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Thoth was dumbfounded when he arrived from Egypt.

“This is a dangerous and violent memory.”

Thoth turned to Woojin.

“You’re lucky that you called me.”

“Do you have a way?”

“Of course.”

Thoth then brought his hand up. It was a book with a black cover on it. Woojin was astonished about what it meant while Thoth opened the book and began mumbling something. As he mumbled, weird hieroglyphic symbols popped up around Miho and they were soon absorbed into her body, bringing her up in the air.

Miho grabbed Woojin’s hand as she watched. She just hoped Thoth might have a way and Woojin also watched in silence. Gumiho’s mouth opened and dark energy began pouring out like a waterfall. Woojin and Miho flinched with shock. The black energy was then absorbed into the Book of Wisdom, but it was coming out endlessly. As they watched, the energy came out of Gumiho for thirty minutes until it came to a stop. The book then fell and closed shut. Thoth grabbed it with a laugh.

“This is crazy. Did she really read this vast memory? It is fortunate that her head didn’t explode.”

Woojin sighed. He could have just called Thoth if he had known. Gumiho opened her eyes slowly. She glanced around, not convinced that she was able to wake up from the memory. Miho looked at her with teary eyes.


She called her mother like when she was young and hugged her. Gumiho turned to Woojin. She also looked at Thoth. She didn’t know who it was but realized that it was due to Thoth’s help that she was awake. She bowed to show her thanks and Woojin turned to Thoth.

“We’ll give them some time.”

“Sure. I need to speak to you also.”

Thoth and Woojin left the room.

Miho asked, “Mom. Why did you do that?”

“My own daughter was in danger. I would do anything to save you.”


“No buts. Fortunately, I was there to help you.”

Gumiho looked at her daughter with a smile.

“But you seem different now.”

“Oh, right. Look at this.”

Miho unleashed her tails and Gumiho’s eyes turned wide. ten tails. A Gumiho with ten tails was said to be a demi-god in their family. It was a level that mere talent cannot achieve. As proof, Gumiho also read the memory of the otherworldly god, but it didn’t give her a tenth tail.


“Yes, Mother.”

“I am glad you now have ten tails, but if you want to control the power you hold, it might be better for you to return home for once.”


“You will need to learn to control it.”

Miho then thought for a second and replied, “I’ll talk with Woojin about it.”

Thoth showed the book to Woojin.

“The otherworldly god. Its name… can be pronounced as Meterul.”

“It had a name?”

“Yes. Meterul… he did terrible things in the past. He brought an end to his own world. He is a divine himself, but he’s specialized in creating monsters.”

“The ones in the memory.”

If all those mysterious memories were the creation of the otherworldly god, Meterul, then that was problematic.

“Yes, the real problem is that Meterul was weak at first, but he became powerful after devouring others.”


“Energies, beings, everything… he digests everything to convert it to his own power.”

Woojin sighed.

“He is smart. It won’t be easy to find him.”

“Can we track him down?”

“If he has not adapted to this world, he will make mistakes. But he will adapt soon as far as I can tell.”

“Can you find out what he needs and if there is any way we can track him down?”

“It will take time since the memory is so massive in size, but I’ll get started on it.”

“Thank you.”

As they talked, Gumiho and Miho came to them. Gumiho thanked Thoth.

“Thank you. I owe you my life.”

“It is good that you are okay. We now have information about Meterul, so I will look into it and find his weakness.”

Gumiho turned to Miho and she told Woojin, “I have to go back home for a while.”

“You can do that. We’ll need some time to track him down anyway,” Woojin answered as he thought Miho might have things to learn back at home, but Miho didn’t seem too happy about Woojin’s fast decision. Gumiho looked at Miho and Woojin pleaded, “Please teach her well. We need her help more than anything.”


Gumiho smiled and walked off with Miho. Thoth also said he needed to go back to Egypt to analyze the Book of Wisdom and the memory, so he went off also. Woojin then returned to Jeju island. After telling his teammates what happened until now, he called Ryota.

“Ryota. I need your help.”

Ryota, who had been spending time collecting pictures of Omikami, or making figurines, scratched his cheek embarrassingly and asked, “What do you need?”

“Meterul gains power by eating others. Find a place with an abnormal rate of missing people or animals.”

“There are millions of missing people out in the world. Do you think that is enough?”

“Meterul is also specialized in creating monsters. Tell me any findings of newfound monsters.”

Ryota then looked at Woojin for a second and sighed.

“That might be easier.”

Woojin’s requests usually weren’t that hard. Making a system to search for Avatars was hard, but not this. The problem was that it was time-consuming. Woojin then went back to his home. Until Thoth and Ryota came up with new leads, there was nothing he could do.

At least Meterul had fled from the island, which meant he wouldn’t be too far from East Asia region. They still had five years left. When Woojin got home, his sister was preparing dinner. Woojin went to his father’s office where he was reading a book.

“You don’t look good. What happened?”

“We have a problem.”


“Eunseo will need to hide for a bit longer.”

“So, it wasn’t all solved then.”


He thought it was, but it took a steep turn. He needed to studyMeterul and find demons in the meantime, but he couldn’t stay by his family to protect them.

“It’s okay. We all know how hard you are trying. We don’t blame you.”

“It will be busy from now on. I’ll find a place for Eunseo to stay.”

“Okay. I’m sorry I can’t help you.”

“Don’t say that.”

Woojin then walked out to the living room with his father.

“You need help with everything?”

“How about we do a barbeque? Can you prepare us a grill out in the yard?”


Woojin got out and soon, they began to enjoy dinner outside in the backyard. During dinner, Woojin felt terrible about telling his sister that she needed to go hiding again and it seemed she had caught on anyway after seeing Woojin’s face. She asked him when Woojin was doing dishes after dinner.

“What’s going on?”

“I think you need to go into hiding again.”

Eunseo’s eyes opened wide.

“I thought it was all over?”

“Yeah, I thought so too. But it isn’t.”

“We don’t have Granny anymore.”

“I’m finding a safe place for you to go.”

Granny Mago was thought to be safe, since it was the safest place on the Korean peninsula, but it wasn’t. He needed to find someplace safer.

“Do you have a place in mind? I want to choose it if you have a few.”

“China… or Egypt?”

He was thinking of Sun Wukong’s place in China, or Ra’s place in Egypt.

“I want Egypt.”


“Yeah. I want to try going to Egypt.”

“I’ll take a look.”