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Doctor Ahn burst out in hollow laughter, his face full of disbelief.

“HAH! What did you just say?”

Woojin looked at Doctor Ahn calmly and answered, “Wasn’t that your dream?”

It shocked Doctor Ahn greatly, but he didn’t show it; Brunhilde was the only one who knew about his dream. It was more shocking than Woojin knowing his full name.

“Do you think an Avatar can be created?”

Woojin nodded at the question. He had heard this from Doctor Ahn as they became good friends through the struggles and hardships in those chaotic times. Woojin wanted to become his friend again, but he didn’t have that kind of time now.

“Cocktails. The thing that’s made by mixing Avatar blood. I know it’s the failed result of the project to make a human become an Avatar.”

At this point, Doctor Ahn couldn’t hide his shock anymore. This was a secret that even Brunhilde did not know.

“W-who are you!? How did you…!?”

Woojin looked calmly at Doctor Ahn and continued, “Does it matter how I know? All that matters is that you can take a step forward with your dream.”

In the past, Doctor Ahn had failed in his project to create an Avatar. Using the drug with the help of equipment allowed Avatar-like strength in humans, but that was it. Woojin, however, still remembered what the doctor said before they parted ways in the end; he had found a clue. They didn’t have the time to try it out, but it seemed very possible.

That’s why Woojin wanted to share this now. The Doctor Ahn of the past was much younger and had less experience, but the clue would surely be a great help to contribute to the success of his project.

Doctor Ahn looked silently at Woojin as he picked up the tablet on his desk. He scanned through Woojin’s information again. There were no indications whatsoever that Woojin might have a connection with him. Moreover, Doctor Ahn didn’t have any memories that might be related to this man and yet Woojin still knew about his dream.

Doctor Ahn looked back up at Woojin. His information didn’t have any abnormalities, but what he had done until now was full of mysteries. He had a life that had no connection to the otherworld, but he was already acting like a veteran hunter. And his eyes weren’t like those of a rookie hunter.

What should he do? Doctor Ahn looked at this mysterious man. He took a sip of his tea and decided. It didn’t seem like he would suffer any losses from hearing what Woojin had to say. Besides, if he gave even the slightest hint to stabilize Cocktail-D, that was more than enough for now.

Besides, Woojin wanted to be an Avatar and his research was still in the testing phase. If Woojin was willing to become a test subject, it would only help him.

Doctor Ahn placed down his teacup and spoke.

“A deal should be made with fair conditions, so I’ll talk to you in all honesty.”

Ahn gazed defiantly at Woojin. Woojin realized this man was different from the one he knew ten years ago. He was younger, more vibrant, and he had experienced fewer failures.

“Just like you mentioned, I am researching if there is a way for a human to become an Avatar. They are supernatural beings that far surpass the abilities of humans. I believe it will help humans overcome their limits. However, the research is not going very well, to say the least.”

Doctor Ahn smiled bitterly as he continued.

“Avatars don’t really cooperate with humans. And they don’t want humans to become a threat against them, so the project has to be kept secret.”

He continued as he fiddled with his cup.

“And the result is the Cocktail. I still don’t have the slightest clue on how to progress with the Avatar project.”

“It’s okay, Doctor. You will definitely make me an Avatar.”

Doctor Ahn laughed at Woojin’s words. He believed something that Doctor Ahn himself couldn’t.

“Good. If you believe so, then we have a deal.”

Doctor Ahn then asked, “What do I need to do to stabilize Cocktail-D?”

Woojin didn’t know the exact ratio of the mixture, but knew what ingredient was missing. He was especially most clear about the ingredients needed for creating Cocktail-D.

“You will need Hydra blood.”


Doctor Ahn looked at Woojin with a puzzled expression. Cocktails were made using a mixture of Avatar blood. It was hard to get the blood of Avatars, but by using them, he was able to create Cocktails.

However, the Hydra was a monster. A legendary monster at that. Getting blood from it was beyond hard. Nonetheless, there was always a way to get it if needed.

“That will drive up the cost.”

“Cost doesn’t matter, does it?”


Whatever it was, if Doctor Ahn needed it, the WOH would surely get it for him. Pricing it was the WOH’s job when the Cocktail was finished. The doctor’s sole jobe was to create the Cocktail.

“Hydra blood…”

He had not thought of mixing monster blood.

“If this shows progress, I will trust you and do my best to make you an Avatar.”

Woojin nodded and got up from his seat.

“Then I will wait for your message.”

“Should I message you through Old Hwang?”

“You can do that or just call me directly. I’m sure you already know my number.”

Doctor Ahn looked at Woojin for a second and answered, “Sure. I will call you.”

Doctor Ahn turned and Brunhilde guided Woojin out of the room. Midway to the elevator, Brunhilde suddenly stopped and turned to Woojin.

“I don’t care what you know and what you are trying to do. But if you harm Doctor Ahn in any way, I’ll send you back to Valhalla.”

She spoke coldly and Woojin smiled at her.

“I assure you that it won’t be necessary.”

Brunhilde looked into Woojin’s eyes for a moment and turned back to guide him to Darkling. When she returned, Doctor Ahn looked at her and asked, “Request for Hydra blood from the WOH.”

“Do you really trust him?”

Doctor Ahn brought his hands up to rub his face and answered, “I am desperate enough to try anything right now.”

“I’ll request it right away.”

Brunhilde left the room and Doctor Ahn was left alone. He peered into the aquarium and spoke silently.

“And if it works, I’ll make sure he becomes an Avatar.”