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As Woojin observed himself internally, he felt a tremendous amount of spiritual power flowing through his body. It was as if a giant river of spiritual power was now coursing through his body. He opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling. When he rolled over to get up, he saw Sun Wukong, Taishang Laojun, and Butler Nam.

Sun Wukong smiled at him.

“You’ve gotten much better now.”

“I can finally see it.”

After obtaining the spiritual power, Woojin was now a complete Avatar. Now, he could sense Sun Wukong’s powerful energy. He then turned to Laojun whose power was smaller than Sun Wukong’s, but it was warm.

“Oh, and the medicine I ate. Was it something special?”

“Of course. It’s not something anyone can eat either. It might kill the person if one is not worthy,” Sun Wukong added.

Woojin nodded.

Laojun then laughed, “I just prepared what’s best for you. So, how does it feel?”

“I now feel like a proper Avatar.”

“You make it sound like you weren’t one before.”

Sun Wukong answered instead, “He wasn’t perfect, but everything seems to be fine now.”

Woojin looked down at his hands. He felt his entire body filled with spiritual power and so he peeked at Nam but Nam shook his head in response, “No. I won’t fight you anymore.”

Woojin smiled and turned back to Sun Wukong.

“You’re still far away from me, boy.”

“I still want to try it.”

“Sure. Let’s go outside then.”

Sun Wukong did not refuse to spar. When they stepped outside, Woojin pulled out his Kusanagi no ken and Sun Wukong readied himself. Woojin charged and swung his sword while Sun Wukong used his Ruyi Bang to deflect the sword. In addition, his clone appeared in the opposite direction and kicked him. Woojin thought that was proof of Sun Wukong acknowledging his power as he had never seen him use clones against him before.

He then slashed his sword at the clone. After it got hit, the clone disappeared and Sun Wukong mumbled while picking his ears, “Bah. So the clone wasn’t enough.”

Woojin laughed. He didn’t realize that he had been fighting two clones. Woojin then charged at Sun Wukong. With increased spiritual power, Woojin was now much faster than before. Sun Wukong realized he couldn’t fool around with Woojin anymore. He swung his Ruyi Bang down at Woojin’s sword and kicked. Woojin saw the kick coming and threw his head back, but Sun Wukong kept on kicking further, making Woojin bring up his arm to defend against it.

As he was thrown back, Sun Wukong increased the length of Ruyi Bang and hacked toward Woojin. Woojin jumped back to dodge it and it quickly got even closer. It was a bad idea to simply dodge it. Woojin then threw his fist, enlarging it to ten meters in width. Sun Wukong was thrown back.

“Bah. Don’t rely on your weapons.”

Sun Wukong hopped back and his clones increased into the hundreds. Woojin then focused his power into his sword. What he was doing right now was an idea he got Haemosu’s sword attack that destroyed an entire castle. That attack cut the space in front of him horizontally.

Sun Wukong’s clones disappeared into dust and Ruyi Bang flew down at Woojin, elongating itself at the same time. As Woojin fended it off with his sword, the staff disappeared. Woojin thought it was real, but it wasn’t.

He was hit on the head from behind and he dropped down.

“That’s… cheating.”

“No. It’s your fault for not taking care of your back.”

Woojin passed out and Sun Wukong wiped his sweat. Laojun laughed.

“Did he get that strong?”

“Heal me.”

“I didn’t know you’d get injured too.”

“You know how Giants are. The Glove of Ban Gu and Granny Mago’s spirit? Those two things synchronize well with each other.”

Sun Wukong showed his wrist to Laojun and the man pulled it.

“Ugh! What was that for?”

“What do you mean?”

Laojun then placed his needle in Sun Wukong’s wrist and said, “Help him. That’s the only way we can stop the disaster.”

When Woojin woke up, he grabbed the back of his aching head. Sun Wukong was sitting next to him.

“Are you awake?”

“How long was I out?”

“A day.”

“Were you trying to kill me?”

“You would’ve died if I wanted to do that.”

Sun Wukong laughed, “You had a call.”

“What call?”

“From Old Hwang.”

Woojin looked at Sun Wukong and he laughed.

“He found a new monster. I’ll go see it for myself.”

“When did he call?”

“About an hour ago. I was waiting for you to wake up.”

Woojin brought his hand up to rub his face, “Where do we need to go?”

“I have a chopper. We will take it there.”

“Where we going?”

“Hangzhou. And there are missing people there too.”

“Can I make a call?”

“Go ahead.”

Woojin got up to pick up his phone, and a voice answered.

[Where are you?]

“I’m at Mr. Sun’s house in China. Were you back already?”

[Yeah. And I’m really different from before now.]

Woojin had not seen her with her ten tails in a while. It was exciting to hear the good news. Of course, Woojin had also become much more powerful now. He was even strong enough to fight against Haemosu.

“Come to Hangzhou.”


“I have a lead there. We’ll see if we can find him there.”

[Do you want everyone?]

“Call Bihyung to come to Hangzhou too.”


When he finished the call, he heard a helicopter landing outside the mansion. It landed on the training ground and Sun Wukong waved at the pilot, “Let’s go.”

When the helicopter departed, Woojin asked Sun Wukong, “Are you helping me?”

“If that thing can only be fought with physical power, there’s no one more suitable than me.”

Woojin agreed. Sun Wukong was the strongest Avatar if one didn’t consider spiritual power. Soon, the helicopter arrived at an airport and they boarded a private jet to fly down to Hangzhou.

“We’re here.”

Woojin didn’t realize that they had landed since he was too focused on looking into himself. Sun Wukong woke him up and scolded him, “When you dive in that deep, do it when you have someone around you.”

“I had you.”


They left the airport, and there was a car waiting for them. Miho, who was waiting while sitting on the car’s trunk, ran toward Woojin and hugged him. Woojin hugged her back with a surprised expression.

“Did something happen?”

Miho placed her face against Woojin’s chest and whispered, “I missed you.”

Woojin felt his heart pounding at her words.

“Yeah. Me too.”