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Woojin picked up the body pieces and placed them into a bag so they could study them to find his weakness. He also learned that Marco’s power worked against Meterul, which was going to help in future battles. Woojin decided to fly down to Busan first. It was the closest place that was full of security cameras which might make it easier to track him down.

Bihyung had already called to have all hands on deck to find him. When they got to Bihyung’s office in Busan, the equipment was ready for them and Ryota was already searching as best as he could.

“I have access to all the security cameras in Busan, but I don’t see him anywhere.”

Woojin then shared what he knew about him.

“He’s not human. He might be in a human form, but we cannot be sure that he will take the same form. He might take the form of a woman too.”

“That’s troublesome.”

“We have to see to it that he cannot eat more people. Since only one of his copies was killed, he might try to eat more.”

“How about we trace smell of the pieces we brought over?”

“That might work too if all the Meteruls share the same scent.”

Woojin agreed and Bihyung made a call. He then smiled and spoke after hanging up.

“I have one who is really good at smelling. Let’s track him down when he comes.”

“Who is it?”

“Do you know Singu?”

Woojin did not recognize the name and that’s when his phone started ringing. It was Omikami.

[I heard you have pieces of Meterul’s body. Can you send me a piece?]

“Will do.”

Haemosu had already taken most of the pieces to Jeju for research, but Woojin also had a few in his possession. Omikami said she would send someone to pick it up and Woojin looked out the window. It didn’t seem like it was a long time ago when he came here to hunt vampires, but he had come a long way. Bihyung handed him a glass of makgeolli.

“Huh? Makgeolli?”

“Beom sent it. Drink it.”

Woojin then drank the glass and Bihyung reassured him, “Don’t worry. We’ll get him.”

The fact that there were four copies of Meterul roaming around the earth was a problem, but there was no other way to defeat him other than finding each copy and killing each one. While Woojin stood thinking, Bihyung walked away and Miho came over.

“It’s been a while since we came here.”


They were here before Woojin teamed up with Miho.

Miho smiled, “I’ll try fighting him next time.”

“You think you can do it?”

“It seems like I can keep up with the speed.”


Woojin looked at her with a surprised look and Miho grinned.

“You want to see it?”

They had time, so Woojin did not hesitate and threw his fist at Miho without warning. Miho then tilted her head to dodge and struck at Woojin’s chest two times before getting away. It was a quick attack that did not do much damage, but the movement was almost as fast as Meterul’s. Woojin was astonished and Miho beamed.

“What do you think?”

“It’s amazing.”

Woojin was surprised. He knew Miho was fast, but this was beyond his expectation. If she was this fast, all she needed now was a weapon. The only problem was that Meterul was immune to most weapons.

“But you have to be careful. Marco’s curse works on him, so we’ll utilize it before fighting him. And we’ll need a weapon that works against him.”


Doctor Ahn was going to study the body pieces to see what weapon would work and Smith was going to create something too.

“I’ll be back soon.”

Bihyung then walked out and Woojin nodded. Soon, he returned with another man.

“Honor to see you, Mr. Sun.”

“You know me?”

“I have never seen you in person, but I have heard a lot about you.”

The man who nervously greeted Sun Wukong politely asked,”What do you need me to do?”

Bihyung then introduced Woojin, “He is Singu. He’s really great at smelling things.”

Woojin then gave him the pieces and Singu turned to Bihyung.

“Do I need to find this smell?”

“The world is counting on your nose.”

Singu laughed, “What kind of joke is that?”

But nobody laughed. Singu turned around to look at everyone and he became pale.

“…It’s a joke right?”

Sun Wukong puffed his pipe and spat, “Do you think I’m here to joke around with you?”

It was a simple joke fromSun Wukong, but Singu became pale and he turned to Bihyung with a frown.

“You said you just needed my power!”

“Yeah, I need your power.”

Singu looked at Bihyung dumbfoundedly and Bihyung wrapped his arm around Singu’s shoulder.

“He’s in Busan. Find him, and we do the work.”

Singu then closed his eyes and smelled the piece. He then shuddered and flinched before he took a step back.

“T-this is the most dangerous scent I have ever encountered.”

“Come on, it’s only smelling.”

“I don’t just smell. It reeks of death.”

Singu was afraid, but Sun Wukong patted him on the shoulder with his pipe.

“I’ll blast him into pieces once you find him. So, go find him.”

“Okay, will do sir!” Singu flinched and answered quickly.

“Let’s get up.”

Singu got up and everyone followed. When they reached the roof, Singu took a deep breath. Everyone watched as Singu did not stop. After inhaling for about five minutes, Singu stopped and his nostrils moved up and down.

“I got him.”

Everyone turned serious at once.

“Get in the chopper. Can you locate him from the chopper?”


They all went in and followed Singu’s lead. As they flew across the sky of Busan, Singu pointed out a place. “It’s there.”

Bihyung burst into hollow laughter.

“What? A club?”

Woojin also looked down at the Busan Arena Club.

“It’s surely the most crowded place. Can we find him in such a crowded area?”

“Of course. Let’s go.”

The helicopter door opened and everyone jumped down. As they walked toward the club, the guards walked up and blocked their way. Bihyung was unfazed as he walked up to the guards.


“Who are you?”

“Is Taebum here?”

“Do you know him?”

“Call him and tell him that Bihyung is here.”

The guard then sent the message over his walkie-talkie and he soon turned pale.

“I’ll guide you in, sir.”

“No. We’ll be fine on our own. Go do your job.”

“Yes, sir.”

The team walked past them into the club. It was filled with loud music and people. As Woojin glanced around, Singu sniffed out the target.


A man and woman were dancing together on top of the table. There were two men and one woman.

“Which one?”

Singu answered Bihyung’s question, “It’s her.”

They quickly moved. Woojin, Miho, and Bihyung circled around so Meterul couldn’t run, and Sun Wukong walked directly up to them.

“It’s too noisy.”

Sun Wukong stomped on the ground and the ground churned like a wave and people fell to the ground. People screamed and Sun Wukong unleashed his spiritual energy. It overwhelmed everyone in the club so that they couldn’t even breathe. He looked at the woman.


“Sun Wukong. I see you again.”

“So, you guys share memories?”

Meterul smiled and placed his hand on the shoulders of two men slumped down next to him. Then he sucked the two of them up into his hand as if his hand was a black hole. Woojin frowned, “That’s how you eat them?”

“No, I can do this too.”

Then tentacles came out from his back and plowed into people slumped down behind Woojin. Sun Wukong then brought out his Ruyi Bang.

“I don’t like one bit of this.”

And he charged in.