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After getting beaten up, Woojin slumped down on the ground and looked up into the sky. He used every method and weapon he could. Sun Wukong sat down next to Woojin with his pipe, “I have never seen such an unbalanced Avatar in my life. What’s with your spiritual powers? You can’t even control them.”

Woojin had nothing to say about it. He had no teachers and he only relied on his fighting experience after he became an Avatar. Sun Wukong looked at Woojinand asked, “You seem to have a huge amount of spiritual power in your body. Why aren’t you using it?”

“That is Tsukuyomi’s spiritual stone. I haven’t digested it all yet.”

“That’s not good. You can’t even use what you have.”

Sun Wukong then asked another question, “You want me to help you to use it?”

“Is it possible?”

“It is possible, yes.”

“You sound like there’s something more to it.”

“It’s the same as eating candy after you melt it so you can eat it fast. You want to try it?”

“Can you do it?”

“Of course.”

Woojin was ready to do anything. He had already risked his life in becoming an Avatar. There was nothing he was afraid of.

“I’ll do it.”

Sun Wukong took a deep drag on his pipe and said, “It will take a few days to prepare. Keep training in the meantime. Nam will help you out.”

Sun Wukong then got up and went inside. Woojin also stood up. His regeneration skill was healing him quickly.

He then looked at Nam, “Can I ask you to please teach me?”

“You are one of a kind.”

It was interesting to see someone who wanted to keep going even after getting beat up by Sun Wukong.

“Get up.”

Nam had never seen Sun Wukong take an interest in someone. As Woojin got up to prepare himself, he didn’t think he would lose to Nam. Soon, he realized he was wrong.

After fighting with Nam, Woojin realized that there were plenty of other ways than just controlling his spiritual power. He was stronger with his weapons and spiritual power, but he couldn’t win against Nam. He was faster than Nam too, but he was never able to attack him.

“Why are you so strong?”

Nam looked at Woojin and grinned, “Honestly, I’m only strong against humans.”

Woojin turned to him and Nam laughed.

“As you can see, I don’t have a lot of spiritual power nor do I have a powerful weapon. But I don’t lose against humans.”

“Is there a reason?”

“How much time do you think I have spent with Mr. Sun? It’s been three hundred years ever since I became an Avatar.”

Woojin then asked, “Do you spar with Mr. Sun?”

“I used to challenge him. I realized after a hundred years that I will never win. That’s when he started to teach me while I worked as his butler. Of course, that wasn’t easy either.”

Woojin then stood up. He wasn’t as skilled as Nam, but he had monster-like regeneration. He dashed forward. As Nam fought with Woojin, he realized that Woojin had a really fast learning curve. Woojin couldn’t last a few seconds at first, but he was now using what might work against Nam. He could now fight on par with Nam in some sense. It had only been three days of training, but he was getting better quickly. Nam even became a little jealous of his talents. So when Nam saw a chance to make a powerful attack, especially one that could make Woojin lay in bed and heal for days, he went for it. However, Woojin went to deflect the attack as if he had known that it was coming and threw his head.

And he sent it back. Nam laughed. Woojin had lured him perfectly. However, the only problem was that a headbutt was Nam’s specialty. Woojin laughed on the ground as he grabbed on his forehead and Nam laughed also.

“I was surprised with that one.”

“You should’ve told me you have an iron head.”

Nam looked down at Woojin. It was amazing how Woojin was able to lure him and set up a counterattack. When Woojin got up, Sun Wukong returned. He looked at Woojin and turned to Nam.

“Why is he holding onto his forehead?”

“He tried to headbutt me.”

“You headbutted Nam? You’re crazy.”

Woojin laughed.

“Is it ready?”

“Yes. Are you ready?”

“Of course.”

Woojin then got up and Sun Wukong guided him inside. As they went in, there was a bed in a room and an old man sitting next to it. Woojin looked at Sun Wukong.

“I did my part, but he’s the one who prepared it.”

Woojin looked at the old man’s back as he got up and came over to Woojin.

“Good. I wanted to meet you every time I read the future.”

“Nice to meet you, sir. I am Ko Woojin.”

“Call me Laojun.”

Woojin then turned to Sun Wukong and he answered with a smile.

“Taishang Laojun. I needed his help to melt your spiritual power.”

Taishang Laojun. It was the name of the Avatar in hiding who didn’t come out to help the world after the Day of Chaos in the past. Woojin was surprised that such an Avatar had come out to help him. Laojun smiled.

“I heard about you from Thoth also. I would not have come here if it wasn’t for him.”

“Bah. So you didn’t come because of me?”

“My butt is too heavy to move just for you, my friend.” Laojun turned to Woojin, “Come, sit down.”

Woojin sat on the bed and Laojun handed him a medicine ball covered in gold. Woojin held it and chewed it down to swallow it.

“Lie down here.”

As Woojin laid down on the bed, Laojun then took out some big needles and began placing them around Woojin’s heart. Woojin waited as he didn’t feel anything yet.

“Get something in his mouth. He might bite his tongue.”

How much could it hurt? Woojin was a bit surprised by that, and Nam brought a leather piece and placed it in Woojin’s hand. That’s when Laojun focused his spiritual power like a nail. He then brought it up on top of Woojin’s chest and Sun Wukong took out Ruyi Bang to smack it down.


The nail pierced directly into his chest, into the Tsukuyomi’s spiritual stone. Sun Wukong then spun the needle with his hand and Woojin felt as if his heart was being shattered into pieces. It was as if his heart was being grinded in a grinder. Woojin bit onto the leather piece hard, but there wasn’t even a trace on the leather. Woojin bit it to endure his pain. Sun Wukong asked, “Is this it?”

“Wait. Let me finish it.”

Laojun then checked the spiritual power on the nail, took out a needle, and placed it into the nail. Then the nail opened itself up and the Tsukuyomi’s spiritual stone shattered.

As Woojin felt pain, he also felt excitement. The spiritual power placed in his heart had shattered and melted. As it melted away, it began to spread throughout his entire body and Woojin felt that the tremendous amount of spiritual power was changing him.

Sun Wukong looked at Woojin and asked, “How is it?”

“Was it Tsukuyomi’s stone he said?”


“It sure had a great amount.”

“How great compared to me?”

Laojun turned to Sun Wukong.

“You can’t compare it with your own. Think of how much you ate.”

Sun Wukong laughed and looked back down at Woojin. Laojun also looked down at him.

“But with the stone, the power from my medicine, and your own power, he will now be ranked among the strongest Avatars with his spiritual power.”

“He has muscles and the spiritual power now? I hope we’re not creating a monster.”

Laojun shook his head.

“No. From what I can tell, it won’t be enough to deal with what’s blocking our future.”

“We’ll see.”