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Miho bowed when she noticed Sun Wukong next to them, and Sun Wukong looked back at her.

“Oh? So it seems you have become quite different from the last time I saw you.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Sun Wukong looked at Miho’s bright smile and glanced at Woojin.

“She’ll be a good team member.”

Miho then turned toward Woojin and became surprised. She had received a lot of powers after getting her tenth tail, and she had become more sensitive to spiritual power.

She didn’t realize it when she hugged Woojin, but he now had a huge amount of spiritual power radiating through his body. Woojin also was able to tell how Miho had changed since he could now control his spiritual power better.

That’s when the car window rolled down and Bihyung’s face popped out.

“Let’s go. Huh? Mr. Sun? Why are you here?”

Sun Wukong walked past Woojin and into the backseat of the car. He met Haemosu who was already sitting inside the car and smiled.

“King of Manchuria. Long time no see.”

“Long time no see, sir. How have you been?”

“I just live day to day, smoking it away. When did you lose your arm?”

“I lost it while fighting Loki.”

“Loki? I heard he sided with Amon.”

Haemosu smiled and Sun Wukong looked out to the window and piped, “Get in. We’ll talk on the way.”


Woojin then took another car behind them. Someone unexpected was inside.


Marco nodded.

“Long time no see.”

Woojin then felt the spiritual power which was not as big as his, but it was enough to be considered as an Avatar.

“You have become an Avatar.”

“Yes. I want to thank you for this.”

After becoming an Avatar, Bihyung asked Marco to go with him. Woojin then heard there were mutant Avatars staying with the twelve hunter Avatars and Doctor Ahn at Jeju island.

The two cars arrived at a lavish mansion. As they rolled in, Woojin curiously looked outside the window. There were well-trained hunters all over the place.

“Where is this place?”

Miho smiled, “I thought you knew. I heard this is one of Old Hwang’s mansions.”

“I didn’t expect him to hire this many hunters.”

“Yeah. I thought he liked to meet people in secret?”

Woojin was also curious about that specific part. As they parked the car, Woojin got out and saw Old Hwang waiting for them. Old Hwang bowed politely to Sun Wukong who also got out of the car.

“It is an honor to meet you, sir.”

“I heard we have to deal with an important issue.”

“We’ll talk inside.”

Old Hwang guided the party inside and Woojin greeted Haemosu.

“Thank you for coming.”

Haemosu then looked at Woojin and smiled, “You’ve become different.”

“I was lucky.”

Haemosu patted Woojin’s shoulder and walked inside. Bihyung and Yeohong also saw Woojin and laughed.

“Wow, you’ve become a monster in just a few days.”

“Let’s spar when we have time.”

Woojin laughed.

“Yeah, but we have to focus for now.”

As they walked in, everyone was already sitting down. Old Hwang served tea to everyone. Soon, the room darkened and a screen popped up. Then Old Hwang began speaking.

“I found an incident report on the missing people in Shanghai. I checked with the other groups if they were related to any of them, but most of them already ceased their operations as they found out that we were watching. After further investigation, we were able to get the lead.”

“And that is happening in Hangzhou?”

Old Hwang nodded at Sun Wukong’s question.

“Hangzhou is a big city so people go missing every day. There is already a vast number of missing people here.”

“But something’s suspicious?”

“Yes. We’ve seen people go missing at an alarming rate recently.”

Sun Wukong nodded to continue and Old Hwang pointed at the screen.

“It first started happening randomly, but those with no relatives or connections are now going missing. We have over a hundred homeless people going missing in just a few days.”

With all criminal organization at a full stop, the number of missing people was surely unusual.

“A hundred in a few days? Is it getting faster?”

“I cannot be sure. He is getting used to modern technology, so he’s now avoiding getting caught under the security cameras. We only have a picture of him from the beginning.”

Old Hwang then brought up a picture of a black-haired man.

“This is the last picture of him.”

Woojin looked at the picture and said, “Send me the picture. I’ll look for him.”

It was unknown as to how he was hiding from all the security cameras, but it was probably impossible to hide from all electronic devices. Ryota might be able to find him. Woojin sent the picture to Ryota and asked him to hack into Eagle Eye if needed. Old Hwang added, “I have people looking for him with that picture also.”

“How many are on it?”

“We have about three thousand men out in the field.”

“And you haven’t found him?”

“Yes, but we don’t think he’s left Hangzhou yet.”

Sun Wukong lit up his pipe and stated, “Good. Then should we stay here and be on standby?”

“We have a chopper here, ready to fly when we find him.”

Sun Wukong then got up and turned to Woojin.

“How long do you think it will take?”

“If he’s not hiding by himself, he will be found soon.”

“Meaning we will find him once he makes a move?”

“Yes, but I think it might be better if we have the Eagle Eye active all the time, rather than just hacking into it when we need it.”

“I see. Who owns this Eagle Eye?”

“It’s the CIA.”

Sun Wukong then called a place and exchanged a few words. He then gave the phone to Old Hwang.

“Send the picture to him. They promised to use Eagle Eye as top priority for finding this man.”

Old Hwang then got on the phone and sent a picture to the person. It was great that Sun Wukong was now working with them. If Woojin were to find Meterul, it wouldn’t be easy for him to come over to this dimension again.

That’s when he wondered, “Is it hard to cross over a dimension?”

Everyone turned to him. Sun Wukong answered, “I believe you will need to become a god yourself to even think about it. But if you go over without help from the opposite dimension, you will lose more than what you have gained.”

Sun Wukong narrowed his eyes, “We have never had a time when all Avatars worked together like this. We will find him.”

Woojin called Ryota to tell him that he didn’t need to hack the Eagle Eye anymore. Ryota asked if he could take a break, but Woojin told him to search other places too and hung up.

Old Hwang smiled, “Dinner’s ready.”

“Yeah. I’m hungry.”

Sun Wukong got up and everyone followed. As they sat down, the table was served with delicious cuisines. When Woojin picked up a chopstick, Sun Wukong’s phone rang.

“You found it?”

Everyone froze.

“Send me the location.”

Sun Wukong gave the phone to Old Hwang, and he nodded after talking.

“It is a park. We’ll move via the chopper.”

As they all boarded the helicopter, Woojin looked at everyone with them. Sun Wukong, Bihyung, Yeohong, Haemosu, Habaek, Lee Miho, Marco, and Woojin himself. It seemed it was enough to handle a copy of the god himself.

When they alighted the aircraft, they were told that he had disappeared at the park. The team split up to find him. Woojin, Miho, and Marco grouped up, Haemosu was with Habaek, and Sun Wukong decided to move with Bihyung and Yeohong.

“Call me once you find him. Don’t fight alone,” Sun Wukong demanded.

Woojin smiled.

“Be careful. You might die while fighting alone.”