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Doctor Ahn seemed to be busy with researching the test reagent.

“You’re here.”

Doctor Ahn greeted Woojin excitedly.

“Yes. How’s it going?”

“I’ve completed it.”


Doctor Ahn showed him five test tubes.

“Thanks to Doctor Wu’s experiments, it was possible to create them. I just need to make it fit the person being tested on.”

“That is good news.”

Woojin smiled. Doctor Ahn then asked, “Why are you so happy?”

“I had to ask Ra for a favor, and it seems like this will make things easier.”

“What is it?”

“I’m going to ask him to take care of my sister.”

Doctor Ahn agreed, “That seems like the best choice.”

Ra was powerful himself, but it was especially safe due to the number of Avatars.

“Tell them that I will help them as much as I can. That will make them look after your sister.”

“Thank you.”

“So, are the Egyptians with us now?”

Currently, Woojin was siding with Sun Wukong of China, Omikami of Japan, and Ra of Egypt. Bihyung, Haemosu, and the Avatars in Korea and all knew how dangerous the situation was right now.

“So, how are those other Avatars?”

“Marco’s blood is taking effect, but they need to be watched. I want to test if they are still susceptible to hypnosis, but that can’t be checked right now.”

“Yes. If their current hypnosis is gone, I want them to stay in Korea to help protect it along with Beom.”

“That seems like a good choice. How about you take two of them with you?”


“Kadar who controls gravity and Amin who controls tree roots. Their skills are powerful, and they can definitely help if they are equipped with weapons.”

The only ones who could help while fighting Meterul’s tentacle were those two.

“I’ll meet them. How’s Marco?”

“I was actually waiting to speak to you about him. The reagent created in Egypt seems to be compatible with him. However, there are two choices between the strength type and spiritual power type. I am unsure as to which path we should choose.”

Woojin nodded.

“Both work?”

“Yes, I still need to test them a bit further, but it seems possible.”

“Then we should go with the spiritual power.”

“I see. I will prepare it for Marco then.”

“Yes. And can I take those test tubes you have completed?”

“Of course, go ahead.”

Woojin stashed the tubes in the suitcase and got up. Ryota hadn’t found anything yet, so it seemed like a good time to visit Egypt. He called Bihyung to ready a plane and he also contacted Horus.

[What is it?]

“I’m going to Egypt. Come with me.”

[Egypt? Don’t you need me here anymore?]

“What do you mean? You’re with us until the end.”

[Gosh, then can I get a break? A vacation maybe?]

“Shut up. You took a few days off already.”

[Ugh, okay.]

Woojin then went to his sister to ask her to get ready. It was better for her to move to a safe place and then get her what she needed. When their parents heard that Eunseo was going to Egypt, they were shocked.

“Do you want to go to Egypt also? You can stay there for a while and enjoy some time in a foreign country.”

“Can we do that?”

Woojin’s mother seemed to be concerned and his father spoke up. “If we can, I want to do that.”

“Let’s do that then. It will be better if you two are with Eunseo. People there will provide safety for you.”

His parents weren’t targets but he couldn’t be certain.

“We’ll get ready then.”

“Just pack a few things for now. You can buy what you need when you go over there.”


As they got ready, a car pulled up to their house. Horus came out of the car and waved at Woojin.

“Are you done? The jet will arrive soon.”

“Yeah. My parents are coming too. Is it okay?”

“It’s not like they’re Avatars. Just a few more rooms in a hotel is not a problem. I’ll give them a call.”

Horus then took out his phone to make a call. He then came back after hanging up.

“They can stay as long as they want.”

“That’s good.”

Horus then flexed and asked, “Do you have something there?”

“Yeah. The test reagent Ra wants has been completed.”

“Oh, that’s good.”

“That’s why I can ask Ra to help me with this.”

Horus glanced at Woojin’s family with their suitcases.

“We might need another car.”

“I’ll use the car I brought here.”


They went to the airport and saw Bihyung waiting for them. Woojin told Bihyung of his plan.

“Good. I’ll prepare while you are gone.”


After getting to Egypt, there was a limousine waiting for them that drove them to the hotel. Woojin and his family walked in to meet with Ra. The man had been sitting on his throne, but he stood up to greet them. Woojin took out the test tubes that he had gotten from Doctor Ahn.

“Oh! Is that it?”

“Yes, but you need to use this with Doctor Ahn’s provision. Tell me once you find people you want to change into Avatars. Doctor Ahn will help.”

“Good. So, who is your sister?”

Woojin introduced Eunseo.

“She’s my sister. Ko Eunseo.”

“Nice to meet you, sir.”

Ra looked at Eunseo and reached out for her hand. Eunseo grabbed it and Ra kissed it.

“You can rest at ease here.”

“Thank you.”

Eunseo thanked him. Ra smiled and turned to Woojin.

“Do you need anything else?”

“I am working with Thoth. I’ll go meet him before I return.”

“You do that. Don’t worry about your family’s safety. I know what happened to Granny Mago.”


Ra tapped on Woojin’s shoulder. After checking the room that his parents and Eunseo were assigned to, Woojin joined Horus in his car to meet with Thoth. When they arrived at the library, they saw that Thoth was working busily. He sighed when he saw Woojin and Horus coming in.

“If we’re lucky, we might find him.”

“Do you have a lead?”

“This one is greedy. His greed almost got him killed many times. He has already probably eaten a lot right now.”

“Well, he’s not the weakling like the beginning anymore, and seeing how Earth is filled with weaklings…”

“He’d rather focus on getting stronger than seeking help from what I can see.”

“I’m looking into it. Is there any other way I can find him?”

“Not yet, but his power is really concerning.”

“Eating everything?”

“He used to eat living things to gain their energy, but he later consumed his enemies’ unique powers. We’ll have to group up and kill him at once when we find him.”

“I see.”

“However, he’s only a copy of his original, so we will able to take him down once we find him. Oh, and he’s most likely taken on a human form.”

Woojin also thought so too. That was the best way to hide in this world.

“We’ll find him. I checked the future and we have a few months less now.”

“Is it getting shorter?”

“I think the time decreases as he gains more power.”

Woojin was relieved that he still had five years, but hearing this gave him the chills.

“Please find him.”

Woojin then left the library and dialed a number. Ryota was working on it also, but he couldn’t just wait until something came up.

[What is it?]

“I need to ask for a favor.”

[No need. You just need to pay me for it.]

Woojin laughed at Old Hwang’s never-changing attitude.

“Sure. I’ll pay the top price for this request.”