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Woojin’s fist grew larger as Meterul tried to crush his mouth down, and he enlarged his fist even more so that the mouth was ripped apart. Meterul’s back snapped with it and Woojin dropped to the ground, every ounce of spiritual power in his body had been depleted. Sun Wukong then grabbed him and tossed him back. Miho caught Woojin and began the healing process.

Omikami then went over to Woojin and began sending her spiritual power into him. Woojin began healing up and he looked at Meterul with an exhausted expression. It didn’t seem like Meterul could recover from the damage to his back. Woojin rose from Miho’s arms and took out Gáe Bulg. He was out of spiritual power, but he was still fine physically. He pulled back his arm and threw Gáe Bulg. The spear bolted out toward Meterul and struck his leg. Woojin had no idea where his core was, so his only intention was to slow the enemy down. Gáe Bulg’s spearhead spread itself as soon as it made contact, destroying Meterul’s leg.


Meterul gasped and Sun Wukong twisted the spear up. Meterul’s leg was torn apart and Woojin sighed in relief. He thought killing Marco had doomed them all, but with Omikami and Sun Wukong working together, they now had the upper hand.

Meterul then shrunk his body to a smaller size to recover, and Sun Wukong tried to stomp on him but Meterul disappeared. He then reappeared in front of Omikami. His tentacle was trying to penetrate Omikami, but Miho quickly grabbed Omikami and they evaded it. The tentacle divided itself while chasing and it left a long cut on Miho’s back. Woojin got up as he was healed enough, and Meterul licked the blood on his tentacle, smiling, “You will all die anyway.”

The biggest problem here was the teleportation. Woojin frowned and stood in front of Omikami. Meterul grinned, “Yeah. You are the one I want most.”

Sun Wukong rushed over to swing Ruyi Bang. The staff was swung at Meterul’s head, but Meterul disappeared. Woojin glanced around and turned to the helicopter. Someone was still in there.


Komainu’s scream was heard briefly and the helicopter began spiraling down. It was apparent that Meterul had absorbed Komainu and the pilot. Woojin sighed. They had cornered Meterul quite well, but he must have healed himself by eating Komainu now. This meant that they had to fight him with the best of the best; otherwise, they would be only giving the monster more chances to become stronger. Sun Wukong sighed as he saw the flames bursting out from the place where the helicopter had crashed.


Shinatsu then swung his Iron Fan, putting out the fire in the forest. Omikami then went over to Woojin and began sending her spiritual power to him. Granny Mago’s spirit called out to Woojin.

-You can make another shot that’s more powerful than the previous one.

Woojin then turned to Sun Wukong who also seemed to realize that they could not let this drag on any longer.

“Let’s finish him with one attack.”

“Isn’t he just going to run away?”

Sun Wukong then glanced over at Omikami.

“Omikami, you’re up for this. This isn’t my specialty.”

“I can do it, but you need to look after me while I do it.”

“Yeah. We won’t get a surprise attack anyway. Besides, he won’t run away either.”

For Meterul, Sun Wukong, Omikami, Woojin, Miho, Bihyung, and Shinatsu were all delicious cuisines. It didn’t seem like they were more powerful than Meterul, and that tempted him further.

Omikami nodded and took out a mirror from her clothes. She then began focusing her spiritual power into it, and a light began to shine on her from the sky. Meterul looked up and turned to Omikami.

“You’re doing something.”

Omikami took a deep breath and said, “You two will be alone.”

“Yeah, we’re ready.”

Omikami nodded and flashed the mirror. The light circled around them, leaving Woojin, Sun Wukong, and, Meterul. It was as if they were inside a different world where only light existed. Meterul cackled.

“This is an interesting place.”

He could use teleportation, but it didn’t allow him to teleport out of the place. Meterul smiled. He was with the prey he wanted the most. Without help from the others, he believed he could take on those two. Meterul then charged and Woojin clenched his fist.

“I’ll take the lead.”

Sun Wukong reached out and pulled his Ruyi Bang. Woojin readied his left hand. Meterul was going to dodge the attack, so Woojin had to attack at that moment. His left fist grew to two meters in size. Even with Omikami’s spiritual power, Sun Wukong still did not underestimate anything. As he waited, Meterul allowed Sun Wukong’s attack to hit his side. Woojin and Sun Wukong did not expect this. Meterul then got closer and reached for Sun Wukong’s neck. There was no telling what might happen if that hand reached its target. Sun Wukong then let go of his staff and jumped backward. This was a chance for Woojin. Even if Meterul had great regenerative power, it didn’t mean he could move right after his body was struck down by the heavy staff.

Woojin unleashed his fist against Meterul, and he disappeared. Woojin shouted, “Mr. Sun!”

Sun Wukong was already reaching out against Meterul that appeared in front of him. Woojin then twisted the direction of his attack to turn back. Sun Wukong’s chop and Woojin’s Fist of Giant attacked Meterul at once.

With two powerful attacks, Meterul was squished in between them. He was smashed into pieces and disappeared. Woojin sighed in relief as Omikami’s light barrier start to disappear.

“We got him.”

Meterul now knew the taste of an Avatar. There was only one left, and they didn’t know how powerful that one might be.

“Omikami, do you mind helping us with our quest?”

Omikami was a great help with the fight against Meterul. Sun Wukong alone was not enough now, so they needed her help. Omikami agreed. She too realized how powerful Meterul was already.

“By the way, we are going to Russia straight? We don’t have anyone who can track his scent.”

Woojin turned to Bihyung when Sun Wukong asked him. Bihyung answered, “There are a lot of Were-people in Russia. They are all good at smelling.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea.”

“Then let’s head to Russia.”

With the chopper gone, Sun Wukong made his cloud larger so that everyone could ride on it. As they flew on it, Woojin let out a short sigh. He realized he had lost Marco and became sad. When they arrived at the airport, Sun Wukong spoke to the depressed Woojin, “As you said, this is a fight for the entire world. We cannot let the sacrificed slow us down. We will not let their lives to go in vain.”

Woojin felt a bit better after hearing those words. He couldn’t forget Marco, but it didn’t mean he could be discouraged and lose his focus.

“I guess I have to unleash my anger on Meterul then.”