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Woojin asked Marco as they ran through the park, “What are your powers?”

“Doctor Ahn says I inherited the power of Anubis.”


“Yes, but it is not perfect, so I can only make the opponent exhausted.”

“That’s not bad.”

That was still a useful power to have in a battle. As they ran, Woojin got a call from the CIA. He heard a report that the person who looked like the target was located in his direction. Marco couldn’t follow up with his speed, so Woojin grabbed his arm and ran as fast as he could.

As they ran, Woojin found the one man sitting down on a chair. He looked back at Woojin.

“You look familiar.”


“How do you know my name?”

Meterul looked at Woojin curiously and Woojin informed the others, “I found him.”

Meterul cackled as he crossed his legs.

“Are there more coming for me?”

“Yes. Will you wait?”

“Sure. Let’s see how powerful all of you are.”

Woojin looked at Meterul. He couldn’t feel any spiritual power, but it didn’t mean that he was weak. It wasn’t clear as to how much power Meterul had regained. Woojin brought up a Desert Eagle and aimed it at Meterul who just scoffed.

“A gun?”

Woojin thought he’d give it a test. He pulled the trigger and Meterul dodged it by tilting his head. No Avatar was able to dodge Woojin’s gunshot after he became an Avatar, But Meterul easily avoided it, thus proving how powerful he was.

Meterul was quick enough to dodge the incoming bullet by the way it was flying in. Woojin frowned.

“You are all here then.”

Even after looking at everyone that had arrived, Meterul seemed to be relaxed. Sun Wukong turned to Woojin and said, “The police are emptying the park right now. So, is that Meterul?”


“And he’s waiting for us?”

Wojin nodded and Sun Wukong mumbled, “He’s not even afraid? No matter. It’s good that we can get him easily.”

Sun Wukong then added, “We are all here. You try fighting him.”

“Huh? Me alone?”

“You won’t die.”


“I’ll help you when you need it.”

Woojin then nodded and took out the Kusanagi no ken. As he charged, Meterul raised his leg up while sitting down and stomped on the ground. Then a monster jumped out from the earth. It was the monster that Woojin saw in the memory. Woojin charged in, and the monster roared at Woojin. A wave of energy attacked him but Woojin swung his sword with spiritual power to cut it down. As he got closer, Woojin swung the sword at the monster, and the monster twisted its body to avoid it. When the monster almost dodged it, Woojin snapped his wrist to change the direction of the sword movement. The monster was sliced into two. Woojin was going to run past it, but monster still came after him even though it had been sliced into two. Woojin cut off its legs and slashed the chest multiple times.

The monster was cut into pieces and dropped to the ground, but it did not die. Rather, it was now trying to replicate itself. That’s when Dokkebi Fire was thrown at monsters to burn them. Luckily, these monsters were vulnerable against spiritual attacks.

Woojin then glanced back at Meterul.

“So, that wasn’t enough.”

Meterul got up slowly and turned to Woojin.

“That was an interesting fight.”

And as soon as he finished, a fist was already in front of Wojin’s face. Woojin spun and swung his sword up, but Meterul quickly pulled back and kicked Woojin. In quick succession, Woojin raised his leg up and stopped his sword to swing it down.

After a few exchanges, Meterul jumped back and Woojin let out a deep breath. Meterul then flashed his long back tongue and licked his lips.

“This wasn’t enough either.”

Meterul then created a long tail the sprouted out from his back.

“If I’d known about your battling style, I would have fought much better from the beginning.”

Woojin looked at Meterul. If he was a copy created from the blood of the tentacle, he was now going to be as powerful as the tentacle itself. But maybe the power within tentacle was much stronger. Since Meterul had adapted to his human form now, it might be harder to fight him than the tentacle itself.

When Woojin readied himself again, Sun Wukong cut in.

“Move aside.”

Sun Wukong had Ruyi Bang on his shoulder as he walked up.

“Don’t let it drag on. Let’s finish him.”

“Will you do it yourself?”

“If you can’t do it, then it’s my turn.”

Woojin then turned to Meterul. He and Haemosu both needed to fight him when he was a tentacle. And if Meterul was now stronger, they needed to finish him as soon as possible.

Sun Wukong taunted Meterul, “So, you learned the way humans fight? Then show me.”

With that, Meterul charged in and swung his fist. However, Sun Wukong disappeared and another Sun Wukong appeared behind Meterul and swung Ruyi Bang. Meterul’s tail moved to grab ahold of the staff.

“Tricks don’t work against me.”

Yet, Sun Wukong grinned at Meterul.

“It’s not a trick.”

Meterul was then struck down along with his tail and Sun Wukong said, “You fight with a human body? Then you are under the same limits as a human.”

Meterul was surprised at such a heavy weight pressing down on him. Sun Wukong grinned, “Everyone forgets how heavy Ruyi Bong is.”

Meterul tried to move away, but it was difficult. He also felt the pressure was growing even heavier. Sun Wukong sat on top of Ruyi Bang and mentioned, “And I forget how heavy I am too.”

Meterul’s tail and body were being pressed down. Sun Wukong smiled. Woojin became dumbfounded as Sun Wukong had quickly overpowered him at once.

Sun Wukong asked Woojin, “So, we just kill him?”

“Yeah, let’s do it before he does anything else.”

Woojin then approached them with his sword. He swung down his sword and cut off Meterul’s head. But Meterul did not die.

“Having a human form doesn’t mean I’m human.”

“Looks like it,” Woojin answered and Haemosu came up and swung his sword, chopping Meterul’s head into pieces.

“Don’t even listen to his rubbish.”

That’s when another head popped up from the cut down neck. Haemosu frowned.

“You all look cute in your effort.”

“Are those your last words before you die?”

“Die? Me?”

Meterul smiled, “I will applaud you for finding me, but do you really think you can kill me?”

“Marco, try using your power. Let’s see if it works.”

Marco then reached out with his hand and focused. His power then began to work as Meterul’s face was aging. Meterul turned to Marco and spat, “That is an annoying skill.”

Sun Wukong sighed and pushed Ruyi Bang straight up and got on top of it.

“I’ll finish him.”

Sun Wukong then spinning together with Ruyi Bang itself. After spinning at an enormous speed, it exploded Meterul’s old body into pieces. Woojin didn’t think it was over.

Even when Meterul’s body disintegrated and withered away, he spoke until he died.

“I’ll see you later.”

He died before Woojin could ask anything and that’s when he heard Ryota’s voice.

[I have found missing cases.]

“What? Where?”

[Busan, Vladivostok, and Kagoshima.]