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As they made their way to a helicopter, Woojin asked Omikami, “Can we track every Avatar in Kagoshima?”

“That will be hard. As you know, our country has many Avatars.”

Japan had many gods, which meant they had many Avatars. It was hard to track each one down when there were just too many of them.

“He became much stronger after he ate an Avatar. He will probably focus on eating Avatars from now on.”


Omikami then looked at Shinatsu.

“I’ll call the one who controls this region.”

“Go ahead.”

Shinatsu began calling people on his phone and Woojin looked outside. It was a big city. After a while, Shinatsu hung up the phone and said, “Tengu confirmed that we cannot contact two Avatars in Kamasaki.”

“Do you know the location of those two missing Avatars?”

“I’ll call Tengu when we’re on our way.”

As they waited inside the helicopter, someone flew toward them in the sky with giant crow wings. The man hovered near the helicopter and then went inside. He had wide shoulders and long white hair. He bowed to Omikami.

“I heard you were looking for me.”

“Yeah. Where do those missing Avatars live?”

“Let’s go this way.”

As they moved in the direction, Komainu focused so he would not miss a single smell. That’s when he said, “I got him.”

“Where is it?”

Komainu then frowned.


“What is it?” Shinatsu asked and Komainu explained, “It’s more than one.”


Komainu’s face paled as he counted them, “Three… five… there are more than twenty of them.”

Woojin frowned. Perhaps he had summoned otherworldly monsters.

“Call me from the sky. I’ll start hunting from below.”

Woojin then turned to his teammates.

“We’ll have to split up to hunt them down. I suspect its those monsters.”

“Yeah. If he can replicate himself, he would have sent copies of himself all over the world already.”

Woojin then sent a message to Ryota to look into other places around the world. Sun Wukong nodded.

“I’ll move ahead.”

Sun Wukong then looked at Komainu who pointed at a certain location on the map.

“I sense it here.”

“I’ll go take a look.”

As Sun Wukong jumped out, a small cloud bunched itself up under his feet. Sun Wukong then rode it out to fly down. Woojin mumbled, “Jin Dou Yun…”

This was why Sun Wukong moved first. He was the fastest one in the group. As he flew away, Komainu pointed to another place on the map.

“There are three here.”

Woojin nodded.

“I’ll go there.”

Woojin then jumped out. The location was not far from their current bearings. Woojin stepped on the wall of a building and ran. He sprinted toward the direction and heard screaming. It meant Meterul knew Woojin was coming and he was trying to eat as much as he could. Woojin ran past buildings, summoned his bamboo spear, and threw it.

The spear struck down like lightning and penetrated the monster that was eating a human. Woojin then jumped down, pulled the spear back, and stood there.

“They’re coming.”

Two monsters appeared in front of him. He charged and quickly killed off the two monsters and called for the next location.

“What’s next?”

[Move east!]

Woojin then ran east. He could hear faint screams as he ran toward the direction. With the sound as his guide, he now didn’t need Komainu’s help to track them down. He took out his sword and swung at the monsters. After he killed all the monsters in his way, Woojin ran past them. Questions began to form in his mind. What was the purpose of these monsters? Was this all a trap?

And there was a reply that soon came to answer his question.

[There is an Avatar who lives in the direction he’s heading to.]

He had eaten two Avatars already and was on his way to eat another. These monsters were there to buy time until Meterul could eat another one. Woojin kept running east and soon met up with Bihyung and Miho who were also running in the same direction.

“Where’s Marco?”

“I told him to come down from the helicopter when we meet Meterul.”

“I see.”

“And Sun Wukong will be on his way first.”

With his Jin Dou Yun, Sun Wukong had the ability to directly fly over to Meterul with ease. Woojin then frowned.

“Oh no.”


Bihyung turned to Woojin’s direction and saw hundreds of monsters filling the sky. Woojin sighed. Sun Wukong probably couldn’t have gotten past those flying monsters.

“Luckily, I lent Shinatsu the weapon.”


“The Iron Fan.”

Woojin then looked up. That’s when a powerful storm shook the area. Monsters all were thrown back and Sun Wukong flew past them easily. Bihyung then began throwing Dokkebi Fire into the air. With Shinatsu’s storm helping it, the fire grew larger and began burning the monsters. However, the fire didn’t burn the other places that it touched.

Woojin then focused on running. Soon, they caught up to Jin Dou Yun which was flying ahead. That’s when Woojin saw Sun Wukong’s Ruyi Bang growing longer. He had found the enemy.

Woojin sped up and dashed through the monsters. They were now below Shiroyama Mountain. Sun Wukong brought Ruyi Bang down and he created a crater by dropping his staff.

Not to mention, there was a scrawny, black-haired man standing there with a grin on his face.

“Nice to see you guys again.”