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Meterul was now very different. Woojin gazed at him while Meterul looked at the newly-created crater next to him. He then glanced at Sun Wukong.

“You know, I wonder how tasty you all might be after eating some Avatars.”

Meterul used his black tongue to lick his lips. Woojin readied his sword. This Meterul seemed to be the strongest one so far. If this copy ate enough Avatars, it was certain that the copy itself would be enough to put this world to an end. Meterul then looked up. There were people who stayed on the helicopter. Omikami, Shinatsu, Tengu, and Marco hopped off the helicopter and Meterul smiled.

“Oh, good. My cuisines have arrived.”

Meterul reached out and said, “What a beautiful world this is! It is full of delicious stuff. I just want to eat everything!”

While Meterul trembled in excitement, Sun Wukong puffed a cloud of smoke through his pipe. He then grumbled, “Maybe I’ve lived too long, but this bastard is an eyesore.”

Meterul laughed and grabbed his face.

“Did you wait too long? I can’t hold back anymore.”

His mouth then elongated itself and his long tongue came out.

“So, let’s begin.”

He took a deep breath and his body grew so that he was now seven meters long. That’s when his body disappeared and he appeared on top of Sun Wukong’s head.


Sun Wukong’s Ruyi Bang then grew longer as if it would penetrate the sky. Meterul was hit and his body disappeared from the sky.


Woojin frowned and charged at Marco. There were two targets Meterul would go after right now: Marco and Miho. For Miho, Meterul had most likely found a way to block Miho’s attack, so Marco would be more dangerous. As Woojin ran toward Marco, Meterul appeared behind Marco and grabbed him. Marco realized this instantly and unleashed the curse. Although the curse overwhelmed Meterul, Marco’s body was still sucked into Meterul’s hand. Woojin quickly swung his sword, but Marco was already gone. Meterul then cackled as Marco disappeared.

He then reappeared in the distance.

“This is good. Shall I say… it tastes like a cocktail?”

Woojin frowned. Marco had the blood of various Avatars and spiritual beings inside him. This meant that Meterul had gotten all of the aspects of these Avatars and if he was becoming more powerful through whatever he consumed, not the amount, then eating Marco was going to give him much more power.

Meterul shuddered and Sun Wukong said, “It’s been a while since I’ve had to fight seriously like this.”

This was now a fight against a monster. When Sun Wukong jumped down to the ground, he enlarged himself into a seven-meter giant. His skill allowed him to morph into a giant, but it was different from the Giant species that grew in size. While the Giant species became stronger when they grew larger, Sun Wukong only became bigger because Meterul seemed to be extremely dangerous right now.

Woojin turned to Miho.

“Do you see his core?”

“No. Don’t be reckless this time. He must be ready for it.”


Omikami then said to Woojin, “We have the sun up in the sky. Do not worry.”

She then smiled and added, “I will help Sun Wukong.”

Woojin decided to ready a powerful blow that could match Sun Wukong’s hand. He looked down at his left hand.

“Granny, can I use all of my spiritual power to attack?”

-It is possible, but I cannot recommend it. You can die from it.

“It’s okay. If we don’t kill him, everyone will die.”

Granny Mago’s spirit then answered him.

-Take the chance. I will guide you.

Woojin then nodded and watched Sun Wukong fight Meterul. His large Ruyi Bang dropped down on Meterul, but Meterul’s arm turned into a tentacle and wrapped itself around the staff.

“Heh, just getting larger doesn’t mean anything.”

Sun Wukong pulled his staff and laughed. He was being underestimated, and that’s when he saw a light shining down upon him and looked up. He laughed, “I will accept the help.”

Sun Wukong unlocked the seal on his staff. Ruyi Bang’s original weight was too heavy for an Avatar to handle. The staff could only be used if the original god wielded it. That was why it had a seal on it to make it lighter. Sun Wukong unlocked it and the weight of the staff increased, making Meterul sway. Sun Wukong smiled, “Let’s give it a go.”

The Monkey God who made a mess in the sky was now unleashed. Sun Wukong kicked it onto Meterul.

“Unlike you, we can change our power however we want.”

“This is disappointing if you are satisfied with that.”

Meterul was now pushing Ruyi Bang back. Sun Wukong became dumbfounded. Meterul was just a copy of the original, but eating few humans allowed him to push Ruyi Bang up in its original weight.

Sun Wukong grinned however.

“I have more to show you, of course.”

He then divided himself into three, but it didn’t decrease his power at all, so Meterul became shocked. The Sun Wukongs began pounding on Meterul. Unable to endure the beatings, Meterul fell to his knees. Sun Wukong was glad that he could pound on the enemy without worry but Meterul grinned, “It’s too early to be glad.”

Monsters jumped out from the ground and charged at Omikami. However, Woojin was standing next to her.

“I can at least help with this.”

His sword swung violently, but these monsters were different from the other monsters. There were seven monsters, but each of them had their own powers. Summoning these monsters made Meterul lose some power and he was now being smacked down by Sun Wukong. Woojin smiled coldly at the monsters.

Woojin swung his sword for real this time. His sword sliced the monsters and as the monsters were cut down, Shinatsu’s wind threw them back. Monsters charged in again at Woojin, but Miho shot past them. Woojin told her not to do this, but she penetrated through their defenses and extracted their cores. Bihyung also threw his Dokkebi Fire at the monsters that he threw down.

Meterul was now in a pinch. Woojin turned to Miho.

“Stay here.”

Meterul was still fighting against Sun Wukong’s attack. Woojin then moved to give Wukong some room to finish him. Woojin arrived at Meterul’s blind spot and snuck in next to one of the giant Sun Wukongs’ attacks and threw his Fist of Giant.

Granny Mago’s spirit helped concentrate all of his spiritual power into the attack and its power extremely great. As the attack was made, Meterul’s face shifted along his own body and appeared on his back. He opened his mouth wide to swallow Woojin.

“Don’t you even think of that!”

Woojin slammed his fist right into Meterul’s open mouth.