maybe it was wrong to not read the memory after killing the tentacle. It might be dangerous to read memories however.”

Miho now had eight tails, but the otherworldly god was the highest being there. It was not certain if she could even read the memory, but there was no option left for them.

As they kept on talking to plan things out, two helicopters arrived at the back of the house. When Woojin, Bihyung, Haemosu, and Miho came out, the monk walked out with a bright smile.

“Were you all waiting for me?”

“We were waiting for you to come back so that we can leave. Let’s go.”

The monk was puzzled, but he went back into the helicopter again anyway. The monk asked Woojin, “What’s going on?”

“Avatars who can see future say that future stops within five years now. It seems like something went wrong.”

“I see. I felt like something was wrong, but I didn’t think it would be that serious.”

“We will see once we get there,” Woojin answered.

The monk sighed, “I guess we have no easy way of doing things.”

The team soon reached the island. When the helicopter neared the island, Woojin jumped out in midair. The Sea Dragon got up as Woojin jumped. The dragon was about a hundred meters long and shined brightly in blue to turn back into a blue-haired young man. He then walked up to Woojin and asked, “Are we done here?”

“Did you find anything weird here?”

“Weird? Hm…”

The Sea Dragon gave some thought to it. He felt something a while ago but he couldn’t find any evidence of it.


Woojin then turned to Miho.

“Miho, can you read the memory of the island?”

The monk began taking things out from his box and Woojin spoke to him.

“Can you wait for a second? We’ll have Miho read the memory first and then we will do the ritual.”

“Sure. I’ll prepare for it so we can start when that is done.”

The monk began to prepare for the ritual and Woojin turned to Miho. She was near the bloodstain that had been left by the tentacle. She seemed tense as she felt some dark energy coming out from it. She wasn’t sure if she could read the memory, but she still had to give it a try.

As Miho placed her hand on the stain, unimaginable history had began swooshing into her head. She screamed in panic.


She then fell with a seizure and everyone gathered around her in shock. Woojin grimaced. It seemed like something really was here. Woojin grabbed Miho in his arms and said, “Monk, can you seal this entire place instead?”

“Of course. But what is going on?”

“Miho’s not doing well. I think we have to bring her to her mother.”

If Miho wasn’t going to work, they needed to seek her mother, Gumiho. They also needed her to help Miho in her current state.