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After the monk finished his seal, the team traveled back up to Seoul. Bihyung called Gumiho and the doctor was already prepared to look at Miho’s state when they got to Bihyung’s hotel. Miho couldn’t wake up, however, and Woojin didn’t feel sorry for her for not being able to wake up due to his request. As Woojin saw the sunset outside the window, he saw a figure flying in from the sky. The figure then passed through the window as if there was nothing there. It was Gumiho. She shook her head at Woojin who tried to get up and stood next to Miho. She sighed, “I saw her being excited for getting eight tails without going against her ways… but what happened now?”

“I thought you hadn’t met her recently.”

“She left our family, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about her.”

Gumiho swept Miho’s hair and turned to Woojin.

“Tell me what happened.”

“The tentacle of an otherworldly god crossed dimensions and we blocked it. But now the future has been cut off after five years, down from the previous ten. We went to the place where it appeared and read the memory. And that’s where she fainted.”

“Otherworldly god?”


“There was a part of an actual god that came over to this world, and you told her to read its memory? When she only had eight tails?”

Woojin was at a loss for words. He lowered his head and Gumiho sighed. She turned to the ring that Miho had on her finger.

“This ring doesn’t mean you’re are a Gumiho. That was reckless.”

She then placed her hand over Miho’s forehead.

“A being much higher in existence. It is dangerous to read such a being’s memory when we don’t know the number of memories it might hold. That was a dangerous decision.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Her head must be filled with the memories of this god. I have to pull it out of her.”

“Isn’t it dangerous for you to do that?”

“However dangerous it might be, I can’t watch it eat away her memory like this.”

She then smiled and waved to Woojin, “Come closer. I’ll give you any part of the memory you might need.”

Woojin then stood next to her and she turned back down to face Miho. Her eyes showed that she was determined. Woojin knew what she was taking a risk in what she was about to do next. She then closed her eyes as a tremendous amount of memories began flowing into her. Woojin then was sent with memories that made him shudder.

What he saw was a world full of despair. There was a black sun in the sky, with mysterious monsters that filled the chaotic land. There was also a being that looked down on it all. It was that being that answered Amon’s call. As it sent its tentacle over to another dimension, it felt powerful spiritual power and many beings. The god decided to take it all as its own, but the entrance was too small. It then saw the summoner being killed and had its tentacle cut off. It smiled. It decided to open the gate again by using its tentacle.

Woojin saw the memory and realized what had happened. The memory that came after was the tentacle’s memory. After getting the attention of all the Avatars, the tentacle left the island by using its blood while battling. Without thinking of a plan, it created a copy of itself on Earth. It was the otherworldly god himself that had planned this.

The tentacle itself was quite powerful, but it was enough to handle a few of the powerful Avatars in the world. However, the problem was its power to hide itself. There were many Avatars at the scene, but none of them noticed. Woojin then opened his eyes and saw Gumiho dropping to the ground. He ran to her and propped her up. She exhaustingly said, “Tell her that she’s the leader of the family now.”

“What do you mean?”

She smiled and closed her eyes. That’s when Woojin felt the release of powerful spiritual power and turned. Miho now had ten tails behind of her. Reading a being such as an otherworldly god had made her power increase greatly, allowing her to gain two more tails. Woojin wasn’t sure if Gumiho could have ten tails since she only had nine tails in the past. As Woojin looked at her, Miho opened her eyes. She smiled excitedly at Woojin and tried to say something, but she saw Gumiho in his embrace and quickly rushed over.


Woojin said, “She came here to save you from the memory of the otherworldly god. I think she took the memory you read from the tentacle.”

“That’s why I’m awake?”


“Then I’ll take it back from her.”

Woojin grabbed her wrist.

“She said you are the leader of the family now. Don’t let her efforts to go to waste.”

“I have ten tails now. I can do it.”


Woojin shook his head. She had ten tails ever since she read the memory of otherworldly god, but she couldn’t wake up. If she took the memory back, she was going to faint again.

“It will be same. You can’t have that memory even if you have ten tails.”

“But I can’t lose her.”

Woojin then turned to Gumiho. “Let me ask Thoth, the God of Wisdom. He might have a way.”


Miho took a deep breath and glanced at her mother before she turned back to Woojin.

“Then call him right now.”


Woojin asked Horus to call Thoth, and Thoth said that he would come over. As they waited, Woojin told Bihyung about what had happened at the island. Bihyung was dumbfounded.

“So, we couldn’t sense him? None of us?”

“Yeah. I don’t think anyone can sense it.”

“It won’t be easy then.”

“No, it won’t.”

Woojin continued calmly, “But it can’t do the job alone. It will require help from others.”

“Do you think it will go to the demons?”


Bihyung thought for a second and confessed, “This is bad. It means we have to hunt down all the demons.”

A few demons had been killed already, but many were still left. They thought killing Amon was going to finish everything, but it became much more complicated now. Woojin called the Avatars to tell them what he had found and asked Doctor Ahn and Smith to continue with their research. They needed more allies now.

After doing everything he could for now, Woojin then returned to Miho who was tending to her mother. He wasn’t sure what power she might have after gaining ten tails. As Woojin saw Miho holding her mother’s hand, it reminded him of his sister. Amon’s work needed his sister. But he didn’t have her until the end, and that’s why the altar wasn’t complete and only the tentacle was able to come out. He promised his sister that she could go back to school, but that wasn’t going to happen for now. Yet, no one could really protect her right now. Even Mago couldn’t protect her against Amon, but they now were against a more powerful enemy.

Woojin shook away his thoughts and walked up to Miho, softly grabbing her shoulders.

“Thoth will find a way.”

“I hope he does.”

In a dark place, a man was closing his eyes as he held a woman’s head. The woman fell down and the man opened his eyes. There was no white in his eyes. It was filled entirely with black. The man took out a cellphone from the woman’s purse and unlocked it with her finger. He mumbled as he looked down at the phone, “Interesting world.”

This world was a place with various energies and one could obtain such information with easy access. He didn’t even need to read people’s memories. The man then placed his hand on the woman’s chest. Soon, the entire body was sucked up into the man’s hand as if his hand was like a black hole. Afterward, there was no trace left that the woman had been there.